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  3. Marru_xD

    Release 7

    Wow! Thats Perfect! Thanks for the tip! And what about minesweeper?? Is possible to XPize it too??
  4. Marru_xD

    Release 7

    I have some more sugestions Accwiz.exe: Outlook Express: Wordpad: Edit: Address book:
  5. Marru_xD

    Release 7

    Hey! First of all, thank you for creating a new release. And I've posted some time ago this 7 sugestions: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=888295 (I'm sorry if you have already seen it) And thanks again!
  6. I've found some time ago this. Let's continuing found old stuff here!
  7. Marru_xD

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Hey Everybody, I have some requests for a next release: 1)I'm using my pc in Remote Desktop, when I click in "Disconect" i see this ugly icon: 2)In IE8 Config window, when I click in "colors", i see this Vista Icon: 3)Windows Defender Beta2 uses a blue background, but in the final version, it's green (vista style): Windows Defender BETA2: Windows Defender Final (XPized): Is possible to bring this blue background back? Some old requests: Thank you!
  8. Marru_xD

    Startup Issue

    Or you can use TWEAKUI [link] and change it. I hate it too. i thin it shoud be remove in a next version, or use other Registy Key (to change just in the current user, like xpize 4.x does)
  9. And what about this two old icons?? To see than, just search for .msc files in Windows Search
  10. Nice! Thank you, now we just have to wait until the next release! But they are better than the old ones and are like XP's icons.
  11. YES! Thank you, it works great here. XPize should do it for us. May be in a next release.
  12. Marru_xD

    xpize 5 lite

    This plugin is instaled when you install Windows Live Messenger 2009 build 14.0.8089.726
  13. Marru_xD

    xpize 5 Release 6

    This looks weird! Look:
  14. Marru_xD

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Some New Requests: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- And i've patched a TweakUI.exe powertoy. (tested and working) Add it to the next version of XPize, please.(it's already done) Here:
  15. Hey everybody. Look this site: http://www.askvg.com/enable-activate-vista...-basic-edition/ I've tested it, and it works fine here:
  16. [*]Ficou lento e só ví pequenas mudanças no visual. It's too slow and i just see little changes in visual [*]este programa es muy pesado y teniendo un pentium 3 se alenta mucho el pc this program is too heavy and i have a pentium 3 pc greatly encourages [*]mi sistema no tiene sufiente memoria My computer doesn't have sufiente memory [*]hace ke mi pc encienda mas lento.... It makes my computer slow.... [*]lento Too slow [*]pesou o pc Too heavy [*]Porque el paquete no contiene las opciones para escoger manualmente los recursos que desee modificar el usuario como lo ha sido con las versiones anteriores de XPize Because the package does not contain options to manually select the resources you want to change the user as it has been with previous versions of XPize PS: I hate the boot screem to, and i wold like an new XPize settings
  17. Why don't you add an auto language select in anolis?? I think it'll be great, becuse lots of people just click in NEXT, NEXT, accept, etc. and about Brazil's polarity, is because this web site: http://www.baixaki.com.br/made a special article for XPize 5.3 and 5.4, but in 5.6 they just update with any special. Email them and ask for a special for the ne xpize. I'm sure they will do it for you!
  18. Marru_xD

    Vize 2.0 Release 1

    Some themes to add in the next release of VIZE: -Luna Blue (the best in my opinion) http://satukoro.deviantart.com/art/Luna-bl...Vista-121990552 -Luna Olive http://satukoro.deviantart.com/art/Luna-Ol...Vista-101757577 -Luna Metallic http://satukoro.deviantart.com/art/Luna-Me...-Vista-99704900 -Royale http://satukoro.deviantart.com/art/Royale-For-Vista-96936511 -Royale Noir http://satukoro.deviantart.com/art/Royale-...-Port-122120584 -Zune http://satukoro.deviantart.com/art/Zune-Po...-Vista-99647235 And this is for SEVENIZE(i'm realy wainting for it): http://satukoro.deviantart.com/art/Luna-po...-Aero-136960235 I'm showing it because a lot, i said A LOT, of persons doesn't like the aero style. The mous part prefers Luna. If you don't like all this themes, just add the luna blue in vize and sevenize. Please, add it.

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