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  1. Yes, I checked the shortcut and already did verify it works, but that's not what I'm wondering... I'm just wondering which component deletes the shortcut.
  2. Hi, I want to keep the "Scanner and Camera Wizard" "Scanner and Camera Wizard" isn't showing up in the Accessories of the start menu... I keep looking through the nLite removal options, but I can't figure out what I have removed that deletes it. I did not remove Windows Image Acquisition. What could it be? Thanks
  3. Hi, There's these "toolbars" that appear when you drag a folder to the edge of the screen. Those things are SO annoying! It's probably happened 500 times: * I'm going to drag a folder to the Recycle bin, which is in the upper left corner of my desktop. * Instead, it makes some useless "toolbar" of that folder. Which is a feature nobody has ever used in XP because it was implemented poorly. I just want to remove it for good. Any ideas how? Thanks, zZolaa
  4. Hi, Does anyone know of a registry file or a shell dll that will enable you to right click on a CD/DVD drive in My Computer and press "Autorun" to start its autorun. I don't want autorun enabled, but I also don't want to go browsing through all the files searching for the setup. A context menu entry would be great. - zZ
  5. Hi, I always keep "MDAC" and "Jet Database Engine" because a bunch of programs won't work without those... However, unlike those two, so far I think "Esent97" (Extensible Storage Engine) can actually safely be removed and everything will work. Do you guys know of any programs that depend on it?
  6. Hi thanks for this great project. I have 4 questions. 1) My USB stick just has 1 partition... can I safely store Backup files on this same same partition as WinSetupFromUSB setup files are? For example, I put them there in \Backup\ onto same partition as \$WIN_NT$.~BT\ etc? The setup procedure will not delete it? 2) How can I keep setup from deleting some files so I have to "fix" the Key every time I use it? I want to use this key to install computers at a Lab I administer... I would like to just go from computer to computer and install each one from USB, without having to run WinSetupFromUSB 30 times, which ruins it, then I might as well use a CD... 3) Is this program "portable" ? Does WinSetupFromUSB have to be in C:\WinSetupFromUSB\ ? Can I just make copy of folder then uninstall it and delete uninstall.exe? And then can I use it from E:\Apps\ ? 4) I use nLite, will my final C:\Windows\ install be larger, because I had to keep "Operating System Options -> Manual Install and Upgrade" support?
  7. I am also having this problem. WinSetupFromUSB says "No USB Disks detected or not properly formatted" I have a Corsair Flash Voyager 64GB. It was new out of the box and formatted 64GB FAT32 by Corsair. So, I attempted to format it using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool V2.0.6 but it says: ERROR "Volume is too big." Please help
  8. Ok, I tried F2 on a new nLite install. Didn't change anything. Again, the SHELL32.DLL icons are not new, half of them are Win95 icons. The only thing "new" this time is that a few of the icons are empty/missing and appear as white.
  9. W3bbo, I've tried it on my desktop, I've tried it on my laptop, and I've tried it on a VMWare install which is a fresh brand new MSDN copy of XP SP3 with nothing modified. Even on the fresh MSDN Copy of XP SP3, no icons are changed. I sent this XPize to my friend and he also didn't get any updated shell32 icons. It is my belief that XPize doesn't actually update those icons in the first place. Can you please post me a screenshot of the same icon dialog box I showed in my screenshot, so I can see what it looks like for you? I would be shocked to see if it was actually working for you, because really I think XPize doesn't even *provide* those updated icons in the first place.
  10. John, I used a non-slipstreamed SP3 disk downloaded directly from MSDN, and I only nLite it once. John, good work finding that. I had to make a new nLite disk which has the ability to support Administrative Templates (I had removed them), so I can now report on the findings: POLICY: Turn Off Application Compatibility Engine This policy controls the state of the application compatibility engine in the system. The engine is part of the loader and looks through a compatibility database every time an application is started on the system. If a match for the application is found it provides either run-time solutions or compatibility fixes, or displays an Application Help message if the application has a know problem. Turning off the application compatibility engine will boost system performance. However, this will degrade the compatibility of many popular legacy applications, and will not block known incompatible applications from installing. (For Instance: This may result in a blue screen if an old anti-virus application is installed.) This option is useful to server administrators who require faster performance and are aware of the compatibility of the applications they are using. It is particularly useful for a web server where applications may be launched several hundred times a second, and the performance of the loader is essential. Seems very close, so I used the wonderful freeware/opensource program "regshot" (the best registry snapshot before/after tracer!) And I found that the key which is being modified is: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\AppCompat\DisableEngine: 0x00000001 Ah-ha! But d*amn, it didn't work! Still EVID 877 errors in the event log if "Application Compatibility" is removed via nLite.
  11. Hi so there's this weird kind of alien butt probe in every nLite disk I've made so far... And every time I install a machine, I have to remove this thing. What is it, and how can I remove it from my disk so that it never comes back? "Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client" Any help appreciated, Yours, zZolaa
  12. Hello, I think I must be making some mistake here, because XPize really doesn't do much besides install a theme and some addons and update a few wizards I don't even have installed on my nLite. The main stuff, which I *actually see regularly* wasn't modified at all. For example, all the icons. I thought that XPize was going to give me a totally fresh and updated-for-consistency set of shell32 icons, but when I look at shell32.dll everything is just like it was, Windows95-era icons... look: And furthermore, There's supposed to be a C:\Windows\Resources\shell32 folder with a bunch of icons in it... And I don't have that. I've seen screenshots of it. All I have is a couple icons I checked in the installer... Please help. Does XPize not even actually update shell icons?
  13. Hi John, Thanks for your reply, I run nLite in VMWARE and I didn't include any hotfixes yet because I have to find out why the RyanVM pack makes my ISO go from 130MB to 147MB... I definitely don't want any kind of Application Compatibility stuff on my machine-- and I specifically don't want to restore functionality (EVER, for anything!) Having to "restore functionality" just means that a person hasn't yet learned how to build a portable setup, and they are tied down to a ton of "installed" programs. Removing stuff like "Application Compatibility" is the reason I am using nLite in the first place. I'm not "stuck" on some nLite OS where I'm all lamer-style trying to figure out how to restore a component. I use 100% portable software so I can reinstall Windows and in 1 hour have all of my programs working perfectly. (I have to click a few .reg files to restore file associations) That said, What I am looking for, however, is a registry key that will stop the windows core from attempting to use the Application Compatibility database. -- Yours, zZolaa

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