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  1. I know this has more than likely been explained, but when i search Google for my question it brings up links to MSFN forums and when i click them it goes straight to the MSFN homepage, not the result it searched for. I am trying to create a fully automated install cd for WinXP. Recently i have found that I have been re-installing windows on my pc quite a few times a day sometimes just testing various hardware and software, and filling in all the info gets TIRING. But in that, I want windows setup to create a Admin (rights) User name for me, and like 2 other user names. Also, I want the Administrator login to remain hidden unless booting into safe mode for troubleshooting. Now my question is this: On the Users tab of the Unattended portion, when you click 'Active' under Options, what exactly does that do? If i make all profiles EXCEPT Administrator Active will that do what i'm asking? (show admin only in safe mode, and only users in normal startup? thanks for helpin with a noob question
  2. I know you said not to have unattended install but what if i wanted my name and keycode to be entered automatically?
  3. Does anyone have a vista update/hotfix pack? i found one for xp on here, was wondering if there is any up to date packs for vista. thanks
  4. nLite is like a gift from the gods. For years i've been looking for something like this and, i don't know how long its been out, but this is a godsend. Just for poops-n-giggles i threw in some add-ons like firefox, 7zip, and yahoo and when i installed on a virtual machine it went perfectly, minus some tweaking on my end to make it go 100% smooth. I just want to thank anyone who has answered my questions no matter how dumb they sounded. because you can't learn if you don't ask questions, yes? Over the past two days I have learned about things i only wished had existed and to my surprise they do. nLite and vLite have changed the way i will install windows ever again. Thanks again everyone you have made my maiden voyage a successful and eye opening experience. -CutTheGrass (Check me out on XboxLIVE too, Get owned in Halo3 if u like lol) [GT: CutTheGrass]
  5. I have the same situation. Just recently discovered this gem of a program. I would like to silently install programs that need to be registered. I know that some programs have reg keys that you can add to register or a file that resides in the program directory. But what about serial codes that must be inputted manually every time? Also, is it possible to somehow run a macro, of sorts, that will do a set of instructions (like if i wanted some programs to run, do an action in that program and switch to another to input data?) i know it sounds illegal like i'm patching or applying a crack but its not. Its just for the way that i store serials and information for things i own.
  6. Thanks. I kinda figured it out on my own after i posted the last reply. Had i went past that part i would have seen that it opens more options in terms of customization. I don't like to take steps in new software without knowing whats next. I take caution with anything these days mainly because i hate re-installing everything...it gets tedious. In terms of a virtual machine, what would run best on a 1.8 ghz with 256mb ram (i know its kind of weak but its a new build from old parts and haven't up'd the ram yet. I'll be checking back with any questions on future things. Thanks for helpin a newbie in need.
  7. thanks for the tip, i hope this title is better. If not maybe a hint might help So when i check those boxes it just removes the option to remove them from the setup choices in the next step? If i worded it funny forgive me, i hope you understand what i'm trying to say
  8. I am stuck on what compatibility options i need because each one i search up on Google sound important. (not all of them mind you, but ones like Prefetch, IIS, and Windows Activation and Sysprep) lots of sites i read the tutorials on are using older versions. I just downloaded it yesterday so mine is up to date. Also most of the sites recommend not checking ANY of them but that seems risky to me. I'm not so much trying to slim it down drastically, because i'll need cameras and printers. I want to do what most everyone using this tool wants to do: cut down the bloat and get rid of stuff i never use thats taking up room, and to have windows set up the way that i set it up EVERY time i install windows from gui tweaks to 3rd party programs i use on a daily basis. I just want to know what is safe NOT to include on the compatibility checklist that i absolutely will not miss.

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