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Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE


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OK- This will be a short question I try to write as related to my problem as possible.

I HAVE SEARCHED AND SEARCHED UNDER THE FORUM AND EVRY WHERE AT THE INTERNETT...But can not see any with the problem that JAVA will simply not even start to try to install...It just come up with a timeglass and dissapear, like nothing happens.



The last version to install natively on W98SE is 1.6u7. I previously used 1.5u21 and 1.5u22. I had uninstalled the MS Java from IE first, before starting with Sun.

Opera is another matter. Seems it needs the "new style" plugin or something, which started at 1.6u10 or 1.6u11 (one of those two). However, AFAIK, the "new style" plugin is not compatible even with KernelEx, so I don't know what the solution is for Opera Java.


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For what it's worth, I've been working for a little while with the Docx2Rtf team back in 2009, submitting a few GUI bugs and a secondary translation for the Romanian language and in the process I've tested a few versions that were being released at the time. As such, the last version I've installed back then was 3.8, which - as I've just tested and can be seen below - does work under 98SE, with KernelEx either disabled or enabled. It does have a lot of dependencies though, and it's possible one may have to update a few Windows system files before getting it to work.

However, I do not have a personal webspace to upload it to (if anyone cares to try it) and those free hosting sites are not a valid choice for me, so if anyone cares to host it, just PM a mail address and I'll send it over (hopefully the DVD I've saved it on still works).

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ONGD FREE Trillian


ONGD (invite only) Trillian Astra v4.0.0.78 [Alpha Testing]


Are these the last 9X compatible versions, or were they the current versions at the time of this posting?

I initially downloaded version and this threw an Access Violation Exception during installation.

However, I then figured the download URL for version and installed this. During installation, it offered to download and update to version, which I accepted. So now version is installed successfully. Perhaps if I didn't accept the update offer, and installed the previously-downloaded version on top of version, this may also have been successful.

A word of warning: According to Avast, the optional "Ask toolbar" that comes with version is infected by a Trojan or Virus or whatever. I had deselected this optional install anyway, but this seemed to put Avast into an infinite loop when I selected the "Delete" option, so I eventually had to tell Avast to take no action (the Trillion installation was progressing a bit at a time, but I lost patience with the recurring pop-up warning from Avast).

As for Trillian Astra v4.0.0.78, I couldn't find a copy of this anywhere (I presume this is also known as Trillian Astra Alpha Build 78), nor any version close to this.


i tried trillian not long ago maybe several months ago it was horrid and barley ran and the gfx were garbled up and it couldn't connect online. this is with kernel ex

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Don't know if these have been posted yet. As of August 05, 2011:

Virus and Spyware Scanners + Privacy and Security Tools

ONGD - $$$$ - Protector Plus 2011 antivirus --- http://www.pspl.com/download/w95ec.htm

Fully functional 30 day evaluation copy available. (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000/NT, Windows Me, Windows 98/95 and Windows 2003 Servers)

ONGD - $$$$ - Solo Antivirus --- http://www.soloantivirus.com/products/desktop.htm

Quote: "Solo Antivirus software is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and, Windows 95 platforms." (Emphasis added.) Trial version available.

IIRC Dr. Web CUREIT! dropped support for W9x some time ago, however, Dr. Web does offer a "console scanner" for DOS, Windows & OS/2:

ONGD - $$$$ (?) - Dr. Web Console Scanner --- http://download.drweb.com/console_win/?lng=en

Warning to dial-up users, it's a big download: 68.18 mb.

ONGD - FREE & $$$$ - InVircible Antivirus Technology ---http://invircible.com/

Free DOS "IVINIT" - Boot Virus & Worm-Trojan Remover here:


"InVircible" for Win 9x / ME / NT4 / W2K / XP here:

http://invircible.com/iv_download.php (Trial version available.)

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For anyone using the Stinger virus checker, there is a new updated version just released ... still seems to work on Windows 98SE ... at least on my machine.

McAfee Labs Stinger ...

