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  1. Answer: Well, like many others these days, I am running Server 2003 R2 as a high end workstation for large RAM & stability on a PtoP network and likewise now need to run certain media software on the local maching.
  2. I Also had the smae experience when slipstreaming (CMD update.exe) the same Sp2 folder to Server 2003 R2 x86 Edition. I was prompted tha system cannot load certain files and I had to eithe brouse to find them or skip. I gave up and skipped but after inital install and 1st reboot , system could not boot due to missing file. So I went back to my current R2 Sp1 ED CD. I will try again as I noticed now that there was a conflict with an extra folder that the update extract created (Support\Tools) and my R2 SP1 CD already hade the folder but support tools were not there anymore so I put them back in. Was this correct. Any ideas? I'll try again as is and see what happens.
  3. I did most of the conversion tip in the "Convert Server To Workstation" artical and so far so good except for a few bugs to work out. For starters, after adding system restore, a "yellow" error messege comes up during start up, saying "a service or driver failed to start, check event viewer" Any ideas of what needs to be changed or set to correct this? I Want to add "fast user switching" to log off menue. Where is it or do I add it from a CD. How do I disable the "computer has bean locked" prompt after system resumes from locked screansaver? What other Services can be disable, stopped or remover to make faster as high end media workstation networked to other media workstations? What steps to take in setting up share folder rules for particular LAN users on network and WAN shareing. Pleas read and get back to this post with feedback on your set up configurations.
  4. Server 2003 Enterprise x86 Edition R2 SP2: Can't seam to figure this out nut got it nerrowed down. DVD Shrink will not start after installition of Any DVD and with DEP enabled for all programs (including exception for DVD Shrink.exe). on both a R2 Sp1 & Sp2. Then if I try to uninstall Any DVD v6.1.0.2 and restart I can no longer start DVD shrink on this install. If logged in "Safe Mode" it starts. So I then log in as usual and enable DEP for essential programs only then it can now start. This is fine since my XP Media Center is running the same DEP settings. However, If I want to utilize DEP for its best, what other programs and services do I need to now excuse to run DVD Shrink? I have tested this on another single core (Intel x64 CPU) Intel !975 ATI Crossfire mobo and the same happened all over after Any DVD was instaled but if I change DEP to essential programs it starts. Any suggestions or leads to the right track? Thanks in advanced, Nuckin Futs

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