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vista on 128mb?

wacky baccy

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u gotta be kidding me.

Baring it even to the kernel won't make it work on 128m MB RAM....I suppose

But slimming it very well may make it use small install size , But I haven't tried , yet

I 'm trying to slim it so that I can manage to install on 5Gigs partition I have beside XPSP2 & SUSE

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What in the hell is going through people's minds when they think like that? I mean c'mon!

well the guys nick is 'wacky baccy' so that might explain something.

i don't get it unless its just a "wooo! Look at me I got vista running on a 300Mhz machine. now time to format and install win 2k so i can actually use it!" sorta thing -you know like the guys that try to run linux on on everything just to prove they can do it.

Actually i take that back i dont get it either way. I dont even understand the people installing Vista on the EEE and it has 3x the specs this pc has.

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the installation need to be have 256mb of ram

but after that u could low it [easy with vmware]

and test it

try maybe server core its use very little memory [but no GUI]

and space [ with winsxs removed just 450mb]

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Yo guys chill lol. Maybe the guy just wants to know; for information purposes.

I'm just saying cause i have been scrutinised for asking questions regarding "slimming etc" for the creation of my application, that others find strange.

But i must confess this is quite a "strange" question and if he does want to actually do this then i believe as everyone else here does (evidently) that it is impossible. Even if it was possible it would be seriously/extremelly slow etc.


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Well, it can be done actually...so go easy with the guy. :angry:


The problem is to manage to install it on 128MB due to the image boot.wim that is loaded in memory at boot.

If you have an unmodded boot.wim you cannot get under ~200MB memoryusage at boot, because that is what the image of boot.wim will need to fit in the RAM.

I have succeeded to install 2008 (don't care about Vista) on 64MB RAM, but then with an somewhat different approach.

If you use an Linux boot disc with the imaging util and the install.wim image it's just a matter of a simple menu and a few lines of code and it will install in a few minutes.

I've run an 2008 box on 128MB RAM for quite some time now and it runs just perfect (even though XP/2003 will allways be the better choice)

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I've been reading about that a while ago, on a blog from someone from M$ and he wrote Server 2008 is able to run (as far as I remember) on a computer with 58 Megs, but Vista would need few megabytes more than 2008, he wrote.

BUT he also said, that both Vista and 2008's installer need much more memory.


As far as i recall, the installer needs about 370 MB, though it complains, it needs 512 (it won't complain until you have less than 370).

But how much it really needs I don't know xD

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