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nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1


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i've used nlite to make unattended xp, everything is working fine. i'm trying to assign a password to users through user accounts which is also accepting it. but when i m restarting the computer, xp is loading without asking for any password or user selection.

any solutions pls.

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Press Windows key + R to bring up a run box, then type:

control userpasswords2

Check the 'Users must enter a username and password to use this computer' box, then click 'Okay'.




thanx James for ur response. I know this could be done also through Kel's User Accounts 2 on installed xp. but i want this thing enabled in my unattended xp cd

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I have created a topic under : "in [Default Hide] mode most nlite tweaks are not applied. Please Help" but no one has give me any tip to my problem which is a general problem for all those who create un UXPCD in "Default hide" mode.

Hereby I repost it, please geeks help me:

Hi guyz.

I made two copies of my UXPCD, one is fully unattended and just fine, the other one is for repairing purpose so I choosed "Default hide" mode in it.

Since in this mode the "$OEM$" is ignored so "cmdlines.txt" won't run --> "nlite.inf" which contains all the tweaks prepared by nLite firstly for the "Full Unattended" mode won't be applied either.

I would apply all these tweaks once the windows repair/reinstallation made by the seconde CD is finished :blushing: . So I tried the following:

expand the "i386\nlite.in_" into "system32\nlite.inf"

run : "rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,nlite"

That did nothing as far as I noticed :wacko: .

Any possible trick here?

Thank you in advance for u all :hello:

I also expanded "i386\nhelper.ex_" to "system32\nhelper.exe", because it's called in "RunOnce" by "nlite.inf".

I manually set the "NetBT" (Net BIOS over TCP/IP) to "automatic", my "nlite.inf" should bring it to "disabled" once applied. Using my method the service stay unchanged, that's why I suppose it doesn't work.

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sorry for my english

I have a problem whit ICFGNT.DLL registering T-15, after integrating IE8 in XP SP3, I do not eliminate anything. Pleace help me. I have trated several times.

Version Nlite


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On W2K Pro, "ms comic sans bold" is still reported missing during setup. (the actual name is shorter). No (extra) fonts were removed. It allows to continue by pressing esc, this is very early in the setup stage (copying files to HDD I think). I remember this issue present since forever.

Is this a bug in nLite or my source? (I think the source is OK).

(About the attached file, there was a first NLite pass before it, integrating SP4 and Windows2000-KB891861.EXE only).


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When using the Unattended section of NLite, on the Users tab, if you create a user other than Administrator or Guest under Add User Account, then select that user to be the default in the Autologon section of the same tab, then set a password, the user account that you wanted to create doesn't get created and the password gets assigned to the Administrator account.

Steps I took to create the account...

1. Selected the Users tab

2. Clicked on the Add button

3. Typed in my name as the New User Account name

4. Typed my full name in the Full Name text box

5. Typed the description of my computer into the description text box

6. Left password expiration checked and at 0

7. Selected my new account in the drop-down under Autologon

8. Set the number of autologons to 3

9. Entered my password and then verified

10. Left 'Must have password' and 'Can change password' checked

11. Finished my other tweaks on the remaining tabs and ran the changes in Nlite

I am currently using NLite The strange thing about all this is that during the unattended installation, the account name I created gets placed in the username field on the login screen, but it tells me that my account doesn't exist. But if I then type in 'Administrator' and type in the password I entered for my created account, the system logs on just fine. Could it be something that I'm not doing correctly?

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I'm new to NLITE and used this release for the first time. It's really great but I've discovered some problems, possible bugs, and looked around here some time with no luck. I use the German version of WinXP Pro, SP3 + all hotfixes for SP3 integrated.

One question in advance: Should the session presets be language compatible? I've of corse set NLITE up in German and tried to load it in English (for better description in here) and I find many options incorrect.

Here is what I've experienced (sorry for not knowing exactly every English counterpart term):

  1. COMPONENTS: If I remove the "Client for Netware Networks" and I install the IPX protocol later, it is unsigned. Maybe this is due to shared files which have been removed through the Client removal.
  2. UNATTENDED - DISPLAY: Screen Resolution does not work at all. Resolution is always 640x480 after first start. Does it only work with integrated display drivers?
  3. UNATTENDED - NETWORK SETTINGS: Even the Custom settings (without any adapter & MAC added) rely on at least one adapter/MAC added, right? Pre-install of IPX protocol didn't work.
    4.1 In the Custom section "Österreich" (Austria) is missing.
    4.2 If I set up Location to "Deutsch (Österreich)" I tend to have "Deutsch (Deutschland)" too in the XP regional settings after installation.
    BUT if I abandon the customizations for Austria and select Germany instead, I have "Deutsch (Deutschland)" and "Englisch (USA)" in the regional settings.
    I only want 1 regional setting in there, either Austria/German or Germany/German.
    5.1 The performance tweak "Disable paging of kernel and core-os" is known as a XP myth. Quiet useless (and unprofessional) to offer it in my opinion.
    5.2 The Boot and Shutdown tweak "Disable automatic restart on System Failure" does not work.
  6. TWEAKS - SERVICES: Change status of the "Task Scheduler" does not work.

