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  1. Taskswitch XP DOES minimize windows on the tray (I use it for that ). Check the options, in the GENERAL OPTIONS, one of the last options is minimize windows in tray with right click on minimize
  2. It says it's Windows XP SP3 compatible (x86 I assume), not x64 compatible. x64 libraries require specific x64 patching. By the way, for x86 XP I prefer XPLite, as is also not free software. Yes, but I want to fully disable WFP, like nlite does. But now I don't want to reinstall windows with an nlited copy. It must be some other way. Anyway, thanks for the help Any more suggestions? I googled but I don't find any specific x64 instructions.
  3. Hi! I use nlite software quite often to do this, but this time I had to reinstall XP x64 and I was in a hurry and I couldn't nlite the installation (well, yes I could, but I only had SP1, so when I updated to SP2 I lost certain settings). Now I want to hack my files manually BUT the annoying WFP prevents me from doing that. I erased dllcache, tried registry tweaks and so on, but nothing seems to work. Certain files, like ntoskrnl.exe seems to be restored from original binaries. Could you provide me the exact way to do this in Windows XP x64 as nlite does it? I wouldn't want to re-install again Thanks for the advice
  4. Taskswith XP works in Windows XP x64 Edition and can minimize apps to tray. Reshacker for x64 => Restorator 2007, but it's not free software
  5. Restorator 2007 is command line and it supports x64 files. Although I have made some modifications for Windows XP x64 and Vista x64 with it (I have converted Vistapack and Vize to Restorator format), I can't know how to program the "patcher" (only did it via .cmd / .bat files). It works perfectly but It's a little different than reshacker in file formats (and I think it's better) but you can get used to it. There was another program to edit this files, but I don't remember the name. It was based in Reshacker. By the way Restorator 2007 IS NOT FREE
  6. The Arabic user interface is stored in .mui files. So to reshack dialogs, you will need to modify the associated .mui file.
  7. XibaD

    tc wanted for help

    I think TC is very busy or on vacation now Soon he will come again for sure. In the meanwhile you can use resources in the present list. It's not fully updated, but you will have to download only a few updates from WU. Saludos!
  8. Nope, you haven't. Check kontini's post. If you replace the bmp, all is displayed fine. I think the issue was a mismatch in bmp sizes like he says. And by the way timedate.cpl error is still present in the spanish verision (the two tabs missing in time and date, referred to dialog resources 1 and 10). You have a little error in the script, check SP-timedate.cpl.txt and change language code to 3082. Anyway that correction doesn't change anything, the Vistapack removes that dialogs again. If I update with my fixes of the resources manually, all works perfect. But if I try to reload with Vistapack, it doesn't. I don't understand
  9. At least for me, new start button style messes with all skins but Windows XP default one. Quicklaunch is displayed over a part of the skin start button, and you can't move it. Pic: Is there any way to get Vistapack 2.4 again? Thanks P.S. : by the way, the new logos are pretty nice
  10. Any plans to make a compatible addon? Or should I remove it and install manually via web page?
  11. I don't know if this is the correct subforum to post it but... I'm having a little problem recently in Windows XP SP3 with the Silverlight plugin. For some strange reason WU is looping with KB951213. Can you help me? Thanks
  12. Little doubt here: Does DNF35.exe need to be installed at GUIRUNONCE too?
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