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  1. Is there still no way to add a removed keyboard layout to a running installation?
  2. Do you have to install WMP 10 to access a MTP-device (Creative Zen)? I would like to remove as much as possible of WMP, but how to do that and still be able to transfer files to my Zen without using a SD Card?
  3. A while ago I tried removing everything from Drivers and Hardware Support except CPU Intel and maybe AGP filters (don't remember). I had no problem with it as long as I used that build.
  4. m99

    nLite and MicroXP

    Just downloaded the latest version of MicroXP (0.83), it's several MB bigger than the previous version, both before and after stripping it. Haven't read the info-files so I don't exactly know why. BTW! Could you please keep your trolling somewhere else.
  5. m99

    nLite and MicroXP

    Woke up, and couldn't sleep :-( Tried removing absolute everything i could from MicroXP with nLite and deletet the $OEM$-directory, filesize was 59 MB. This "distro" is probably useless so I haven't tried it, just wanted to see how small I could get it.
  6. m99

    nLite and MicroXP

    umm.. use nlite nothing i've seen that cant be done using nlite. Then you haven't seen much ;-)
  7. m99

    nLite and MicroXP

    Just tried a quick installation on a old HD before I go to bed, everything seems to work, but there is still more to remove, why is e.g. Flash there? But that will be a quest for tomorrow ;-)
  8. m99

    nLite and MicroXP

    MicroXP has removed much more than you can do with nLite, and has done some hacking to. My question is actually, will nLite undo what eXPerience has done?
  9. m99

    nLite and MicroXP

    Is there any (easy) way to make your own legit "MicroXP"?
  10. m99

    nLite and MicroXP

    Does nLite work with MicroXP? Removing components and creating a new image seems to work, but I have'nt tried to install it. Maybe MicroXP is warez, but I will use my legitimate serial with it.
  11. Does nLite work with the N-version? And is it possible to get MTP-devices to work with it without installing WMP10/11 ?
  12. XP SP3 Coming April 21 for OEMs, MSDN/TechNet Subscribers
  13. From the closed 5503-topic: >>QUOTE (Snake7 @ Mar 16 2008, 06:39 AM) >>I found MS HDA drivers is already included in it. > >Can anyone confirm this? Is it?
  14. m99

    nLite XP SP3 build 5503

    Can anyone confirm this? Any chance that MS also has included SATA AHCI?
  15. Is there anyone who have some thoroughly [RemoveFiles]-entries? BTW! Isn't a beta of 1.4.2, 1.5 or whatever long overdue?
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