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  1. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Hi nuhi Can you fix also the SP3 to MCE2005 slipstreaming problems ? I speak about: - medctrl.inf and cat overwrited with files for MCE2002 from SP3 - gives installation errors due to missing files - WMP10 files overwritten with WMP9 I know, this is a Microsoft problem, they seems to forget about MCE2005 when have build this. But as you fixed slipstreaming under Vista, I just put the question... Installing SP3 as an update over MCE2005 works but still creates problems, so an fix in slipstreaming process could be the only solution.
  2. Suggestion box (vLite)

    What about vLite to come with some ( tested ) presets already for component removal ? Just to select them and then make just some tweaks around it. Let's say something like : - minimal installation - media center ( full media center - but for rest minimal installation ) - tablet pc ( same as media center ) and others. Me for example I want an Media Center installation - to be fully working but nothing else.
  3. [Release] XPize Darkside 2.1

    Royale Noir is the base for Zune. It was not ready for the first launch so they removed from the original Royale theme. Now they have completed it and added this orange and launched as Zune. Perhaps an combination of both could be better - to take elements form zune to replace the odd parts of Royale Noir.
  4. nLite 1.4 RC2 - Rain Ultra

    Thanks. I will try i t this weekend.
  5. nLite 1.4 RC2 - Rain Ultra

    Nice job Nuhi ! One question - have you test it or others using the all new IE7 from Microsoft ? I speak about the new release - updated and without WGA.
  6. [Release] XPize Darkside 2.0

    Downloaded. I will test soon. but I believe that for theme I will keep MS Zune theme. What about an Vista mod based on it ?
  7. Nlite for server 2008?

    What about trying vLite ?
  8. BSoD using vLite final.......

    Hmm... Nod32 problem, but Norton Antivirus too. There are also other antivirus giving problems ? Will be any fix in the future ? I also don't like to uninstall my antivirus.
  9. How to integrate a language pack in vista dvd ?

    They have WAIK as prerequisite.
  10. Packard bell vista installation folder

    Its'a an recovery image in a hidden partition. I guess that even if you will be able to acces it it will not be usable by vLite.
  11. vLite 1.0 Final - Recreate Vista in your own image!

    I will re-check this week-end, I didn't noticed it. Thanks.
  12. vLite 1.0 Final - Recreate Vista in your own image!

    I don't have vista files on this computer so I cannot enter vLite menu but I believe not, this from what I remember is for preventing removing some files wich may be needed for the choosen preset - Media Center, Internet explorer and others. But in nLite at Components there is an Advanced tab. When clicking on it there are 2 windows one with [Keep Box] - Specific files to keep and bellow, one with [Remove Box]- Aditional files to remove - something like this I think could be used for screensavers or other files.
  13. vLite 1.0 Final - Recreate Vista in your own image!

    Well, at least you can do as in nLite - to add manually wich files we don't want to remove. ( Yes I know, it's more problematic due to mui files )
  14. vLite 1.0 Final - Recreate Vista in your own image!

    Hi nuhi. I use from the beginning nLite and now vLite. I've seen there is an suggestion thread bellow this, but my question is when you believe you will be able to bring vLite to something similar to nLite ? In fact I wait for those changes: - Integrating Updates - this is an must, as there are already a lot of them. - Integrating Plugins - I know, no plugins yet, but considering Drivers can be integrated is just an small step to have also an plugin integration. - More selective removal - For example instead of Games to be able to select wich game to be removed or keeped, also for screensavers ( in nLite I can add files to remove or files to keep and I use this for screensavers, but checkboxes could be even better).