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  1. Hi there, sorry for "hijacking" THE thread, I thought nothing more appropriate than posting the bugs here in the most important thread of the latest release. And for the tweaks, I didn't want to start an in-depth discussion anyway. Remember I am new, I don't know who of you(?) has written Nlite. I came from the German Nlite forum, where a user linked me here to post my troubles. I take the risk that you find me rude, what is not my intention, but I feel a bit pushed off here. Do you rate my comments as offense? Sorry for that. But on the other hand, you seem not to be responsible for the programming of Nlite and the tenor here is that nothing is to be done with the German version of Nlite as if no one has ever done it. Who has done the translations? And I really would like to offer my help for future improvements, at least for the German part.
  2. Thanks TranceEnergy for your comments! 1. That's fine if it is wanted to have Netware support fully or none. Actually NLITE is not sensitive enough for shared files, as this could only be a deleted CAT file. 2. It depends on the resolution? I've tried 800x600 and 1024x768. Cannot imagine what could be a limiting factor, except it only works with integrated display drivers, which I havn't done. (however this is not described in NLITE) 3. If you mean it like I understand it, it should be possible to set up custom settings without an adapter added. Well, pre-installing the IPX protocol didn't work and I had the proper NIC driver from Intel integrated and recognized by XP. 4.1 Yes it is there in the original . For better understanding, there is no special Austrian version. Only a German version, but with the possibilty to set certain localization options to "Österreich" aka "Austria" and "Deutsch (Österreich)" aka "German (Austria)". It is imaginable that it has been abandoned because of the so called Umlaute "Ö", "Ü", "Ä", which may alternatively be spelled as "OE", "UE" and "AE". 4.2 Sorry, bad English of mine. My goal is to setup all localization settings to "Austria". After doing so I have 2 profiles instead of 1 (Austria AND Germany). If I, alternatively, set it up for "Germany" I have Germany AND USA installed. See screenshots for further details. 5.1 Look for "DisablePagingExecutive" on this site for example: http://home.comcast.net/~supportcd/XPMyths.html I didn't find anything wrong so far on this site. And for myself I didn't find any difference in the used memory and performance. 5.2 My source isn't custom at all, the standard German version. 6. Same as 5.2, does not work on German version. Especially for 5.2 and 6. I cannot see why XP should have differences between the two languages, registry wise. Fact is that NLITE supports the German version, as many others. And as a matter of fact there are many incorrect translations in it, as I wrote. What can I do to help you out? And for the session.ini I can also not see why the same options are not compatible and correctly set in NLITE after changing the language profile at the beginning. I think it would be pretty easy to save the settings compatible for all languages.
  3. Hi! I'm new to NLITE and used this release for the first time. It's really great but I've discovered some problems, possible bugs, and looked around here some time with no luck. I use the German version of WinXP Pro, SP3 + all hotfixes for SP3 integrated. One question in advance: Should the session presets be language compatible? I've of corse set NLITE up in German and tried to load it in English (for better description in here) and I find many options incorrect. Here is what I've experienced (sorry for not knowing exactly every English counterpart term): COMPONENTS: If I remove the "Client for Netware Networks" and I install the IPX protocol later, it is unsigned. Maybe this is due to shared files which have been removed through the Client removal. UNATTENDED - DISPLAY: Screen Resolution does not work at all. Resolution is always 640x480 after first start. Does it only work with integrated display drivers? UNATTENDED - NETWORK SETTINGS: Even the Custom settings (without any adapter & MAC added) rely on at least one adapter/MAC added, right? Pre-install of IPX protocol didn't work. UNATTENDED - REGIONAL - LOCATION 4.1 In the Custom section "Österreich" (Austria) is missing. 4.2 If I set up Location to "Deutsch (Österreich)" I tend to have "Deutsch (Deutschland)" too in the XP regional settings after installation. BUT if I abandon the customizations for Austria and select Germany instead, I have "Deutsch (Deutschland)" and "Englisch (USA)" in the regional settings. I only want 1 regional setting in there, either Austria/German or Germany/German. TWEAKS - GENERAL 5.1 The performance tweak "Disable paging of kernel and core-os" is known as a XP myth. Quiet useless (and unprofessional) to offer it in my opinion. 5.2 The Boot and Shutdown tweak "Disable automatic restart on System Failure" does not work. TWEAKS - SERVICES: Change status of the "Task Scheduler" does not work. Tweaks that would be fine for future implementation: - IE Lan settings: Disable Automatic Proxy search - Disable Sounds in Windows (profile "no sounds") - Disable Offline Files Another bug: After accidently changing the RoyalFour desktop theme while running NLITE, NLITE crashed with an exception instantly I've pressed the Next button. Comment on the German translation: Quiet good but lots of wrong or untranslated words/terms. Do you need some help here? Thanks a lot and I hope to be of help somehow.
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