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  1. Indeed, as mentioned above by cluberti as well. So an XP+SP3 disc released by MS wont be called "GOLD" as such. @nycste Yes you can slip-stream on top of an SP2 disc, but then you'll be left with orphan files from SP2 on your resulting CD. Prefer the gold disc any day. Also, considering that the SP3 builds currently are just a very little slower in performance (debug turned on?), you might want to wait it out for just a few weeks, the betas will arrive soon enough...
  2. Yes indeed, resources for this with detailed help do exist, which is actually what I used. WAIK - a set of packages around 900 MB in size, free download from oem.microsoft.com WSIM - a graphical tool to help renerating an xml (unfortunately, an xml that passes validation by wsim will not always work as expected during setup, which is why I felt the need to post a known-to-be-working file on the forum). documentation - yes there are some CHM files contained in the WAIK and are a very useful reference, might total up to hardly 5 MB.
  3. Ermm... In the sub-culture of the crowd that would be interested in these kind of things, a "GOLD" release usually refers to a non-beta, RTM, Gold disc delivered to manufacturers for replication. In other words, gold = SP0 (service pack zero, that is the initial release)
  4. Thats true. And if you want to see a full-scale implementation of a free LiveCD that actually works, try out Knoppix.
  5. Hi nuhi, I would just like to know what is the priority scale for hotfix/update integration in vLite (if any) ? I mean, if I have 86 files (MSU), and some of them have newer updates, is there a chance that the newer MSU gets integrated first and the older MSU then over-writes it? Or does vLite calculate the correct order automatically? (and if so, then on what basis - does it go by build-date, KB number, or file-name?)
  6. That is because you have two setup source-directories in the same folder as your setup.exe So just delete the "Visio.WW"/VisPro.WW/VisStd.WW folder (and keep the "Enterprise.WW" folder). Please do post back whether this solves it.
  7. Vista's SP1 beta, build 6001.16633, likely has all updates till August 15th, at the minimum (plus some improvements). So that should help us a bit, in reducing the ever-growing list of updates that we must install.... NOTE: the above build is time-bombed for April 7th 2008 it seems, as per the eula
  8. Firstly, SP3 is unlikely to contain any version of dotnet framework or IE7 or WMP11, or any other *NEW* features. It is all going to be security & stability patches, that is all. As for the slip-streaming, you should preferably do that on top of your Gold CD. Why is that? because SP3 contains all updates released previously (including SP1, SP2, and everything from the post-SP2 updt pack). So using a non-Gold-CD as a starting-point, will result in a mess (a mess consisting of XP+SP2+SP3+useless CAB files + orphan leftover junk....) In short, yes you can forget about SP2. But this beta may not be fully ready for the general public yet, what with its CD-key problems and all....
  9. Nope, there are no directX updates, its the same old dX9c from early 2004. matt121, no this is not supposed to be done, and any posts related to this can be considered warez.
  10. Please read the post above yours, again.
  11. Hmm, that looks interesting. But in my tests, setup doesnt go ahead without a key (clean installs booted from CD). I can imagine this behaviour changing over time, but as of now its nothing except hassles for the layman (as its probably meant to be, so thats probably not an issue)!As for SP2c, I dont see it solving any customer issues, since it has no new hotfixes. Its likely meant to tighten control over keys & activation procedures. About SP3, its probably not so much about long & painful, as it is about 100% thorough testing for the last ServicePack of the largest selling OS..... And MS isn't likely to include ie7 or wmp11, or indeed any other new features, simply because a large proportion of users currently on XP dont want those updates (plus, offering those separately as feature-packs helps to motivate a few more people to go genuine). Also, since win2k, MS has pledged to keep ServicePacks plain & simple, with only patches, and any extra features would have to be obtained separately - and this has almost never been violated - some servicepacks since then do seem chock-full with new stuff but that is only a relative measure.
