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nLite 1.4 RC2 - Rain Ultra


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What do you mean like I know you, it's an expression to say that you posted it few times.

Ok thx for the link, it shows that it might be XP x64 SP2 only. Gonna retest.

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MarkCoolio, do you get that every time? I tried now with a blank and it just popups a message that I should use a CD...

Well, I get it every time... weird!

But I guess unless noone else mentions it here maybe u can just drop it for the moment.. it's nothing really serious of course.

Anyways I have included the .net error message for your..

thx a lot


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Thanks Nuhi! :thumbup

I feel like mythbuster, who crashed famous overclocking gurus myth : "For benchmarks, Untouched XP installation is NOT slower then NLited installation " :D:D:D

That could not be done without YOU!!!

Keep it rolling!

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Yes nuhi the System Restore has a Percentage bug.

If i set the Percentage to 8% then it is set in windows to 18%

The Day settings i fogot to test. :(

I second that! The percentage settings is bugged in a kind of random way or something.

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I was trying to integrate intel textmode drivers (mass storage) by using nlite 1.4 RC.

There is an error saying

"The parameter is incorrect.

However, the integrated drivers may still work.

This usually happens if you do not have the administrator privileges."

although I am the computer administrator.

I wonder if there is anyone getting the same error?

Windows XP Professional SP2

Intel Core Duo T2300


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Thanks nuhi for the new version.

But can you please make this unattended in final version. This appears when WGA addon is integrated:



Cheers ;)

Edited by mara-
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For me this system restore stuff is just crap.

Was that the point? No. just because majority of the people don't use it doesn't mean given bug shouldn't be fixed :P

(just for the record, I make custom installations at work and system restore simply has to be on)

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One question - have you test it or others using the all new IE7 from Microsoft ? I speak about the new release - updated and without WGA.

the new build of ie7 works just fine with new nlite and of course it was tested during the alpha stage..... :rolleyes:

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upd: KB937143,kb925398 direct integration

Can i now include the KBxxxxx.exe's like a addon ? no .inf files needed ?

You can include it in hotfixes section in nLite. You could do this before this version was out but nLute would not slipstream it directly. It would be installed during T-13. Since this version nLite will directly replace updated files in your source.

Cheers ;)

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