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  1. Why don't u just mount the iso with a image drive software? It copies requires files on windows environment. And after reboot it install windows 7. No wasted dvd's or messing with usb sticks.
  2. Selecting all drivers one by one is too boring. Can't u make someting to add all drivers from a folder?
  3. /NAME switch doesn't work. Registered user is always USER.
  4. Run live installer. Select what u want. Wait download.. And look Program Files\Common Files\WindowsLiveInstaller directory . aha! there it is. thank you.
  5. is there a way to get "msn 8.5 final msi setup" from windows live installer?
  6. Has anyone succeeded shrinking a O2003 Sp3? My script always stops at somewhere saying some files not found.
  7. should be different for all users. in application data folde i think.
  8. orbit and fdm, both installed on my pc. orbit 2.0 rips any online video without effort and fdm has great flexible download options.
  9. what's the script tool thing? don't want to make a unattended nero lite install? then write this to a .bat file @start / wait nero7lite.exe /verysilent /norestart /USER="ZeWombat" /COMPANY="Marsupials inc." /SERIAL="my serial"
  10. Hacker Smacker 3 Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) Run("setup.exe") WinWait("InstallShield Wizard") WinActivate("InstallShield Wizard") WinMove("InstallShield Wizard","",@DesktopWidth +200,@DesktopHeight +200) WinWait("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","The InstallShield(R) Wizard wi") WinMove("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","",@DesktopWidth +200,@DesktopHeight +200) ControlClick("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","The InstallShield(R) Wizard wi","Button1") WinWait("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","I &accept the terms in the lic") ControlClick("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","I &accept the terms in the lic","Button3") ControlClick("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","I &accept the terms in the lic","Button5") WinWait("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","&Serial Number:") ClipPut("USER HERE") send("^v") send("{TAB}") ClipPut("COMPANY HERE") send("^v") send("{TAB}") ClipPut("SERIAL HERE") send("^v") send("{ENTER}") ControlClick("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","&Serial Number:","Button6") WinWait("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","NewBinary12") ControlClick("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","NewBinary12","Button1") WinWait("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","Click Install to begin the ins") ControlClick("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","Click Install to begin the ins","Button1") WinWait("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","The InstallShield Wizard has s") ControlClick("HackerSmacker - InstallShield Wizard","The InstallShield Wizard has s","Button1") WinWait("HackerSmacker Installer Information","You must restart your system f") ControlClick("HackerSmacker Installer Information","You must restart your system f","Button2")
  11. AutoIT is the best thing after DVD Writer. Bah. Beyond unattending i make simple apps that i can't code in other languages with that small size of code. it's simply amazing.
  12. anyone succeeded eliminating "dangerous applications" popups in next reboot? i used beeker's xml but no luck.
  13. Umarım paylaşımlarımız kabul görür AcroReader8_Türkçe_Lite dosya boyutu :14MB Thanks abi

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