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  1. Don't worry, I'm quite sure google and many other companies around the web keep a tab on my age and interests..
  2. Really sad to see how the crossing of all this information can give a very complete scenario of what we do online across these sites. Thanks JorgeA, I have now mentioned this option at http://www.google-is-evil.com/thread-3.html Previously I was using scroogle until it closed doors and later duckduckgo.
  3. Microsoft and Google seem to get confusingly similar nowadays. Both competing directly on so many of the same fields, the scroogle page was funny. The same thing for the symbiosis between Win8 and the Internet services. It just gets much harder to remain anonymous or even hide your preferences from data miners. For a large part of the population, they just won't care or be aware of what happens. In a post-modern world, only the command line will survive all these things. No fancy Javascript or Metro-like will get things done when systems get broken.
  4. Well, allow me to be vocal about this matter. WPI is a great tool, thank you very much for keeping it solid and updated across all these years.
  5. +1 from me.Unfortunately, I just get disappointed with the direction that Ubuntu went with Unity. I mean, so many years providing a rock star style of OS with things that were just great out of the box and now this awful window manager. So, not much better things are going on the other side of the fence. At least with OSX you know what to count and works solid as a unix alternative. Can't believe I'm writing a post to support Apple.
  6. It would be interesting indeed. I'd just think we'd see some other window manager surface to relevance for professional use without the toy'ish appearance. Still remember as a teenager when Win95 came up, that thing just looked hypnotizing and modern when compared to other options such as DOS and Win 3.x. I wonder if teenagers are indeed feeling the same "wow" experience with Win8 nowadays.
  7. Lest we not forget Microsoft Windows Bob around the Win 3.1/95 era. Impressive how you can replace "Bob" with "8" and they still match so well. For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Bob
  8. You forgot to mention that it is advertising project names such as LiveXP that are not from his authorship and yet claims them as being author with no credit to the developers. On this case Lancelot, it is not giving any credit to your and mine work at the LiveXP project. Win7PE is not my authorship but most likely a copy from the work from ChrisR and others. If you let people like this get away from blatantly copying works of others and advertising them as their own, once they are done with copying these projects they will turn onto your Gena. There have been several builders since the dinosaur age and you don't see me worried about them, what I do worry is when a "smart" developer misappropriates the merit of our work over these years. Give merit where merit is due. Anyone can download it, no need for registration. If you want to include it in your projects we request developers to ask for permission before doing so as written in http://reboot.pro/about/license At reboot we gathered the funds to hire a developer capable of developing this tool and making it available without any costs to you, therefore I believe it is a fair request that credit is given to the community that made this work possible.
  9. 8 months passed, we kept working on this goal and today the WimLib tool has been released to public. Allows creating a WIM archive from scratch without need for WAIK drivers or administrative permissions: http://reboot.pro/files/file/189-wimlib/ The next step is providing the construction/write of NT registry hives without MS tools. I have already done this back in 2008 and now it is time to create a command line version: http://nunobrito1981.blogspot.de/2008/05/raw-registry-hives-magic.html We move forward with this goal.
  10. Thank you. It is not nice to see attempts of turning this conversation into a troll party. @Kullenen_Ask I am available to talk about my personal experience in regards to the challenges and difficulties that appear when creating a good builder. I am also available to showcase the current features of what has been done over the years to help developers create Windows PE projects. Last but not least, I am also here as a programmer to work with a team to implement new features if they are not available already. Take care!
  11. Hi, WinBuilder is unique because it was created since the beginning with the purpose of creating custom Windows platforms, not just Windows PE. It provides a script syntax similar to batch and INI syntax along with a complete GUI support and a structure for running scripts in a given order/categories. It allows creating scripts that include files inside the code, in the same manner as people exchange email messages with attachments everyday. Do you need to learn a new scripting language? Yep. This is not difficult since most times you can use one line per command like: RegImport,c:\myFile.reg http://code.google.com/p/winbuilder/wiki/regimport It is not possible to please everyone as you might have noted. The core of each WinBuilder project can be changed by anyone and wb itself has been developed since years with the support and feedback from different people all around the world. This is what I do, I love creating boot disks and I am a programmer that works closely with those who share similar tastes. In case anyone has requests for features not already provided by WinBuilder to create a WinPE Builder, I will be glad to work on them.
  12. I was the guy called upon to stop a silly fight between senior developers, some of them my close friends for several years. I suspended two members temporarily until the rage settled down after repeated complaints from community members. I indeed am the "guy who kicked the best developers out of the boot-land forum" because they often treat other developers like this: http://goo.gl/8Zimw You are welcome to step inside the development group and help with what you think it is necessary to improve. It is like this: WinBuilder is an engine. It is composed of a single file that is "WinBuilder.exe". You can imagine (to some extent) that it is like AutoIt for building Windows since the only thing that winbuilder does is following the instructions of whatever is written on the scripts. Per se, WinBuilder does not produce boot disks, it is simply an engine or script interpreter if you wish to be more accurate. Gena and NativeEx are Windows PE projects. They build a boot disk and the scripts on both projects that create these boot disks use WinBuilder (as well as many other Windows PE projects over the years did). I hope this helps to understand things a little bit better.
