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  1. Ladies and Gentelmen, I have almost finished my unattended XP CD, thanks in large part to all of you on this board. Thanks so much for all the questions, answers, guides and tweaks that have allowed me to do what I wish to do with my CD. This community is filled with all types of individuals and though it hasn't been all easy going, you have kept me coming back until I found the answers I needed. Google, while not exactly perfect, is your friend. Again, many thanks Bruce
  2. Thanks for the script. I knew AutoIT is out there. A year or so ago I actually built a little script with it. My intent was in hope of finding out how much support there was for requesting a feature be added by the manufacturers for a silent install. Thanks for the script. It will definitley save me some time.
  3. Just wanted to get folks opinion on this topic. I'm not sure how many of us actually use WinzipSE, but I asked Winzip if they had a way to do a silent install and their reply was to the effect of... We at WinZip Computing occasionally receive this request. However, to date we have not received enough user requests to warrant adding this to the program. I will forward your vote for this feature to development. Thanks.
  4. After digging through numerous posts here and not finding a lot of anything that helped me make a 'simple' silent installation of Winzip 12.0, I did some footwork of my own and came up with this method of creating a silent installation of Winzip. Sure hope it helps others. Unzip the Setup.exe to your $oem\apps\winzip folder. I used WinRAR to do this Delete all files other than the winzip120.msi file Download and install the Orca MSI editor. It's a free download Right-click on the winzip120.msi file and select Edit with Orca Select the PROPERTY table from the table list Edit the file as you desire using the instructions found here.. http://www.winzip.com/xmsicust.htm#custom Save the file and close Orca Open Notepad and enter the following three lines... [Registration] WinZip120_Name=<Your registration username from Winzip> WinZip120_Code=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX <Your registration code from Winzip> Save the file as WINZIP.SUREG. Place this file into your $oem$\apps\winzip folder with the winzip120.msi file Open your RegOnceEx.cmd file and add these three lines... REG ADD %KEY%\002 /VE /D "Winzip" /f REG ADD %KEY%\002 /V 1 /D "msiexec /i %PP%\winzip\winzip120.msi /qn" /f REG ADD %KEY%\002 /V 2 /D "cmd.exe /c Copy %PP%\winzip\winzip.sureg \"%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Winzip\winzip.sureg\"" /f There is no need to install Winzip first and the first time you open Winzip, no registration screen to prevent you from going right to work. Also, the %pp% variable is simply designed to allow for a shorter command line. It points to the CD-ROM\$oem$\apps folder.
  5. doertsch, I recently updated my MB to an ASRock ALiveNF6G-Vsta and wanted to integrate the drivers into my unattended install. The first thing I did was unpack the installer files. I moved the appropriate .inf file off into a folder of it's own and then went into the Device Manager and updated the sound card drivers. As the installer needed a specific file, it would stop and ask for it and I then moved that file from the unpacked installation folder to the folder with the .inf. By the time the installer finished, I had a folder with all the files necessary to incorporate the sound card drivers into my XP uninstall with NLite and then when the install takes place you will have a nice, neat, tidy package with working sound.
  6. Found out this morning just what has been causing nLite to crash today. Might help a lot of other folks as well. Recently nLite has been crashing consistently during the integration of IE7, and only IE7 during the finalizing of the integration. What I found was that it was crashing because I had a My Computer window open to the folder I use to store the unattended files. Every single time I tried to integrate IE7 with the Window open, it crashed. It wasn't until I thought to close the window did the error cease and I was able to integrate IE7 with no trouble. I then did the scientific thing and tested my theory several times with the window both open and closed. Every time it was open, it crashed. Every time it was closed, success. This may save some others who have been having crashes during the integration process of ANY other files. Worth a shot at the very least.
