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  1. question steven, are you going to do anything different for the spring update that was just released?
  2. things are back to normal, thanx for another update list steven
  3. I'm okay, had no internet for approx. a week cause i forgot to pay my cable bill, as for my update lists i have updated the first post of both this thread and Windows 7's thread. glad to hear that all is ok, thanx for the update list
  4. wow, no February update list? hope all is well with you Steven, this is unlike you
  5. wow, you beat me again!!! i thought i could tell you about the new updates!!!
  6. looks like bensam finally shut the site down, site and all links are down
  7. i use rt7lite all the time to integrate updates, the install i am running now was done with rt7lite to integrate drivers and updates and some themes
  8. wow, i expected you to have the updated list out for today's patch day. you are slipping Steven!!! J\K
  9. as usual you are on the ball with updating this, many thanx
  10. thanx again for keeping this going, much appreciated
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