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  1. Integrating IE8 with the Ultimate Extras causes this problem. Actually, not only integrating but updating windows with the IE8 and Ultimate Extras on the same windows session cause the same errors. For the solution, do not include Ultimate Extras to the integration. And if you are updating Vista, restart the computer after ie8 installation immediately before installing ultimate extras.
  2. This has a very easy fix. Just run internet explorer as Administrator for once and the problem will go away.
  3. You should integrate, Windows6.0-KB948609-v6001-x86 Windows6.0-KB948610-v6001-x86 packages before installing. These packages can be found in full 3.5sp1 exe file (Just extract it with winrar)
  4. Last one installed from WU is an update to KB943899. In other word, it's a new version (version 2) of KB943899
  5. New Windows AIK released today with build number 6001.18000.080118-1840 Windows AIK Build 6001.18000.080118-1840
  6. I found this this. But non-official updates are not listed.
  7. I was wondering if there are seperate stand-alone installers for Windows Live Suite applications. (live messenger, live mail, etc.) I thought to grab the files while installing online, but I already installed them. I don't have a test system to repeat the online installation process so I can't try. Did anyone attempt to grab the files? Also, I noticed "WLinstaller.exe" may have switches. "wlinstaller.exe /help" execution gives "The parameter is incorrect" error.
  8. I'm preparing an answer file with Windows System Image Manager and adding update cab packages.(Each cab file must be on a seperate folder). If you have a network access while setup you should give credentials. For instance, I have all cab files on its folders under "D:\Updates\" I add all the cab files via WSIM to the unattended file and start the installation with it. So, after expanding wim, cabs are being installed in that "Installing Updates" section. You have to take care the paths if you have more than one disks/partitions.
  9. Can anyone download new updates (26th June) from MS download site? I take "Page can't be found" error. I mean these... http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/results...;DisplayLang=en
  10. Before ghosting your Vista disc, run these commands with administrative priviliges: bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device boot bcdedit /set {default} device boot bcdedit /set {default} osdevice boot Ghost your disc as normally u do. I don't know what these commands really do but i had seen this somewhere on msdn forums i can't remember. this really works.
  11. I use the same webcam and once did search deeply about vista drivers, mailed to logitech about it and the answer was the same as already written on their web site. "Buy a new model" I answered "I'll sure buy a new one, but it won't and never be a "Logitech" one. Anyway, you can use Windows XP drivers for 32bit Vista. At least it works for Live messenger and some other IM software. Movie maker and other Vista built-in progs can't use it. For 64 bit, there's no chance.
  12. Not false, it's on download center but 32 bit version doesn't seem to be there. I'm downloading the 64 bit version right now http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en Release date 3.12.2007
  13. Check out this query. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/results...;DisplayLang=en Edit: Since this link will be useless in time, see post #3.
  14. the question is, is there really a way to backup Vista activation like we did on XP?

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