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    Amusing! thanks 4424 m
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    Firefox Ad

    This can be annoying to some people
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    It made me hungry rather than laughing :lol:
  4. Hohoho even executing BIOS code (including POST process) needs processor :lol: PSU - mainboard - processor - RAM - video card - monitor/TV I think those are the minimum setup, no keyboard, no mouse, no hard disk, hahah
  5. 9000 Rupees = US$ 200 right? and excluding monitor, of course Mainboard MSI K8MM-V or ASUS K8V-MX with onboard video card = US$ 50 = 2250 Rupees CPU AMD Sempr0n 2500+ Socket 754 = US$ 68 = 3061 Rupees HDD 40 GB = 1100 Rupees (actually 20 GB is more than enough if You can still find 20GB HDD ) RAM Kingston ValueRAM or Corsair ValueSelect 256MB PC3200 = US$20 = 901 Rupees Keyboard = 100 Rupees Floppy drive = 200 Rupees Mouse = 60 Rupees (but optical mouse is preferrable ) Total: 7672 Rupees, the rest is for case & power supply, AVR if needed, and additional 256MB of RAM if possible
  6. Okay, I don't intend to start arguing which browsers are faster, which are slower, or even which is the fastest But I'd be interested if someone knew an easy & simple method or independent software to compare browsers speed on my own, so far I'm using a browser (let's say "X Browser") because it "feels" faster than any other browsers that I've tried (I haven't tried all browsers, so it may not be the "fastest"), it just "feels" faster, that I told my friend about the "feeling" but my friend totally disagreed and he said he's using "Y Browser" (I've tried this one). "Y is definitely better than X, that's what I feel", LoL and we started arguing "feelings" I know, for most people, they don't care which browser is faster and which one is slower, because they're on their 1 Mbps (or faster connections), while I'm using dial-up, and browser speed does matter Note that I didn't mention any browser's name, I'm trying not to be "X Browser fanboy"
  7. Could You make me one? I need a signature background for another forum
  8. Excuse me, I haven't tried it sir, but how can I capitalize letters using nose, my Caps Lock button is broken :lol:
  9. LoL I wanna get money from the seller when buying my PC next time
  10. Use Notepad & remove one of the two lines just below "[operating systems]" in the BOOT.INI
  11. Unfortunately the web edition doesn't support IrDA that's why I switched to Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition B) B) because I can't live without my lovely IrDA adapter (used for modem)
  12. Same here it's pointless to set default homepage to a search engine when You already got one on the toolbar
  13. Err... this poll is not working properly, I got an err0r and couldn't vote
  14. I've heard from some people out there than they're currently using Firefox 2.0, aren't they lying? or is it just beta version?
  15. I tried the vulnerability test on Secunia site from inside IE6 (never applied with security updates) but the flaw didn't work, the address bar displayed the correct URL Anyway, I never used IE anymore
  16. Woah, very cool! are You using heatsink-fan solution to achieve that idle temperature? and did You use ArctiClean before applying ArcticSilver?
  17. Is that such a painful for You just to do new installation? Which applications/settings in the Windows XP do You want to keep?
  18. I love Java because I do live in Java island btw, it's powerful in its cross-platform portability, write an application in Java and You can deploy & run it on wide variety of operating systems, e.g. Win32, Win64, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc. without rewriting & reconfiguring the application at all For those who don't like Java, are You sure You haven't executed any Javascript codes in Your browser during surfing lately LoL LoL look at the source of this page, it contains Javascript
  19. I feel like an old man but what's wrong with being old? anyhow, where are the young chicks? if any?
  20. Would anyone believe? I'm using a flat-rate unlimited GPRS for my internet connection LoL :D slow, only 48-56Kbps maximum, but I like the mobility as I can use it anywhere in my country as long as I got cellular signal There aren't many WiFi hotspots here, and they're just too expensive for me
  21. Isn't life all about facing risks, is it?
  22. Fulvian


    Hello Mr. Moderator, speaking about nickname, Your nick sounds like a Street Fighter character's name Oh, I also wanna ask, why is micronazi's posts-count zero? He already got two posts in this thread
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