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  1. Glad to see you're back to work Max. Looking forward to stretching out the app. I trust the driver portion will be funtional? You know what I'm talking about.......
  2. Correct. You must uncompress files in order for DISM to behave.
  3. What defrag program are you running? Think carefully..
  4. @atolica, Try this: <FirstLogonCommands> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Order>100</Order> <Description>Hibernate Off</Description> <CommandLine>cmd /c %systemroot%\system32\powercfg.exe /hibernate off</CommandLine> </SynchronousCommand> </FirstLogonCommands> This should be placed @ oobeSystem in Shell-Setup. POWERCFG.EXE should have already been copied to HDD. I, myself, have not tried this. As far as
  5. I didn't know that W7 Enterprise was a valid option yet? Anyway...this is wrong: <ImageInstall> <OSImage> <InstallFrom> <MetaData wcm:action="add"> <Key>33PXH-7Y6KF-2VJC9-XBBR8-HVTHH</Key> <Value>Windows 7 ENTERPRISE</Value> </MetaData> </InstallFrom> <InstallToAvailablePartition>false</InstallToAvailablePartition>
  6. I just replaced one of my SATA drives (currently using RAID 1) due to a faulty one. Lately, I've been having close to the same issue as alrichdesa. If I have my browser open, but only on certain sites it seems, my system freezes also. Seems like it *might* have to do with my new replacement, but another scenario may be that I restored my system from server backup (of which is the copy that suffered crashes from my previous HDD - I'm sure OS files were affected). I'm looking to do a clean install very very soon and see if it behaves the same. This issue is intermittent for me though so I cannot
  7. I shared my xml with you in hopes that you can try something simple first and see if it works more closely to what you need accomplished. That being said, your xml has too many redundancies where it is very obvious how you can change and streamline it a lot further. Your xml is unneccessarily repetitious. Case in point: Although clever, your LocalAccount code blocks @ shell setup (oobeSystem) should take care of your net user commands. It's too much of the same at the risk of fault. Remove those as Shell Setup is already setting this up for you. I highly doubt that these are needed in Speciali
  8. For one thing, your unattend is one of the stranger ones that I have seen...why are there so many of these: xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> Makes your unattend hard to read and a little confusing. You may want to change this line also: <LogonCount>5</LogonCount> Change this to fewer logon attempts. As a matter of fact, you may want to move that whole block down to the rest of your account commands to look like this: <UserAccounts> - <AdministratorPassword> <Value>test</Value> <PlainText>false</PlainText> &l
  9. Start Menu >> Run >> cmd >> type secpol and <enter> In Local Security Policy, doubleclick Local Policies on the left then click on Security Options. On the right hand side enable Accounts: Administrator account status. You can also rename it in the Accounts: Rename administrator account, but make sure it is not a username you are using already. Also, you'll have to rebuild the desktop and such. In your case though, instead of doing this, you can scroll all the way down on the right hand column. There you will also see the various controls for User Account Control. Try y
  10. midiboy! I just super wrecked my pc trying to find an answer for you. Let's just thank the stars I have a home server.... x:\Windows\System32\sysprep /oobe will reboot and show wizard. It's slightly different than the one we usually see. It kept everything intact except for everything stored in user folder. Programs intact also.
  11. Understood. I have not tried driver paths since I have been injecting my drivers into WIM itself. I'm betting that someone will have that answer for you though...
  12. rjasonr, Have you tried an unattend as a "one off"? i.e.; not deployment just personal dvd for personal pc I'm just curious if you're seeing a bug - be it software or ebkac - as your autounattend goals are very different than us users that are replying...?
  13. But notice that mirecek1965 is not pointing to SHARED GADGETS. EDIT: I see what you're saying. Let me give it some thought...
  14. My apologies ahay, I don't get what you mean by search? What exactly are you hoping xml to do? Are you hoping to integrate drivers...?
  15. Alright, there's obvious limitations to the batch file for this (think directory names with underscores...). I've left the batch and put something together in code for those of you that update drivers frequently, use dism and need to decompress many driver files at once. Put the file anywhere and when prompted, point it to the ROOT directory of your drivers. It will save the driver directory for future runs and safely decompress driver files while keeping names intact. If you want to start over (pick new root) just delete the *.ini file. If there are any bugs to this ultra simple file, please
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