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  1. Hello everyone, can anyone please tell me how I can backup the microsoft updates and later do an offline install whenever I am done with a fresh installation of Windows Xp X64 SP2 (I install and format my pc quite often to test out new stuff)? Thank you.
  2. Windows Xp x64 without a doubt. If possible slipstream it with Nlite (for advanced users) . I am not a pro but I can tell you this much that even with my powerful pc all Vista does is drive you insane doing unnecessary background work. Xp flows smooth and easy to use but that's just my opinion. Oh by the way if you are using Adobe CS4 keep in mind that the OpenGL support for it won't work in XP x64 especially if you are using Photoshop but thats not a big deal either. Good luck !
  3. Hello everyone, I've been trying to get the nlite working with XP Pro x64 SP2 and it kind of works. The only problem is that I can't get any Antivirus (tried Avira and AVG) to work after slipstreaming with nlite. Other than that I have to say it works pretty well. So can anyone tell me what's going on? Is it a common thing or its just me having a bad luck? And how can I fix it?
  4. hi i'm sorry if this has already been answered b4, i would really appreciate if some1 could help me out. whenever i try to install sp2 in winxp 64bit, i get an error msg that says "Access is denied" after a while. can any1 plz tell me how i can resolve this. btw. i tried whatever the official microsoft website says but didn't get it quite right.

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