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  1. I will send you a download URL via private messaging ... soon. shark Thanks a lot!
  2. Hey Shark007, I was wondering if you have saved iTunes 7.4 Multi Language without Quicktime. I need 7.4 instead because it has a ringtone workaround for the iPhone, thanks.
  3. [Info] Future of XPize

    Hey XPero, do you have an estimated release date for XPize 4.7/5.0 Final now that Vize is at 1.2 now? Thanks.
  4. [Release] Vize 1.1 Beta

    Thanks for this release XPero
  5. Drive Letter Issue: XPx86 (C) and Vistax86 (D)

    Same here. I have my OS's on two physical hard drives (one for XP, one for Vista), so to workaround this issue I was able to power down the XP drive and reinstall Vize so it didn't detect XP. If you have both OS's on the same drive I would suggest hiding the XP partition using PartitionMagic or something and reinstalling Vize for the meantime. I don't know when XPero will fix this.
  6. [Release] Vize 1.0 Final

    Great news XPero, but any reason for the 0.9 skip? All in all, good work!
  7. [Poll] Is Vize interesting to people?

    I'm glad that your developing Vize, many icons in Vista aren't very consistant with the UI and your program makes it more polished. I could of resource hacked the icons myself but it would become a tedious process. I'm also dual-booting with XP so I'm using your XPize too
  8. Vize 0.8 Beta (Full) issues

    I just noticed that the Path (E:\) the files are being patched to is for my Windows XP hard drive, my Vista installation is on (C:\). Maybe this will help in bug fixing.
  9. Vize 0.8 Beta (Full) issues

    Hello there, XPero, as soon as I click Patch for all the files it errors out on the first file, could you please take a look at it? Vize 0.7 Beta was working fine for me though. Thanks. edit: Oh yeah it's supposed to be "Vize System Protection has encountered an error", no "d". Keep up the good work