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nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1


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First of all, I want to say thanks for the superb program Nuhi :)

I've been using it for several years now.

I can confirm that nLite doesn't integrate KB951618

I can also confirm that Language removal bug with nLite 1.48 in XP Pro x86

I'm currently using 1.48 to integrating things and 1.45 removing components and tweaking

And then few tweak requests, nothing big, but something that I always need to change.

(Didn't find any feature request thread)

- Taskbar -> Show Quick launch (Yes I really use it ;))

- Local Area Connection Properties -> Show icon in notification area when connected

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-DM- : download x-setup, among some 2000 tweaks or close to, i know that tweak is in there.

Nuhi :

Hotfix integration failed (Source XP X64 SP2 english/US, applied booogy's wmp11x64 with all hotfixes to that end):

KB948046 New Printer drivers. 0.3.6001.22116

This fails to install with nlite, installs on manual. Reason why is probably because nlite will *not* integrate

Windows European Union Expansion Font pack, which is just fonts, so also weird =)

Temporary solution, install via batch file with updates. There's actually v2 of Win E.U.E. Font pack which includes

them drivers as well.

KB941602 Veritas® LDM diagnostic utility 5.2.3790.4235

This installs on manual install. Not really needed, not many of us has 1024 volumes or more on computer xD

Still, it wouldn not integrate with nlite. Funny, because it is just one exe file update.

KB947186 Client for NFS service 5.2.3790.4297

This hotfix installs on manual, even tho it should not according to KB article (says it for 2003 R2 only).

Should also add i runned that nlite run with 150+ hotfixes/misc. I would be very happy if the euro font pack was doable, tho i have workaround for it.

2 last hotfixes here mentioned, DO INTEGRATE if all hotfixes are renamed so name is only KB123456.exe, strange.

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No that wouldn't do, but i created the path variable myself. I was sure %profiles% was a system path set by windows as default? At least google kind of confirms my suspicions on that.

I've never really needed the variable up until now.

If i were to use profile path as you suggest, that would lead me to all users or current user profile, which wouldnt help me at all.

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You could try the following code:

SET Profile=%UserProfile%\..

That should get you where you want to go with:

CD %Profile%

Most commands accept redirection in this way. Such as:

DELTREE "%Profile%\Administrator"
DEL /F /Q "%Profile%\Default User\Desktop\*"

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And monday it is!


* new: NeededComponents and KeepFiles for entries.ini

* upd: IE8 beta 2 integration support

* upd: MMSSETUP.CAB files autoupdated

* fix: IE removal if IE7 integrated

gonna test if IE removal works now! Awesome!

Coincidentally, i just passed over 1000 files 154mb on my batch files project xD

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Hey nuhi, thanks for the new release - I'm glad to see that nLite is still receiving some attention. ;)

I'm just curious about this entry in the changelog:

* upd: MMSSETUP.CAB files autoupdated

May I ask if you can elaborate on what this achieves?

Looking forward to lost of wonderful new experimental stuff to test in 1.5.0! ;)




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I just took xp x64 with sp2, english us, and select to remove everything.

92 languages left that are selectable for removal.

In 1.4.8 it also left outlook express, so there's progress! ;D

However i think the situation is a bit dependent on the localization of the windows cd, or settings in some file like unattended, however i didnt choose unattended just remove and patches.

I tried to run it 3 times, still 92 languages left. All under "Western Europe and United States".

Since the ISO is US english version, im kind of suspecting therein is the problem, somehow.

BTW: some time ago i went through all the NLS files with NLS Viewer, think that was the name of program, which told me what language the files were.

It couldnt find out even half of all the languages of what the files were tho. I sent in my findings to its author but got no answear so kind of screwed.

If anyone has a good way to find out what the different nls files are i'd love to hear it.

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