  13. How can I help? I've already started working on the 2.0 version of WinBuilder. The platform is based on Remedium that is both free and open source, you find the ground works at http://winbuilder.googlecode.com If you look on the current winbuilder, most boot disk projects running with this builder are free and open for anyone to change but the biggest problem is keeping developers improving the existent projects instead of simply creating new ones as rabbits. I guess it is far more rewarding to have a feeling of authorship than joining something started by someone else, albeit I'd prefer to see people cooperating to create one or two strong projects. My focus on this moment is to ensure the independence from Windows API to natively construct registry hives and WIM files without resort to MS code, in the process this allows removing the need for administrative permissions or installation of drivers to run the builder. This is what we are doing. For the first time since 2006 we will also reintroduce the concept of a default boot disk project shipped with WinBuilder. As you might know, winbuilder.exe is a free engine and boot disk projects are developed/published by anyone interested. But I am not happy with the current results and will also provide a project for users to try out as default. I am here to listen for suggestions or ideas you have to make things better. Better yet, if someone wants to join and help with coding/testing then I'd surely appreciate that.
  14. Hello, You will need to provide more details. You see, winbuilder is merely a boot disk engine and there are several projects using winbuilder that create very different results and boot disks. One advice: If you're not reaching success, try with another Windows Install source, preferably one in English just to test if it works or not. Also: When an error occurs, you can save the log onto an HTML file that is called log.html If you post it online, it makes things easier for everyone. --------------- You say that nobody replied on Boot Land? Where are your topics, I usually track all winbuilder related discussions and didn't saw yours. Take care and best of luck!
  15. I'm composing a list of tested and working Windows PE 3.0 builders that you can use: http://www.msfn.org/board/list-winpe-build...-3-t139083.html
  16. Hi, This is a list of tested and working Windows PE 3.0 builders using both WAIK and Windows 7 install DVD files. Win7PE Author: YahooUK Description: Link:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7250 Win7RescuePE Author: Joshua Description: Link:http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8774 ------------------------------- If you know more builders/projects please do mention so that this list can be kept updated. Thanks.
  17. Fabulous! Would you please report back this issue at the imdisk forum so that the author gets aware of this unfortunate limitation? http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showforum=59 Thank you!!
  18. Hello, would it be possible to post a few screenshots? This would help to give readers a quick idea of what this project is all about, it worked very well out of the box without need to install anything if the WAIK is already installed. Just a suggestion, you're doing a great work. Keep it up!
  19. As reference to other members, the page for the direct download link is this one: http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html#ImDisk (both x32 and x64 versions) It's quite stable but there are a lot of people asking for new features from time to time, it helps a lot that the author is available to work on these requests.
  20. You can also try Imdisk, it's open source and is available for x64. Without doubt the most flexible ramdisk driver I've ever seen. http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showforum=59
  21. The new WPI version uses a new format and this tool still needs to be updated to avoid confusion on new users. I'll make it available once it's ready for the public again.
  22. Well.. with some quick googling you could have saved some $$. The best media center ever: http://www.team-mediaportal.com (opensource/win32) Remote Desktop? Doesn't come as default on all windows since XP? http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...rdclientdl.mspx BitLocker: There was already TrueCrypt long ago (~2004) with many more security options - http://www.truecrypt.org/ (opensource/win32), there's also no point in stating that it's safe since it can be unbitlocked just like all the rest: http://citp.princeton.edu/memory/ and only Jaclaz knows in how many other ways not mentioned to the public.. What's the Ultimate advantage all about then?!? Let's hope it's not the "Ultimate extras": http://www.istartedsomething.com/20070227/...te-extras-sham/ bahh.. "Vista Ultimate".. such undeserved name for a marketing ripoff. Are you aware that you paid good money for this sort of thing? This is not what I would call as a good user experience, I even think VISTA stands for Very Intensive Stressful and Traumatic Annoyance.. ----------- Funny, the same feature works out of the box with my Ubuntu but didn't worked on Vista that came by default, what should one conclude? If it makes you happy there's also an Ubuntu "Ultimate" but they won't charge a few hundreds of dollars and you're welcome to try it out: http://ultimateedition.info ------------- Lest we hope windows seven comes packed with better features and less marketing thrills that make so many people fed up with a poor Windows OS product, or will zxian argue again that this sort of reaction are "normal".. Will be fun to compare feedback of the new seven within a year and you'll see that I (and many others) are right to make noise and "demand" a better OS than settle with all this bloat. -- Well, talking about Vista really opens the appetite to try out the new 7 beta, anyone knows where to find or sign up for the beta testing program?
  23. Vista is a failure and that's all there is to it. ------------ Since when do I need a multi-RAM-gigabyte computer to do all the ordinary tasks as before and take a heck longer to start and resume? No point saying that within a couple of years it will go faster, even MS admits that Vista came packed with too much bloat and presented too early to the public so why do you insist that this is normal on a new OS? It's not. What is up with the Ultimate edition that does no good for the price it's worth? Why does the laptop battery run out so quickly when something is connected on USB (oh wait.. fixed on SP1) Why have things been made more user-friendly and now it takes a heck more of steps for the simplest tasks like viewing your network connections. Just wished this was true. It's a bad product and it's the reason that got me into Ubuntu full time at my work laptop which already came with Vista installed in the first place and costed 1100 euros. I just couldn't stand such slug/poor performance on every possible aspect when compared to XP or Ubuntu. ------- Call it Vista bashing but I've also been using Windows since 3.0 and I'm simply disappointed and refuse to spend 1Gb of RAM on senseless services and applications that do no good or that I see any visible improvement on my work flow. What the heck, I agree with some of the points on the first topic of this discussion. Let's hope Windows 7 can get things back on track and make the system lighter as before instead of blindly say that things are all dandy and fine.
  24. Hi, I've found some information on google's cache: The latest stable is 0.39d The latest beta is 0.39j You might be interested to contact bearwindows to see if the he can directly contact the uniata project maintainer to solve this matter. http://bearwindows.boot-land.net/

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