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  1. You must extract "i386\svcpack.in_" to "i386\svcpack.inf" before executing "/integrate" operations. Not doing so will cause the "svcpack.in_" file created by nlite to be deleted!
  2. I regularly check this topic to see if someone has replied. I write this post for final attempt. If someone could answer it will be highly appreciated and very helpfull for me and all others. Thanks.
  3. Yes, the seconde one is made exactly like the first with exception of the installation mode between "Full unattended" for the first and "Default hide" for the seconde. I believe it's still important to have one UXPCD for repair tasks, isnt' it?
  4. I'm sure there is a workaround for this problem. If someone could help it would be very useful for everybody.
  5. I have created a topic under : "in [Default Hide] mode most nlite tweaks are not applied. Please Help" but no one has give me any tip to my problem which is a general problem for all those who create un UXPCD in "Default hide" mode. Hereby I repost it, please geeks help me:
  6. There is a workaround for your problem , download the following software: http://www.epsilonsquared.com/anonymous/InstallRite25.exe This program allows to create a snapshot of all the system (files, registry...). you apply changes, install programs or what ever you want then you ask it to analyse all changes you made, at the end you may reveiw these changes or simply allow it to create an executable that redo all these changes. You may also define some options on how it monitor changes or how the final executable runs... -install it, once you execute it skip the wizard, choose "Configure": -at [Directory/Drive Monitor] disable: "Enabled?" this option allows it to not monitor any changes to any file, but only the registry (since your problem is a matter of a registry tweak). -apply your desired changes to the clock -go back to the program and click on "Perform an "Analysis" of the changes since the last "Snapshot" -now you may click on "Review Installations" to review what changes has be made to the registry after you changed the clock or simply click on "Build install kit" to create your famous executable. I guess you know what to do to make this executable runs at "GuiRunOnce". This trick may be applied for many purposes other than your actual problem. Good luck.
  7. I also expanded "i386\nhelper.ex_" to "system32\nhelper.exe", because it's called in "RunOnce" by "nlite.inf". I manually set the "NetBT" (Net BIOS over TCP/IP) to "automatic", my "nlite.inf" should bring it to "disabled" once applied. Using my method the service stay unchanged, that's why I suppose it doesn't work.
  8. Hi guyz. I made two copies of my UXPCD, one is fully unattended and just fine, the other one is for repairing purpose so I choosed "Default hide" mode in it. Since in this mode the "$OEM$" is ignored so "cmdlines.txt" won't run --> "nlite.inf" which contains all the tweaks prepared by nLite firstly for the "Full Unattended" mode won't be applied either. I would apply all these tweaks once the windows repair/reinstallation made by the seconde CD is finished . So I tried the following: expand the "i386\nlite.in_" into "system32\nlite.inf" run : "rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,nlite" That did nothing as far as I noticed . Any possible trick here? Thank you in advance for u all
  9. Hi, You may find a solution by your self, go to this web site: http://www.epsilonsquared.com/ There are two softwares to download, they track any changes to the registry or system files then give you a setup file (or reg file) which will redo all changes made. Easy to use, just make a snapshot before you first visit the update page, then an other one after in order to compare any changes made to registry (or/and system files) then export the registry modifications as a reg file. Add it to your XP source CD to be ran during setup. Anass.
  10. Look at this again, it may help you (but it's in french): http://formassiste.info/downpack.php#4_optionnels to download directly the addon which include (WGA + Microsoft Update + Microsft Catalog) to use with RyanVM integrator : http://elrico.voyageacheval.info/ELsys_MS_..._addon_1.2.2.7z Hopefuly it will help . Anass
  11. No reply yet?!! So can any one tell me how to slipstream WMP11 on a localized version of Windows (French one). any reply, any one please
  12. Hi 'Gray', first, go to http://integrator.siginetsoftware.com/inde...manual&main Then, http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3617 Best regards
  13. Hi, I overwrite it with a clean "mlang.dat" of my installed XP, of course after using "makecab", but it's still cannot be found during the text mode of Windows XP installation processus. I hade also a problem with mlang.dll, when i right click on desktop to set properties an error message appears telling me that mlang.dll is not a valide image.... But this one has been fixed using ModifyPE then makecab then overwrite on XP source CD. By the way, ModifyPE didn't worke with me on mlang.dat (modifype mlang.dat -c), it tells me that this file is not a PE file, so I've only executed makecab on mlang.dat . Once the installation finished I copy mlang.dat to "SYSTEM32", but WMP11 cannot read music files, RealPlayer does, WMP11 can only play ".wav" files . These problems occured after I slipstreamed WMP11 in my uptodated XP source CD using "WMP11 Slipstreamer" . Please advice.

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