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[Poll] Is Vize interesting to people?


Is Vize interesting to people?  

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  1. 1. Is Vize interesting to people? Why people do not post in Vize forums?

    • Yes, Vize is interesting. I think there are not too much posts because Vize is pretty stable and works very well.
    • No, it is not interesting to people. Most users are still using XP.
    • No, it is not interesting since Vize does not dramatically improves Vista UI.

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I'm glad its in development because Im sure I will use it one day but for now, Vista looks OK in most places. i wish it was better about display large desktop icons (instead of displaying the small version in frame) but really the truth of it is im not familiar enough with Vista to want to start chopping it up yet. but if you wanted to make the login screen artwork look a bit more serious, I'd be tempted. even after changing the background, the user frame and shiny arrow button seem too Fisher Price OS to me (and the arrows on the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen)

I'll install it on my laptop and play with it again but last time I had it installed, I wasnt familiar enough with vista to know what it changed and what was that way out of box.

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If I can skip Vista, then I will. So far I'm using XP and have been very happy with it.

And contrary to popular belief, it is faster than its predecessor! (Windows 2000 Pro)

Also, I have tried it. I currently have 2 PCs in my house that have Vista running. I just haven't gotten around to exterminating the giant bugger. Waiting for XP SP3.

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I'm glad that your developing Vize, many icons in Vista aren't very consistant with the UI and your program makes it more polished. I could of resource hacked the icons myself but it would become a tedious process. I'm also dual-booting with XP so I'm using your XPize too :thumbup

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Humm I can't decide what to vote... eh eh although I think Vize is interesting I don't think that many people are using Vista. And the ones that are probably don't yet feel the "need" to mess with the new O.S. (i.e. it hasn't "settled in" yet so to speak). Starting this kind of customization so soon does have the advantage that when ppl do start tweaking Vista to their delight they will have a much more stable and complete Vize :) (although things seem slow I'm sure it will pick up steam further on).

On the other hand I'm thinking there are probably many ppl out there waiting for XP SP3 (me included) who are perfectly happy with XP and who may never even switch to Vista (depending on how late Windows 7 may come...) and who are eagerly awaiting the new and improved C# Xpize ;)

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I like the fresh Vista look but I'd rather use a very fast XP than a very slow vista on my machine - don't also see many reasons to upgrade my hardware or buy a Vista license since all my apps run very good as it is and will only look forward over a clean and smooth NT 7 as it was already mentioned by blackspawn.

Nothing to do with Vize - it's a vista matter.


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It's a fact that Windows 7 kicks vista's a**... (just check out performance comparisons).

I like XP (in fact I still use it in my old desktop PC), but windows 7 is great... period!! Those of you who are skeptic should really give a try.

It would be great if the vize team starts putting their hands on windows 7... 'cause guess what: the lazy folks at M$ left some "legacy" icons in the new OS.


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