Tweaks that would be fine for future implementation:

- IE Lan settings: Disable Automatic Proxy search

- Disable Sounds in Windows (profile "no sounds")

- Disable Offline Files

Another bug: After accidently changing the RoyalFour desktop theme while running NLITE, NLITE crashed with an exception instantly I've pressed the Next button.

Comment on the German translation: Quiet good but lots of wrong or untranslated words/terms. Do you need some help here?

Thanks a lot and I hope to be of help somehow.

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Bruce : Yes. If that didnt work, there would be dozens of replies that it doesnt work. You have configured something wrong.


1. nlite have rewritten some files if you have removed things, obviously things then get unsigned

2. It depends on the resolution, best if integrated display drivers of course.

3. No

4.1 Are you sure it should exist?

4.2 That is impossible if you have localized source and settings. You are asking the install to be both, yet you also say it cant be. It's either both or neither.

5.1 That depends on the source.

5.2 That maybe because of your localized custom source.

6. Also works here.

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Thanks TranceEnergy for your comments!

1. That's fine if it is wanted to have Netware support fully or none. Actually NLITE is not sensitive enough for shared files, as this could only be a deleted CAT file.

2. It depends on the resolution? I've tried 800x600 and 1024x768. Cannot imagine what could be a limiting factor, except it only works with integrated display drivers, which I havn't done. (however this is not described in NLITE)

3. If you mean it like I understand it, it should be possible to set up custom settings without an adapter added. Well, pre-installing the IPX protocol didn't work and I had the proper NIC driver from Intel integrated and recognized by XP.

4.1 Yes it is there in the original :sneaky:. For better understanding, there is no special Austrian version. Only a German version, but with the possibilty to set certain localization options to "Österreich" aka "Austria" and "Deutsch (Österreich)" aka "German (Austria)". It is imaginable that it has been abandoned because of the so called Umlaute "Ö", "Ü", "Ä", which may alternatively be spelled as "OE", "UE" and "AE".

4.2 Sorry, bad English of mine. My goal is to setup all localization settings to "Austria". After doing so I have 2 profiles instead of 1 (Austria AND Germany). If I, alternatively, set it up for "Germany" I have Germany AND USA installed. See screenshots for further details.

5.1 Look for "DisablePagingExecutive" on this site for example:


I didn't find anything wrong so far on this site. And for myself I didn't find any difference in the used memory and performance.

5.2 My source isn't custom at all, the standard German version.

6. Same as 5.2, does not work on German version.

Comment on the German translation: Quiet good but lots of wrong or untranslated words/terms. Do you need some help here?

Especially for 5.2 and 6. I cannot see why XP should have differences between the two languages, registry wise. Fact is that NLITE supports the German version, as many others. And as a matter of fact there are many incorrect translations in it, as I wrote. What can I do to help you out?

And for the session.ini I can also not see why the same options are not compatible and correctly set in NLITE after changing the language profile at the beginning. I think it would be pretty easy to save the settings compatible for all languages.



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I think you should have started a new thread instead of hijacking this sticky thread. As far as registry myths go, a lot of that information on that page you linked to, is actually out dated.

Also things are relative, on a slow enough computer having registry size of 10mb vs 60mb is going to make quite an impact on shutdown, startup , logins etc and many other things.

Some of the xp myths there are as they say, but understand that the page is written in a way so it is perceived as popular and or logical.

#5.1 :

DisablePagingExecutive Disable Paging Executive Negative Low Memory Systems, Neutral or Partial High Memory Systems

[HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management] "DisablePagingExecutive"

Myth - "Setting DisablePagingExecutive to 1 improves performance by preventing the kernel from paging to disk."

''Reality - "DisablePagingExecutive applies only to ntoskrnl.exe. It does not apply to win32k.sys (much larger than ntoskrnl.exe!),''

- This is actually a false reality. And it is dependent on the windows source. On my system the ntoskrnl.exe IS larger then win32k.sys. Not only that, the impact of what kernel, for heaven sake, naturally makes a larger impact then most if not everything else.

'''the pageable portions of other drivers, the paged pool and of course the file system cache. ''' By the nature of what the kernel IS, this is also false.

''All of which live in kernel address space and are paged to disk. On low memory systems this can force application code to be needlessly paged and reduce performance. ''

- Read where it says low memory systems. Then take into account what ddr2 memory costs nowadays. As always, things are relative.

''If you have more than enough RAM for your workload, yes, this won't hurt, but then again, if you have more than enough RAM for your workload, the system isn't paging very much of that stuff anyway. This setting is useful when debugging drivers and generally recommended for use only on servers running a limited well-known set of applications." - Source - Source 2 - Source 3''

- My point exactly. I will decide if i want paging to disk or not when i got the memory enough anyway. Why tire out my harddrive? Screw that.

On your #2, well probably it is dependent on whatever default VGA driver you got running. This isnt my area tho, but i would assume thats a logical guess.

on #3 For such things, with network settings, personally i have found it makes a difference whatever network settings are enabled, and if things are running in unattended mode, and of what kind of unattended (hide pages, fully automated or whatever). Not that i can explain why or the correct way. Perhaps unattended.msfn got more info.

on #4.1 and #4.2 I really am not in a position to help with this since i dont a) read german , and B) got a german windows cd like you do to try and troubleshoot the issues.

I think i have already answeared the rest.

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