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  1. I need to restrict access to wireless access points so that users shouldn't be able to connect to wireless ad-hoc network. I also want to disable auto-connecting to unknown, unsecured networks. I figured out , that in "properties" of my wireless card, after clicking "Advanced" in "Wireless networks" tab, I can disable these options, but I need a way to do this automatically via registry/group policy editor. How can I do this?
  2. Well,, it took me less than an hour to download all 90+ hotfixes and that’s on a slow DSL connection. There are several hotfix lists that help greatly with the download process by providing direct links to the MS KB entries – you are just two/three clicks away from starting each download. Many of the hotfixes are so small their downloads are completed almost instantly. Try: http://users.telenet.be/tc76/winup/_winxpsp2.html http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-XP-all-t74840.html and last choice http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/updatepack.html The upside for going to all the trouble of downloading the hotfixes is that you are no longer dependent on “updatepacks” that seem to keep dragging on and on (any bets that 2.2.1 won’t be out of beta before the official SP3 is released?). As far as the .exe files that remain in windows/software distribution/downloads maybe they are the same as the kb files and in that case could be integrated using HFSLIP (don't know about nLite - I only use nLite to do driver intergeneration and to slim down the iso). Phred Get Windows Upate Downloader It's automatic, ant you won't need to download one-by-one.
  3. I've been reading about that a while ago, on a blog from someone from M$ and he wrote Server 2008 is able to run (as far as I remember) on a computer with 58 Megs, but Vista would need few megabytes more than 2008, he wrote. BUT he also said, that both Vista and 2008's installer need much more memory. ------EDIT----- As far as i recall, the installer needs about 370 MB, though it complains, it needs 512 (it won't complain until you have less than 370). But how much it really needs I don't know xD
  4. Use search. This has also been discussed in the forum... For example here.
  5. On the internet xD And seriously, try The HotfixShare.
  6. 1. WMA isn't much better than mp3. 2. Most portable music players don't support WMA PRO (especially, when they've bit resolution bigger than 16 bit, and sampling frequency bigger than 48000hz) 3. You won't gain any quality, by converting to 24bit from CD (which is 16bit) 4. Same thing about sampling frequency (CD is 44000hz), converting to more than this won't help too So...remember Bigger doesn't mean better. MP3 is not that bad, especially, when you use good MP3 encoder (I recommend LAME), use Variable BitRate, and use good quality presets. In WMA you don't have to choose between quality and speed, in MP3 encoders you have choice between speed and quality, so it depends more on switches you use than on bitrate... I can make an MP3 with average bitrate about 160 which sounds better than 224 kbps MP3. But if you really want to use WMA, the best choice would be 2-pass encoding. Some commercial software (like DBpowerAmp) can do this. If you want real high quality choose a lossless format like WavPack, or there is one real good lossy format called Musepack. BTW guys, I thing, the best choice to talk and READ about that would be HydrogenAudio forum...
  7. Try to install WMP11 once more If you want WMP11 slipstreamed, use Windows Media Player 11 Slipstreamer by Boooggy and n7Epsilon and integrate updates (list of updates on the same site) with it. If it doesn't help, maybe installing Windows Media 11 SDK and it's hotfixes will fix the problem
  8. But be aware, that integrating WMP 11 might also break OOBE, for integrating 11 use Windows Media Player 11 Slipstreamer by Boooggy and n7Epsilon.
  9. After slipstreaming newest cabs MU still prompted me to install something...think I try once more. And BTW, I AM a little bit paranoid about updates;D I reinstall my XP quite often, and I want to have everything installed;)
  10. They just mess with compatibility, and numbers.... 3, and 3.5 include 2, but 2 doesn't include 1. Sounds like mess;/ That's why TC76 is building this... ========EDIT========== OOOPS! Sorry for double-posting, I've made that by accident.. If any moderator is here: could you please delete this post?
  11. They just mess with compatibility, and numbers.... 3, and 3.5 include 2, but 2 doesn't include 1. Sounds like mess;/ That's why TC76 is building this...
  12. I don't think compact framework can do the thing.. I've tried .NET compact framework 2, and the normal windows .NET application didn't wanted to start. AFAIK compact framework is for mobile devices... BUT...I might be wrong;D
  13. Have you added new languages into it?
  14. This "mini setup" is called OOBE. You must set Unattended mode, to mode other , than fully unattended, NOT remove OOBE (or MSOOBE), and check if "Skip OOBE" is disabled
  15. Do you install any applications through SVCPACK.inf? This might happen, when you provide wrong switches to an msi installer, I don't think it'd pop if windows installer wasn't properly installed...
  16. Toolbar placements: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=11802 Search once more, as you see, you havent been searching good enough.
  17. spitf1r3

    2 little questions

    It happens, because system reloads the original files, with non-XPized resources, and XPize updates it with it's resources. I don't understand the question... Do you mean that tresources are replaced, or the message isn't appearing?
  18. That's a good question. I'm in need of that, cause I want to integrate 3rd party toolbars by install... Can anybody help?
  19. 1. Download DriverPacks 2. Integrate it with windows disc 3. Install Windows from the disc 4. Make ghost image Hope it helps.... Hope it works:D
  20. Not t all... I found it on eMule. Look for IMAGEX.EXE, and after you download it, put it in C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\
  21. I mean, it'd be great to include them, but they should be disabled by default;)
  22. I mean, it'd be great to include them, but they should be disabled by default;) BTW Vistapack already contain some 3rd party software, so why not include this...?
  23. What do you mean by that? A standard Windows CD loads on different PC.. You mean, you want to have all drivers, or have one unattended disc with serials for all the computers you use? Then PowerPacker should be enough. You might also want to use nLite.
  24. No, it wasn't much work at all. I've built it with nLite add-on maker...
  25. Try .NET 3.5 redistributable. It contains 2.0 SP1, 3.0SP1, and 3.5. It's areally big file ('bout 190 megs)
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