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  1. XP installation hangs with 9 min left: "Saving settings"

    Hi nuhi! Sorry, like I told you by PM already, I was out on business trip so I did not notice the posts in this thread and your PM But like also said: problem is solved for me too! That's the really good thing, I am so happy that I can use the newest nLite version with my always-working preset Thanx, thanx and once again thanx! You are a real programming god!
  2. XP installation hangs with 9 min left: "Saving settings"

    Unfortunately I don't remove any of these 2. So the reason must be somewhere else..
  3. XP installation hangs with 9 min left: "Saving settings"

    Getting this problem too now with version 1.4 and the same XP CD and addons and so on as before. With versions up to 1.3.5 Final it worked. Attached is my preset: Last_Session.ini
  4. nLite 1.4 RC2 - Rain Ultra

    Well, I get it every time... weird! But I guess unless noone else mentions it here maybe u can just drop it for the moment.. it's nothing really serious of course. Anyways I have included the .net error message for your.. thx a lot nliteerror.txt
  5. nLite 1.4 RC2 - Rain Ultra

    First of all THANKS a lot for this one! Just a small bug I guess: When starting 1.4 RC on a freshly installed system.. if u do not select an installation source (so leave the field blank) and go on "Next" -> nlite crashes with a .net failure. Maybe u can take a look into it. However I guess it does not happen very often. I personally just forgot (honestly) to select the source and then had the error on my screen...
  6. Daemon Tools 4.08 (AutoIt Launcher)

    It works if u delete "chkupd.exe" from the DAEMON Tools program directory... Still shows "Check for updates" in the context menu then but I did not notice a single check since I installed this version 1 1/2 weeks ago.
  7. I can confirm that it is working thanks a lot for this find! BUT: Just a small question: do you also know how to disable the IE Skype Addon to be installed? its annoying a lot.. ieti.exe gets somehow installed during skypesetup /verysilent /nogoogle And: how can I prevent skype being startet after installation? I can do it with taskkill of course but maybe there is a parameter?
  8. nLite new (?) bug 1.3RC

    Here everything is just like it should be with 1.3RC... full permissions for Admins and SYSTEM.. Maybe something else on your CD breaks it?!
  9. Show Desktop missing

    Simply run this at RunOnce (so 1st Logon after setup): IF NOT EXIST "%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" MD "%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" IF NOT EXIST "%userprofile%\..\Default User\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" MD "%userprofile%\..\Default User\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" This one allows the Show Desktop icon to be created automatically again for each new user logon...
  10. I had to ring Microsoft - does everyone else

    edit: wrong thread. Sorry
  11. Show Desktop missing

    Let me guess.. you all integrated Internet Explorer 7.0? It's caused by that. The folder "%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" gets created too late so that the shortcut "Show Desktop.scf" will not be created... You have to run "%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe /s /n /i:U shell32.dll" after 1st logon and shortcut will be created again. Maybe nuhi can help there to automate this
  12. Missing "Show Desktop" icon after cd creation.

    @nuhi: do you know whether u can prevent the deletion of the "show desktop.scf" file? is it just the microsoft installer which is doing this?
  13. nLite 1.2.1 Final - Finish him!

    QUite easy to reproduce here: 1. Start with a fresh nlite install (no presets etc.) 2. choose (i do so) hotfixes, integrate drivers, component removal, options and make iso 3. on options choose ""Clean MUI Languages support entries" to "True" (No is default value so I would expect Yes would be the opposite but I only have True/False as choices) 4. Process the files and there u have the error message..
  14. 1.2 Final - Crash: "Last Session"

    Excatly the same here... Hope there will be a silent fix out for this problem...
  15. Double negative terms confusing me on Options screen

    Just see the reply in the 1.2 Final thread... some problems with that change
  16. nLite 1.2.1 Final - Finish him!

    hey nuhi, get a similar error message with a fresh 1.2 final install too (so no old presets at all in my installation directory..). The first line of error message is the same, saying "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Boolean' to type 'System.String'. Second line says "Last session" as the error occured when wanting to start processing and the used preset is "Last session" there.. The reason is following I think: You redesigned 3 options: "Clean MUI Languages support entries" "Black Background" and "Classic" All of these until 1.2RC had entries "Enabled" or "Disabled". No they have (default value) "No" and u can change them to "True" or "False". Somewhere there is something wrong. U changed it unaccidently to these values instead of Enabled/Disabled like before?
  17. ohcil1394.sys problem

    I actually don't have the files anymore (don't ask me why I did not save them but replaced these 6 files by working ones )... But I know that it was not the same as on original cd. the size and date/timestamp were exactly the same as on cd. but the content was different. so it must have been the second choice.. I know it is difficult to debug that... only happened to me one time in almost 1 3/4 years where I am working with nlite. the only thing that i am also remembering about that build.. i was doing a lot of others tasks on my computer while nlite (and so extracting/making the cabs) was working in the background. maybe the corruption came because of this. maybe it is just better (and i almost always do it like that) when it runs as only main task while running...
  18. ohcil1394.sys problem

    Hey nuhi... I experienced the same problem with ohci1394.sys in one of my builds with 1.0.1. BUT: the ohci1394.sys was not damaged at all. In comparison with a file from a working iso it was exactly identical. The reason why during initial setup message like ohci1394.sys is damaged came is: 6 files, including "1394BUS.SY_" were MODIFIED as UNUSABLE, i.e. when opening them with hex editor you could see that they don't have the original header anymore. The most interesting thing about it is that they have not been altered by nlite. They just had the same date/timestamp as on the original CD. I then just replaced these 6 files by files from my original CD... and it then worked after making an ISO out of the folder again! So I just guess during extracting, making of the DRIVER.CAB, something went wrong. it has NOTHING to do with lowercase/uppercase of ohci1394.sys. nuhi.. maybe u can check this?
  19. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Seems to be a good reason to publish one more stable 1.0.x release before going alpha, or? Maybe some other fixes could be included too into a possible 1.0.2...
  20. Silly me?

    Can't get it to install either... BUT: older official NVIDIA 81.98 works! So I think it is something with 84.21 which prevents integration by OEMPnpDriverPath. Anyone has a solution? thx
  21. nLite 1.0.1 beta

    Would prefer 7za.exe too.. for CAB the internal methods can still be used. So all formats would work and installer would get slightly smaller again...
  22. Nlite Final - TEXTMODE Driver Issues

    Works with 1.0.1 beta for me!
  23. nLite 1.0.1 beta

    Just want to report that it works with my Promise driver again thx a lot nuhi
  24. Nlite Final - TEXTMODE Driver Issues

    Sounds great... Will test it to on my system! Have narrowed my earlier problem down to the ata133 driver not being integrated correctly. So far everything else seems to work with my drivers. Only Nvidia 84.21 does not seem that it can be integrated by OEMPnPDriversPath-method Must be a problem with driver signing. Older 81.98 and before just work okay... And yes I really think it is good idea to have stable 1.0.1.. thx a lot for making one!
  25. Nlite Final - TEXTMODE Driver Issues

    Just experienced the same with a different ATA133 driver.. I tried one nLite build without integrating Promise Fasttrack ATA133 driver and one with integrating. Result: The one without integrated driver has the correct drivers loaded in windows (but of course not during setup), The one with integrated driver has the driver not installed in windows but during setup. Will u bring out a fixed nLite 1.0 Final? TXTSETUP.zip