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  1. Hi I have a mate with Vista Ultimate on a laptop. He started a backup using control panel -> Backup and restore -> Backup He selected documents only He put in dvdrw and it formatted the disc I assume to the Live File System (UDF) format He said this is the first time he has done a backup and for some reason it appeared to start a full system backup. He then found it asked to insert other discs which he did ....and also at various stages to insert a previously inserted disc. It got a bit pear shaped after he had already put in 3 blank dvdrw and he rang me. 2) I looked at the paritions with a linux live dvd...and saw it had a 6G recovery partition for the Toshiba laptop another partition of unknown purpose size about 1 Meg and I will call it C partition about 104 G of which 34 G data were used 3) Going into Windows we could only add up about 16 G of data ....using right hand click on each folder and selecting properties we rang Toshiba who confirmed the toshiba partiton was 6 G but as we were using a MS program to call microsoft for our main query. So Does anyone know after stopping a backup....how to clear it from the system so we can start again question (2) Do system restore points get hidden from the user's file manager and would that explain the massive amount of data on this computer. 4) I am used to W98SE so my knowledge of Vista is limited but according to one calculation I did, Backup may have been trying to backup 28 G of data while linux thinks it may be 34 G so I am completely stumped at this stage. I did try to read the ms help section in the backup area....but it assumes you complete the backup process but I think that would have taken up to 8 dvdrw discs which of course my friend did not have. Any tips on what to do to fix this would be appreciated Any explanation for possible missing data/hidden files explaining the massive data would be even greater. If not thanks for reading cheerio
  2. Ponch thanks for the reply. I meant it is missing from the cascading menu be it classic or new style. but I will create a new desktop icon and use your pathway or just exporer.exe and see if that works
  3. Hi a friend had someone install XP Pro for them and as I told them I had installed the same for my brother they asked for some help. weird thing is with classic menu or default menu....I can not find windows explorer. No desktop icon either. I am hoping its been turned off some how in control panel and I can get into panel. any clues on how to find or enable it? many thanks
  4. hi found this...hope it helps if you have lost or did not get an official disc
  5. resolved....I did have bios ac97 enabled but elected to get a cheap pci card. thanks for help tho
  6. Hi I have installed XP Pro, to a SIS motherboard that has onboard sound AC97 I removed an old AMR modem and in bios disabled onboard modem.......AMR modem was a separate card my mobo has a LAN socket but no phone line socket. 2) In accessories/system tools I can run directX tool....clicking on sound tabs.....XP reports no errors but I have no sound. 3) I have no sound on boot up. 4) In device manager for DVD I have enabled direct digital sound for playing audio cds....and playing cd....opens media player but I have no sound 5) in Device manager .....game and sound.....properties for sound says enabled 6) In system tray I have enabled volume icon....volume is not muted......mixer shows master vol full not muted....all other volumes not muted except mic input 7) I only have have 3 sound 3.5 jacks......mic in.....line out....speaker (or headphone) 8) I have tried changing sound output from desktop speaker to headset 9) I have yet to install my new internal modem which is a PCI card. Can anyone suggest what is going on.....do you need more info. any suggestions will be greatly appreicated as I am at my wits end on this one. cheers
  7. hi I just saw my first home premium box and C partition with some minor software installed was around 12G. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...um/default.mspx PLUS click on sys requirements.........suggests you need 15G. Altho I have a hard drive bigger than that, how do I reduce total hard drive space used. I have yet to do a clean install but this is such a great forum, I thought I would canvas views here first. The reason I am asking by the way, is to have a smaller data size so I can image the C partition. thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  8. soporific....and other helpers I have read your page 1 and being a dumbo, heh heh, can I make these suggestions and if I am wrong, maybe that tells you, that there may be others who may download the wrong files as well....I hope not..... but thats why I chose dumbo as a user id. Suggested page 1 edits could be?? _____________ What is Auto-Patcher for Windows 98se? Auto-Patcher features For those doing a clean install of W98Se 1) Download the June 2007 Full edition.....link to be inserted here 2) Download the June 2007 SP2..................link to be inserted here (NOTE its not clear to me if Jun SP1 is needed or not) For those who have previously downloaded V1.95 PR2 or LATER 1) Download the June 2007 upgrade........link to be inserted here 2) Download the June 2007 SP2 ..............link to be inserted here (NOTE its not clear to me if Jun SP1 is needed or not) Notes on the 1.95 PR2 Upgrade release: What's new in June 2007 sp2? shameless plug _____________________________ Questions 1) Does june sp2 need sp1 similar to XP requires sp1 before install sp2? Thanks for any tips you or others care to add.

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