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  3. Marru_xD

    Release 7

    Wow! Thats Perfect! Thanks for the tip! And what about minesweeper?? Is possible to XPize it too??
  4. Marru_xD

    Release 7

    I have some more sugestions Accwiz.exe: Outlook Express: Wordpad: Edit: Address book:
  5. Marru_xD

    Release 7

    Hey! First of all, thank you for creating a new release. And I've posted some time ago this 7 sugestions: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=888295 (I'm sorry if you have already seen it) And thanks again!
  6. I've found some time ago this. Let's continuing found old stuff here!
  7. Marru_xD

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Hey Everybody, I have some requests for a next release: 1)I'm using my pc in Remote Desktop, when I click in "Disconect" i see this ugly icon: 2)In IE8 Config window, when I click in "colors", i see this Vista Icon: 3)Windows Defender Beta2 uses a blue background, but in the final version, it's green (vista style): Windows Defender BETA2: Windows Defender Final (XPized): Is possible to bring this blue background back? Some old requests: Thank you!
  8. Marru_xD

    Startup Issue

    Or you can use TWEAKUI [link] and change it. I hate it too. i thin it shoud be remove in a next version, or use other Registy Key (to change just in the current user, like xpize 4.x does)

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