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Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

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that link activates a short javascript that copies the code in the codebox to clipboard and I need it. I do not need any other browser that cannot do that and I definitely do not need the sarcasm of someone who recommends javascript-disabled browsers as a solution for the issue above.

My apologies, wasn't trying to be sarcastic. You just misunderstood me. I was simply recommending some browsers based on my own somewhat limited knowledge.

I didn't really understand what you were talking about in regards to copying code from the clipboard in IE, still don't. And please forgive me for not being aware that it required javascript. Sorry for not being able to read your mind and know what you were talking about.

I wasn't trying to be sarcastic about it though. I'm never sarcastic.

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No need to read my mind; you can just read page source when browsing that forum. Or just open a page containing a large codebox in IE and another browser of your choice at the same time and see the difference, if my screenshots weren't enough. Hover the Copy link in IE and look at the statusbar where it'd say javascript;

Anyway, you've helped enough, thank you.

@ bphlpt: I know there are workarounds, but look at it as a matter of principle, not only the narrow issue of not being able to copy some code (although there can be a lot of code in a codebox and one could accidentally miss part of it). One may actually miss important information on web pages when using such "smart" - or should I say paranoid? - browsers.

@ jaclaz: your button works but there's no picture in the box; just some text referring to a picture (or maybe that's what's supposed to be).

I'm not trying to bash, nor praise, any browsers here; what I'm trying to do is find something that does what I (and webpage designers) want it to do, and not what it thinks it should do. Preferrably without having to reinstall my 5-year-old system. Thank you everybody for your help.

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What browser are you using then? I don't use KernelEx anymore (so no Firefox 3 or Opera 11), maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know.

Every time I logged onto Yahoo I got the choice between upgrading to Beta (in which case it would tell me my browser is unsupported), or else using Yahoo Classic "Just This One Last Time." With the implication being that sooner or later Yahoo Classic would be gone for good. I swear that I recieved a message stating that after September 16(?) Yahoo Classic WOULD NOT be avilable. I simply got sick of it and deleted it. They can shove it up their @$$ for all I care.

Gmail doesn't pyschologically terrorize me with similar threats every time I log on.

Firefox with Java 6 Update 7 and Flash 9.0.289.

I have never used KernelEx on any of my real machines. I tried installing it once in a VM and had no text in any menu in Firefox 3. So far I haven't needed anything more than Firefox 2 with the User Agent Switcher installed to do the things I need to do.

If you're determined enough you can still force Yahoo to show you the classic version. I don't know for how long, but we can hope.

I absolutely despise GMail. I have always hated it, and I will continue to hate it. I can't stand how it combines emails into "conversations" and then you can't get the d@mn things apart again. :realmad:


Agreed with you about Opera Drugwash, I hate Opera.

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You're absolutely right, Steven W: the copy function does use Flash. All more mind-boggling, considering Flash is (or should) be disabled through Nir Sofer's TurnFlash. However, lately one of the browsers asked for an update to Flash and apparently it actually performed it, but it might've been v10 - never cared to check/test.

Nevertheless, if anything, then it should be IE not to work, if Flash were to be borked.

The same behavior is exhibited in XP with Firefox 6 on another machine.

I was about to post the above when it occured to me I should actually test the Flash version that's installed on my 98SE. A random choice upon googling took me to CodeGeek.net. And here comes the interesting part:

- IE6 (through SlimBrowser) reports Flash player 9.0.159 installed

- K-meleon 1.7.0 beta2 reports Flash player 10.3.183 installed

Now, I can't say that Flash 10 doesn't work at all on my system, because I went right away to some other random test page that loaded and displayed (sluggish, with the max 14kB/s download rate on GPRS) a video of alcohol in breath measurement. Somehow, the AHK code doesn't like Flash 10 (there's a version check in that code.js but admittedly, javascript is not one of my forte). But then again, wouldn't other forum users complain about that, now that almost everybody has version 10 installed?

