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  1. If using an update pack then all the updates will be integrated into the source, if using individual hotfixes most will be integrated but some will be run silently at T-13. Only those run silently will show up in add/remove programs.
  2. I'd recommend sticking 5.2.x for the foreseeable future, not just for Win 98se but also because they dropped 3D graphics support for Win XP in 6.1.x
  3. It works for me using VirtualBox 5.2.x on multiple systems using several different operating systems. Have you checked the troubleshooting section of the guide?
  4. It used to be possible with older versions of the drivers, I'm not sure if it's still possible with the latest versions. You might want to look at this topic, especially the last post - Gigabyte K8NS Pro (NVIDIA nForce3 250) https://msfn.org/board/topic/136807-xp-x64-driver-integration/
  5. Although there are differences in the CD layout for an XP x64 source (mainly an extra amd64 folder) there are largely transparent to the end user. Work can be done on XP x64 on a 32-bit host with the exception that SP2 needs some tricks to be slipstreamed and some hofixes won't integrate (5eraph's works fine though).
  6. Due to the stupid WYSIsn'tWYG editor MSFN now uses I can't fix it when the main post goes awry, for instance when lists change from numbered sequence to bullet points. That is why it got moved to RyanVM, go by that version of the guide. Note that some options got removed, partly to simplify testing, but mainly because some things not longer worked with the pure hotfix method but still did when using 5eraph's packs.
  7. Just got back from holidays Now while I won't try to troubleshoot component removals, if it doesn't work without removing any components, ask yourself if you did the following steps correctly: Note that nLite must be run with administrator privileges, you might need to disable anti-virus software and most importantly, slipstreaming Service Pack 2 must be done on a Win NT 5.x host (2000/XP/XPx64/2003/2003x64). If working from a SP1 source slipstream service pack 2 then exit nLite (if nLite is open it can interfere with the WMP11 slipstreamer). These are the things most likely to result in a corrupt file error (assuming a clean source), note that all the Microsoft downloads should have a valid digital signature.
  8. Due to forum editing and display issues, this guide has been moved to the RyanVM forums, you can still ask questions here though.
  9. Moved to RyanVM forums You can still ask questions here
  10. KB2900986 doesn't seem to integrate properly when either using IE7 or when performing the process on a 32-bit host. To avoid it showing up on Windows Update it's silently installed at \RunOnce.
  11. Thanks for your interest and suggestions PCBONEZ, unfortunately however due to changes in MSFN.org's forum software it is no longer possible for me to update or maintain complex forum posts like the main guide in this topic. Attempts at updating the main post always fail, previously I was able to work on it offline as a basic text file and just copy/paste it but that is no longer an option. I intend over the Christmas break to rewrite and move this topic to another forum host, but there won't be any updates until then. ATICCC.ins is correct at 0 bytes, at least that's what the DriverPacks create with the ATI graphics settings I use.
  12. Neighbour: What processor does your host machine have? I ask because it turns out that while a 98se guest install fails on my current machine (Haswell-E i7-5930K) it installs fine on my old machine (Core 2 Quad Q9450) and I seem to recall something about newer host processors sometimes having an impact on other guest OS installations. 135th: I've fixed the SciTech Display Driver link but this stupid new forum software won't allow me to update the QuickTime Alternative link.
  13. VirtualBox clearly has improved Win98se compatibility since the 5.0.x series, but until I can get it to install W98 under VB 5.1.x without glitches on all my systems I'll keep the recommendation to install W98 using VB 4.3.38
  14. Yes, my command window also goes blank and I have to force restart it to get AutoPatcher going, but the Win 98se boot-up sequence gets more and more unstable as the process continues until it can no longer start (except in safe mode) at all.
  15. I've tried installing Win 98se in VirtualBox 5.1 and while the core OS install goes well, it fails while updating the system with AutoPatcher. Also the sound from the default SoundBlaster 16 is horribly crackly, changing to AC97 at least fixes that aspect.
  16. I'm away from home until Tuesday which is why the tracker is down, hopefully by then then MediaFire's detection issue will have been fixed (nothing apart from Microsoft's signature files has been changed in over a year)
  17. Despite what others have mentioned VirtualBox is still the best option for Win98se Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is almost as good but doesn't run on Windows versions after Win7 VMware does have driver support but with no graphics acceleration, not even the software acceleration that the SciTech driver gives you in VirtualBox.
  18. Updated to support version 3.1a of Service Pack 4. The most notable change to the process for the end user is that now there is only one hotfix, the Visual C++ runtime libraries.
  19. It looks like it will be mainly root certificate and application updates from now on. Unless there is some other component change they will not be listed in the ChangeLog, however the relevant posts will note the month of latest update.
  20. There are indeed quite a few decent file hash utilities out there these days, although for basic elegance and ease of use reasons, I'll stick with HashTab for now. It would be nice to get one that also checks digital signatures while it's at it.
  21. I've asked 5eraph to have a look at your issue, it's far better that any problem is fixed within the pack or executables themselves as it's unreasonable to expect end-users to have to deal with nLite's error reporting.
  22. One thing that's missing is support for a decent 3rd party anti-virus solution that still works on XP and can be silently installed. If anyone can think of one, by all means suggest it.
  23. Changelog 5 Jan 16: Guide published 7 Jan 16: Updated \Hotfix\rootsupd.exe & \Hotfix\rvkroots.exe 10 Jan 16: Added notes for USB stick based installation and support for VirtualBox drivers without D3D 31 Jan 16: Updated to support version 3.1a of Service Pack 4 20 Feb 16: Updated root certificates and install PowerShell via Run1a.bat rather than .in_ file 18 Nov 16: Moved to the RyanVM forums
  24. Moved to RyanVM You can still ask questions here

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