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  1. Continued support here: http://forum.driverpacks.net
  2. Continued support here: http://forum.driverpacks.net
  3. Continued support here: http://forum.driverpacks.net
  4. There's an API but it's still in the testing phase (in fact it's just the multiboot support that's in testing phase). It will come very soon, though!
  5. 6.05 CP has been released! And there's now a forum, dedicated solely to the DriverPacks, which will make the lives of all of us easier. Here's the 3rd Party DriverPacks forum, in which you can find the new Guidelines (which aren't up-to-date yet).
  6. You can find the DriverPacks BASE 6.05 CP at the new forum. I decided to move these forums at MSFN to my own, because that allows me to make everything easier to use, both for you and for me. Topics that were started here, will be handled here. New topics should be started at the new forum. Enjoy!
  7. nuhi doesn't want to implement the API, so I'll have to export the DriverPacks in nLite-compatible form. I still have to look into that, but it certainly won't be for soon.
  8. I just want as few concessions as possible and the widest support as possible, from the start. I've rewritten the slipstreaming process of DriverPack MassStorage text mode drivers completely, which allows me to easily enable/disable ANY of them. I have to do some work for school now, but tonight I just have to add/convert some more variables (for the remaining 75 drivers), which is a very boring and annoying work. But it's definetely working now . If I'm not gonna release it tonight then... yet again something very unexpected should happen. But I think I've had about all of it now...
  9. Been working on this issue pretty much all day: Windows 2000 is a PITA to add text mode MassStorage drivers. After MUCH testing, I think I can be at least 90% sure to draw this conclusion: Windows 2000 allows us only to add 3 MB of mass storage text mode drivers! Anyone know where to find this limit, so I can hack it away? For now I'll let it slipstream all drivers, and then uncomment a few not much used drivers to allow the installation to proceed. EDIT: Windows 2000 allows us only to add LESS than 3 MB of mass storage text mode drivers! EDIT 2: Windows 2000 allows us only to add ~1.61 MB o
  10. Win2K is a PITA to add text mode MassStorage drivers. After MUCH testing, I think I can be at least 90% sure to draw this conclusion: Windows 2000 allows us only to add 3 MB of mass storage text mode drivers! Anyone know where to find this limit, so I can hack it away?
  11. Retry with an unaltered Windows XP source and then slipstream the DriverPacks. It's very likely that it's being caused by something else.
  12. Unfortunately, to my greates regret, I have to let you know that the CP won't be released today. I've had some EXTREMELY annoying issues, issues of which I thought they'd be solved in a couple of minutes. Currently there's the weirdest bug ever, in which the DriverPacks BASE doesn't succeed in reading the txtsetup.sif file of Windows 2000 (NL OEM), while it works fine on XP and Server 2003. Before that there were several other annoying issues. Additionally, if I release it tomorrow I can verify myself that Windows 2000 IS working now completely. Windows Server 2003 installed without a hitch by
  13. It performs better, but so much better is not simply accomplished by the fact that it's rewritten in a superior language. (Could you actually call batch a 'language'? ) It's only thanks to the "QuickStream Cache", which allows you to create a cache of the CABbed DriverPacks. Obviously method 2 doesn't gain much from this, there it's only used for the text mode mass storage drivers.
  14. Hi everyone I thought you might be interested to see some screenshots on the new version that I've been working on... There will be one final testing round starting this Wednessday: you will all be able to test 6.05 CP (Community Preview), since many testers can stumble upon more diverse issues than a rather small testing team of around 30 people. I hope you like it
  15. That is NOT related to the use of the DriverPacks. It's just a setting. That's a known problem that will be fixed in the next version of the DriverPacks BASE... more about that in the next part of my reply. The DriverPacks haven't been updated since March. The reason for that is simple. I've been working on a new and highly improved DriverPacks BASE, with MANY added features and improvements, as well as a GUI I'll look into that problem. You're the first to report this issue. You have to take in mind that you can not compare the kind of issues of my DriverPacks with any other project. I'm
  16. So far nothing but positive results Won't have time tomorrow or Friday, so it'll probably be released this weekend. If no further delays occur, of course...
  17. Thanks, and you've got a reply This topic is useless now, so I'll close it.
  18. Use method 1, if you wish to use CABbed files (though they have lower compression ratios). There will be a GUI version available shortly, which will be much easier in use. Integration with nLite is also being worked on... but won't be available in the next few weeks.
  19. I'll check it when I'm busy updating both Sound DriverPacks, which is not at the current time. At what exact MOMENT do you get that BSOD? Please retry, but without DriverPack Chipset (with DriverPack Sound if you wish). If you still get a BSOD, also remove DriverPack MassStorage.
  20. What cHarOn99 says I didn't get any reports this weekend (all busy people) and therefore I wasn't able to verify everything was working correctly. Bug with method 2 reported yesterday evening, fixed today. Awaiting the results
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