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  1. Yes, a .inf has this information by default, in virtually all cases (haven't verified VIA's AGP driver's .inf though). Note that Windows XP will also automatically use the newest driver and/or the best match, so I don't think this will be a problem.
  2. No problem. I've added this to the exception list in the next version. Any details on which file it was exactly?
  3. Modifying svcpack.inf/txtsetup.sif/dosnet.inf is sufficient to break the KB888111 slipstream!
  4. Already partly completed: yes, this will be added as a an optional 'platform'.
  5. Of course you can. Just slipstream them without making any other modification to your Windows XP disc.
  6. Are you using the latest version of DriverPack LAN?
  7. Please try the installation disk on another system to ensure it's not only YOUR system that has this problem.
  8. Slipstreaming KB888111 has been implemented since... very long. Did you modify your UWXPCD after slipstreaming the DriverPacks?
  9. Very weird. Never heard of that error. How much memory does this computer have?
  10. Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 are already supported. I've included both Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 drivers in the DriverPacks (most of the time they're all supported in one driver), only there wasn't official support. But now that will change
  11. Ooops.... Forgot to post the rest of the story here... Well, as I said, I immediately contacted DreamHost and started investigating my download logs. It seemed just a couple of users were using several percents of the total number of downloads: leechers/DDoSsers. That's the reason why there were >200 simultaneous downloads. I've just banned their IP's and now the server is running very well again. DreamHost was pleased with my fast response so banning my account won't happen either, I think. Plenty of bandwidth, that wasn't the problem, just too much (unnecessary) load, which is fixed now. In the future it won't even possible, thanks to my own download distribution system, which is already partly finished. But now my attention goes to the new DriverPacks BASE, of course.
  12. Please don't put beta questions on the forums, just mail me
  13. This is already implemented . Uncompressed they would consume about 1.1GB, now it's ~550MB.
  14. Hmm... that's odd! I'll look into that... EDIT: and that's not an error!
  15. The DriverPacks don't even TOUCH Driver.cab, so I'm afraid you'll have to look for the cause somewhere else, probably in nLite. Just rebuild your UWXPCD with as few tools/modifications as possible and add things gradually: only after you've verified the current disc is working.
  16. It's only being used when you've enabled KTD. I'll add the option to hide it in the next version.
  17. Just run the DriverPacks BASE without any DriverPacks in the DriverPacks folder, and they will all get unslipstreamed.
  18. This and many more KTD features have been implemented in DriverPacks BASE 6.04!
  19. No time to read everything, but I'd like to let you know that everything is conform the 8.3 rule in the AutoIt version!
  20. when the new version is planned publicly? dziubek This weekend, if the bugs-god is happy.
  21. You're right, targuel. That's also what I asked... Now Chipset, CPU, LAN, MassStorage and WLAN have all been relocated. I've created a blacklist of IP's that seem to have excessive amounts of download requests (1000+), which should lower the load significantly as well. Therefore I've enabled the DreamHost download server again. I've been working on an advanced file distribution system with 100% uptime, load balancing et cetera, but now the DriverPacks BASE's AutoIt version is my first priority.
  22. DriverPacks CPU, Chipset, LAN and MassStorage have been moved to another server and are available for download again now.
  23. I've just noticed there are some IPs that are downloading excessively and I'm adding them to the blocklist... And I've moved the smaller DriverPacks to another server, to remove some load of the main download server (to lower the number of requests it has to process). I think that should do the job!

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