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  1. Devices and Printers, how to remove from start menu.

    The thing is: there is not. I try to do that milion times. Need an alternative way. Edit: the thing is in the registry its located in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced , or should be becouse I dont have it. I sould be something like Start_ShowDevices or something like that. Can anyone help to find that reg key and provide me the info. I think Im missing the registry entry and I cant guess it what it could be.
  2. Hey, I can't remove "Devices and Printers" link form start menu, I tried to edit the prosperites of start menu and there's no such thing as "Devices and Printers". Is there any way to remove the link, maybe via registry or somehow?
  3. Windows 7 "Keep" List

    I dont get it. I remove only the files that are on the "SAFE TO REMOVE" list + some Language Files, and I still cant finish the instalation process in VirtualBox. What options should I use to do "unatended" setup? I de-select all the options. I dont put the Name, CDKey, Password in. Its gets frustrating. Help. Im using x64 build 7600.
  4. How to test ISO in Virtual PC on Windows 7

    And how do I do that?
  5. I have problems booting from .iso on Virtual PC for Windows 7. I want to test a custom .iso i have made using vLite. I have set up an virtual machine but I cant get it to boot from the .iso I have selected by doing: Tools -> Settings -> DVD drive -> Open an ISO image, and there I select a .iso directory. Then I do: Action -> Restart, and nothing happens the program just reboots and isnt booting from the iso. How can I test an custom windows7.iso on windows7 os?