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  1. I've added support for all of them. I've used the official ones though. The policy is that I use only the official drivers, unless they're not working or no longer available. Request implemented. Topic closed.
  2. Unfortunately the driver inside is still identical to the one already present in DriverPack WLAN 6.03; it's still this one: 08/13/2004, There seemed to be some changes in the .inf file though. So I've copied the new .inf. Request already implemented. Topic closed.
  3. lol If all drivers were updated that frequently, I'd be happy... because all problems would be solved quickly then... *sigh* Request implemented. Topic closed.
  4. It's possible that your IP is in the banlist. Please let me know your IP so I can allow you to access it again.
  5. ****... I did contact UpdatePack authors, but I forgot to contact you, the HFSLIP developers (you're a team, right?). I'm sorry. In the next version of the DriverPacks BASE (one with a GUI), there's better detection of UpdatePacks. If an UpdatePack is detected, then no hotfixes will be slipstreamed. Could you provide me with some kind of tagfile or tagvalue to identify a source of Windows XP that has been updated with HFSLIP? I'd have contacted you through private mail, but since I stumbled upon this topic... Please send me a mail (BashratTheSneaky AT gmail DOT com) or let me know right here.
  6. Very correct. That explains the problem. ferny's monitor MUST be incapable of using those resolutions and therefore he will see DURING setup nothing but "out of range", while after setup it should work fine. If ferny's setup is completely unattended, it should finish without a problem. If some input is required though, then it's very normal that "it doesn't work". So ferny, what monitor do you have exactly?
  7. I've got enough testers, but if you'd like to join, just send me a mail (BashratTheSneaky AT gmail DOT com).
  8. If all testers report succesful installations, then it will be released this weekend. It's feature complete (for now).
  9. So D-Link's original drivers ARE working or...?
  10. I cannot find it either on any of D-Link's websites. Could you please post your HWIDs (check my sig for a tool), so I can find out if it's a relabeled device (and thus supported by another driver).
  11. Do CTRL+R to do a hard refresh on the page and it will work. If your DriverPacks are up-to-date, then they are up-to-date. There haven't been updates last month, but soon they will come
  12. Request implemented (but was null update). Topic closed.
  13. It's working... http://www.driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/
  14. No error code, no solution, I'm afraid... Can't solve something if I don't know what the error is. I'll leave the topic open though, in case somebody with the same motherboard experiences the same problem.
  15. Only official drivers are added to the DriverPacks. Topic closed.

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