I've also enabled the clipboard thing according to the article linked above and restarted K-meleon, to no effect.

SlimBrowser doesn't fake User Agent so the code should see an ANSI browser running under Win9x.

K-meleon presents a Mozilla 5.0 Unicode Firefox 3.6 User Agent as running under Windows NT 5.1.

I'm already tired of this thing, not to mention it's almost 7 AM here and today should be a busy day for me. Any more insights or suggestions are welcome, while I get some rest.

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I may be mistaken, but I think the code in question says to implement this and if this doesn't work then use flash. Probably explains why IE works.

I can't make that code work in Firefox although I could get similar (not the same) code to work on other sites. It doesn't seem to work with or without Flash. Some of the other sites I did get working came up with a security warning and had a checkbox not to display it in the future. One other site I saw had a button to select (highlight) all the code in the textbox. After seeing all of this, I can safely say that if I were to design a site that required similar features, there's the code I'd implement.

My apologies Drugwash, I really thought those changes would work.

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Sorry, may be I caused some misunderstanding. I'll try to say the same I've said before more clearly.

1. IE is the ONLY browser which supports copying something with PURE javascript. (for example by clicking some link). Masking Opera as IE WILL NOT HELP. Only IE-based browsers can do this.

1.1. SOME websites (where web developers take care about cross-browser compatibility) use flash buttons (sometimes invisible flash button over the link) to deal with this. Drugwash, it seams that is not your case, so the Copy link on this site will work only in IE-based web browsers.

2. When writing about masking Opera I've meant completely DIFFERENT cases, not this case. Masked Opera will not support copying with javascript. I have meant cases when some websites just don't send parts of their content to the Opera when they know that this is Opera. For example, Facebook Like button on New York Times or the payment page on the website of my internet provider. In such cases masking Opera may be helpful - in cases when website looks or behaves differently in Opera than in other browsers.

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Masking Opera as IE WILL NOT HELP. Only IE-based browsers can do this.
So I take it non-IE users browsing the AHK forums would have no idea that the Copy link is there? Hmmm, I might actually open a topic in the Generic section to deal with this. As I said, it's a matter of principle more than anything; nevertheless it's a welcome shortcut and means to avoid copy errors (codepage issues may also arise).

No need for apologies - any information is useful and tests should be performed anyway, if only to discover any more such oddities. I could never agree with this kind of behavior where things get hidden from the user and there's not even a hint and a way to enable lost functionality, even by explicitly accepting responsability. Treating people as dumb will only make them dumber - but then again, maybe that's the whole point. I don't know... Anyway, I'd better stop here, because speaking freely (especially in my personal style) is not very much enjoyed worldwide (and many times even misunderstood).

Thank you very much for all the help on this matter and if anyone feels it's something that could and should be elaborated upon, I'd kindly ask a moderator to move relevant posts to a dedicated topic, as we've unfortunately hijacked this one too much.

Edited by Drugwash
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I can confirm that the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 11,0,1,152 installs successfully on Windows 98 S.E

However an error is given when installing the Internet Explorer version for _flash_player_ax_32bit, I was installing this to I.E6, and the error was...

The installation encountered errors:

A required file

(C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\Flash\FlashUtil11c_ActiveX.exe:5) could not be written due to insufficient permissions.

Please visit the following link for troubleshooting tips:


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@ jaclaz: your button works but there's no picture in the box; just some text referring to a picture (or maybe that's what's supposed to be).

Strange, I can see the picture allright.

If you go to the page:



you should be able to see it, but nevermind, it was just a fun image in the context of Opera being faster than cooking potatoes....

Here is a better one ;)


(copy and paste with xx=tt if it is not "clicky")



Edited by jaclaz
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Would also like to report that when I un-installed the last version 10 for I.E it doesn't seem to let me install it back again with the message saying that it is out dated.

Thankfully I use FF and not I.E, but just curious why there is an issue installing the I.E version.

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