  12. And as for the keys, is it more of a white-listed set of PIDs than black-listed? Seems that way...
  13. Do try looking into the "vista unattended" section of this forum for guides on exactly this topic
  14. The reason for above, is replacing too many instances of the text-string "AMD64" in setupldr.bin Using gsar.exe, an almost fail-proof way to search & replace the folder names from I386 & AMD64, to PX01 & PX641 is: gsar -o -s:x46:xda:x74:x03 -r:x46:xda:xEB:x1A setupldr.bin setupldr.bin: 1 occurrence changed gsar -i -o -si386 -rPX01 setupldr.bin 7 occurrences gsar -i -o -s\AMD64 -r\PX641 setupldr.bin 5 occurrences gsar -i -o -sAMD64\ -rPX641\ setupldr.bin setupldr.bin: 1 occurrence changed
  15. question for those who've slip-streamed into XP gold disc: Do you notice that the OOBE at first boot seems to have disappeared? This happens on xp-home & xp-pro (all oem/vlk/retail types). OOBE was appearing fine with SP2 on the same discs, and I dont think MS intended to get rid of it. Either something has changed with SP3 or something wrong with the disc?
  16. If you remember, until SP2 you could actually open unattend.txt & use the key listed there (valid to install as an xp-pro with PID of 012, with the caveat that it wouldn't get activated by the MS clearinghouse). You must change the key after installation to a proper licensed one! Now it looks like you can get a working key from i386\PID.inf too, using generic keys such as the one listed for [Media02].
  17. Either integrate the drivers for your SATA controller as mentioned above. Or a simpler way out is to go into your laptop's BIOS/CMOS setup, and make the SATA run in compatibility mode or win95 mode, or old-interface, or whatever the option is named..... this will let your XP "see" the hard-disk & after install completes, you can change back to the SATA-normal mode in BIOS (and install your laptop driver CD after reboot).
  18. thats right, only hotfixes. No new drivers until beta2 atleast is my guess. (SP2 was 260 MB or so, this is 332 MB & all of the difference in size is purely because of updates...?)
  19. weirdly, its looking like .NET framework is also integrated in a limited way?
  20. The best you could do at the moment though, is to visit this page - http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/updatepack.htmlAt the minimum, atleast those hotfixes are surely in sp3.
  21. does this mean RyanVM wont need to worry that much over the update pack anymore? Since this package bridges the gap between SP2 & now, and SP3 should be out in a few more months with (most probably) leaks of new builds all along the way.... With an official pack available, keeping up with making the unofficial one would mean quite some redundant effort, which might be used elsewhere? Oh, and slip-streamable it surely is. That primarily is one reason I like service packs, for the clean integration. Same old switches too - extract using /x or winrar, then run "update /integrate:<path>" Preferably slipstream onto an RTM disc instead of a disc that already has SP2.
  22. Ok, so finally the REAL service-pack 3 for WinXP (32-bit) shows signs of appearing, and its been only 3 years since SP2, wow! Its not a hoax, is about ~300+ MB, and reports say that it is pretty stable. Over 900 fixes, WMP is still v9, and IE6sp3 is included. It could be called a pre-beta, and is at build 3180 at the moment. And no, providing links would mean warez, but this news was posted here for the sake of those who want to know.
  23. Hi tsikma, thats true, I get annoyed by those as well. But I've just not got round to them yet, will post info when I manage to do some testing. But you can try working out a solution using regshot - LINK to tool. Do post your findings 1. This is do-able, its an optional PROPERTY setting for the installer which needs to be passed to the MSI (thats how it used to be till office 2003, info on office resource site), but needs to be done thru the MSP now in o2k7. 2. This should NOT be happening at all. Something is wrong with the installer files or some registry keys applied by the installer seem to not be "staying" after setup finishes. 3. Yes, privacy+update options dialogs will appear upon first-run of any office app. You can configure the privacy+update options in the MSP, and then use the above tool to find out which registry key is modified (take 1st shot immediately when the dialog comes up, take 2nd shot after closing that dialog). And then export those registry entries, and apply them yourself (unattendedly) to prevent those dialogs from the next install onwards.
  24. Am glad to hear that the problem is (almost? coz its still beta) solved Waiting for final release!
  25. Came across this bit of info recently - I'm assuming it will be available in Vista SP1 as well, and if so, it finally solves the driver problem in a simple manner. LINK to source - HTML from google cache | or MSword file

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