  7. Results 1 - 10 of about 1,510 from www.msfn.org/board for Cannot create user account Not attempting to be combative TranceEnergy, but 1,510 posts on the same subject that I posted about seems a bit more than dozens. And not one of the threads that I've read through, and I have searched and devoured about 100-150 posts on this subject so far, gives any indication that this feature of the software works as it is supposed to and the users have taken another track to perform the task that NLite is supposed to handle natively. I love the convenience that NLite has offered, but I think there is a bug. If there is not, then the user guide needs to be a bit more clear on what controls or settings might gum up the works in this area.
  8. nuhi, When using the Unattended section of NLite, on the Users tab, if you create a user other than Administrator or Guest under Add User Account, then select that user to be the default in the Autologon section of the same tab, then set a password, the user account that you wanted to create doesn't get created and the password gets assigned to the Administrator account. Steps I took to create the account... 1. Selected the Users tab 2. Clicked on the Add button 3. Typed in my name as the New User Account name 4. Typed my full name in the Full Name text box 5. Typed the description of my computer into the description text box 6. Left password expiration checked and at 0 7. Selected my new account in the drop-down under Autologon 8. Set the number of autologons to 3 9. Entered my password and then verified 10. Left 'Must have password' and 'Can change password' checked 11. Finished my other tweaks on the remaining tabs and ran the changes in Nlite I am currently using NLite The strange thing about all this is that during the unattended installation, the account name I created gets placed in the username field on the login screen, but it tells me that my account doesn't exist. But if I then type in 'Administrator' and type in the password I entered for my created account, the system logs on just fine. Could it be something that I'm not doing correctly?
  9. Ascii2, I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, because I would really like to know this as well, as my unattended install CD works except for the account creation part. But perhaps this nudge will help bring a reply that will assist us both.
  10. Silacomalley, The script should be run after the wireless network drivers have been installed. In that way, the WZC already has the network identified, though without the specific SSID, etc., it won't connect. If the drivers for the wireless card haven't been installed, I've noticed that the WZC doesn't always allow settings to be saved as there isn't anything that is 'connecting' to the network. My script is only for connecting to an already existing wireless network, not for creating said network. Hope you work it out as it was a lesson in utility for me to get everything working. Bruce
  11. Necessity IS the mother of invention From zero to zero in just over two weeks. I've gotten myself a script put together that will allow a person to connect to a wireless network using 'any' authentication and encryption method. Thanks to Boarbabe and Dje for giving me the impetus to really start digging. I found an incomplete AutoIt script on the AutoIt forums that showed me how to actually use some of the features of AutoIt to open the windows I wanted to use and I was able to complete a script that allows the user to select not only the SSID and Authentication mode, but also to select the Encryption mode as well as setting the Network Key programmatically. The script is in no way a 'pretty' thing, but it does what I want it to do, which is to connect my computer to an already existing wireless network without user intervention. If anyone would like to download it and use it, they are more than welcome. WiFiAutoConfig.zip Thoughts and ruminations welcome! Bruce
  12. Nuhi, I recently came across your program while being introduced to the joy of building an unattended installation CD. Your program is pretty simple to understand and I only burned two coasters while learning to slipstream things into the CD. Thanks for, to me anyway, the most ingenious tool needed to save time and effort in the Wacky World of Windows. Keep up the good work! Any chance that in the 'Setup' area of NLite that we'll ever see the ability to set the SSID and Network keys during the install?
  13. OK, my first post. Please be gentile with me, ok? This has been bugging me to DEATH on how to automatically provide Wireless Network Connection settings (SSID, Netowork key) during an unattended installation. While I haven't spent an enormous amount of time up on the Windows website, I was able to find this little piece of information after actually running the Wireless Network Setup Wizard and then exploring my little ol' thumbdrive. http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/f...-UFD_XPspec.doc and I truly cannot say that I understand it in the least because I am not in any way a bonified programmer or script creation expert. Perhaps one of the more enlightened forum members can shed some bright idea's upon us all. If there were a way to implement this into a script or small executable, it would even work for RyanVM's WPA2-PSK needs. Bruce

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