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  1. Hi, does anybody knows a patcher or similar for customize XP or 2003 with KDE 4? I only know Doomangel's KDE 4 Se7en Patcher, but it is only for Seven. But I also need it for NT 5.1 and 5.2. Thanks a lot.
  2. This is a problem based on Windows NT 6, because they have bigger restrictions about raw disk access. The only solution would be a driver like www.eldos.com but this has to be implemented by the distributor of the application (the driver isn't for the end-user) ...
  3. A little question: When will there be a Server 2003 edition of XPize available?
  4. I hope to get the 5.2 Edition of XPize soon ...
  5. Next release? XPize 5 is like Duke Nukem Forever ...
  6. Forget it, the project is dead ... There are only drops of informations or any kind of basic software, but no testable apps ...
  7. Look for Mediafour MacDrive. It brings you a driver for using HFS and HFS+ partitions / drives seamless in Windows. But it is a commercial product ...
  8. Oh yeah, I would help, too. I've a dedicated notebook for testing with an installed XP SP 3 ... So you can sign me up ...
  9. IMHO first 7-Zip, then WinUHA and then WinRAR ...
  10. Is it possible to get a german version of the Messenger Addon? Thanks a lot ...

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