Stinger is a standalone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system. Stinger utilizes next-generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed .DAT files, and scan performance optimizations. It detects and removes threats identified under the "List Viruses" icon in the Stinger application.



Build Number:

Build Date: 04-Aug-2011

Stinger download:



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What would you say is the prog to run for malware on Windows 98? apart from superantispyware and spybot, is there any apart from those two?

I tried malwarebytes, but even with KernelEx mode to XP there was a missing export registry entry, and it told me I should abort, then it rolled back the changes.

I know there is a list on the OP, but I would have thought that there will have been much change since then.

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What would you say is the prog to run for malware on Windows 98? apart from superantispyware and spybot, is there any apart from those two?

I tried malwarebytes, but even with KernelEx mode to XP there was a missing export registry entry, and it told me I should abort, then it rolled back the changes.

I know there is a list on the OP, but I would have thought that there will have been much change since then.

I don't believe so. The two you mentioned seem to be it, and Spybot S&D will be dropping support for W9x with version 2:


If your system can boot a Live CD, you might consider looking at the Linux-based "Rescue" CDs available:

F-Secure Rescue CD (uses Knoppix):


BitDefender Rescue CD:


Dr. Web Live-CD:


I hope this helps.

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Has anyone noticed that Firefox 3.6.19 is starting to have issues with the new Yahoo Mail Beta ?

Yahoo sucks.

I switched to Gmail where the system requirements for basic HTML are the following:

Browsers without full Gmail features (you can access Gmail, but you won't have some of the latest features):

* IE 5.5+

* Netscape 7.1+

* Firefox 0.8+

* Safari 1.3+


too bad about spybot. At least there's still ClamWin for Win9x, better than nothing.

latest version is 0.97.2


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Gmail started replacing the log-in page and will soon remove the Basic HTML page as well. My main mail account is also Gmail and I've been through this.

Firefox has far bigger issues: I have 3.6.20 (beta, probably) and at some point - not sure what the trigger is - the GDI system gets screwed up, artifacts appear and stay on the screen and the only way out is a reboot.

Same thing happens with K-meleon 1.7.0, which uses the same Gecko engine as Firefox, just a little bit behind with the version. Apparently after a longer usage time, however.

Symptoms usually appear after navigating through Wordpress blogs while logged in (I have a blog there - don't bother unless you know Romanian); there's a stupid toolbar attached to each WP page visited while logged in.

Until last week I've been using SlimBrowser on top of IE6-SP1; since quite a while ago, SlimBrowser started crashing MSHTML.DLL when trying to open Wordpress blog pages, but also here at MSFN, reason why I eventually installed alternative browsers. BTW, anyone knows other browsers that'd be up-to-date with latest web/HTML changes and might run on 9x, with or without KernelEx?

I also have Yahoo accounts but so far I denied the switch to new version; won't be long until they force it upon everybody though. Call me paranoid, but I don't think it's a coincidence IE6 crashing hard on updated (presumed HTML5) pages. This already cuts out 9x's chances to access the web (what could Win95 guys use?) and next step will probably be IPv6, a subject always buried here.

As for Spybot, I only had it installed once, long time ago and it blocked a few sited I used to visit; promptly uninstalled it and never again ever thought of reinstalling it. SpywareBlaster on the other hand still supports 9x (at least it installs and runs with KernelEx active) and offers a certain degree of protection. Useless, I'd say - a couple days ago I made the silly mistake of connecting a foreign, knowingly infected machine to my local network and it instantly popped Explorer on my XP machine (which holds the Internet connection); my main machine - the 98SE I'm typing on now - was whistling, unaware of XP's tragedy. But this topic is already worn out, no need to add to it.

(darn typos...)

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Hello dear drugwash. You could try to update to Firefox 3.6.22. Then you try to optimize your system.

Clean it with a good registry cleaner and remove temporary files like wit ccleaner.

And then you could defrag your system now and then see what happens. I also use spybot 1.6.2

works very well. You can simply download the updates from majorgeeks.com.

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