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  1. I didn't notice this was the one and only Bart Lagerweij They just use those strict terms of use to cover themselves, to avoid possible costly lawsuits. They won't mind if they don't get a bad name or additional costs/support because of it.
  2. I found a bug in an Areca mass storage driver. They fixed it a couple of weeks later. I also contacted nVidia to find a true solution for their nForce mass storage controllers' drivers, but never got a reply...
  3. If it weren't enough that my CPU died today at 00:00:00 GMT+1 (really) (though after switching the CPU to another mobo twice it seemed that the culprit was my PSU... it was the first thing I had tested but apparently my spare PSU was dead too, so I took the one of my server and the pc booted just fine again... ) So I was having a very nice day, with much sunshine and everyone was happy, but then I got this e-mail (two and a half hours ago): Now tell me, can my day get any better? I replied immediately - asking how many simultaneous connections ARE allowed - (I didn't notice the email immediately, I was still busy fixing my PC) and still haven't received a reply. The problem is that I'll be leaving to Paris tomorrow morning... yes... all coincidences.... yeah right! I'll try to fix it by tonight... I'll keep you up-to-date.
  4. Just to let you know: these features have already been implemented in the new version of the DriverPacks BASE. [KtD] specify a custom path for the KtD (Keep the Drivers) option[KtD] specify KtD drivers based on device type (scanners, graphics cards, monitors, CPU's, etc.)and of course many more
  5. The plan is to study 'Informatica-ICT' at UHasselt (www.uhasselt.be).
  6. And then I resurrected No, I've just been working on the AutoIt version of the DriverPacks BASE. I promise you that it'll be worth the waiting And this last 5 days I've just been very busy with school... All problems are currently on hold (but many have of course been solved in this new version), but the AutoIt version is now almost complete, though I won't give my word for a specific date. Please don't shoot me, guys
  7. Ah crap... I thought he meant during textmode setup.... But he said 1st boot Sorry!
  8. No. That's impossible. Simply because Windows isn't installed yet... so how in the world could you install the driver then?
  9. I've got enough people. It's not about the quantity of feedback I get, but about its quality. DriverPacks BASE 6.04b1 should be sent tonight to all of you. This topic is no longer necessary..
  10. Do you have any spaces in the path to the DriverPacks BASE directory? That may cause this problem.
  11. Yes, it will work like that. And take also maxximum's note into record. Windows should automatically use the correct driver, IF it's available.
  12. I can understand why it got that error since at no point had that directory path been created. Any ways any tips or suggestions are welcome. Kind of weird :s The only thing I can say is: make sure no other processes are accessing the directories/files.
  13. The reason for the lack of updates the last week is easy to explain: I've been working (very) hard to get a transitional AutoIt version working, to close the gap between now (batch files) and a few months from now (C++ version). It has some new features, but most importantly: there's an easy-to-use GUI! Other new features: -significantly faster -completely silent mode (for now only through settings file, command line parameters will be added if necessary) -M2: OemPreInstall no longer necessary -exceptions: AMD X2 CPU's lagging issue fixed (add /usepmtimer switch to boot.ini) -exceptions: nVidia nForce 3 ethernet workaround (not for use with RIS, only disc installation or network installation via another NIC) (experimental) -exceptions: Hercules Fortissimo/Game Theater/Digi Fire workaround (experimental) -and more... but it'd be stupid to give the entire show away So, if you're prepared to do some beta-testing, which will start tomorrow or Tuesday if all goes well, please send a mail to BashratTheSneaky+dps_betatest <AT> gmail <DOT> com.
  14. I'm gonna auto-detect it for you EDIT: Could you check me one little thingie? Go to your Windows 2000 installation files, extract I386\sysoc.inf and look at the third line. The version listed there, is it of this format: 11/14/1999,5.00.2183.<somenumber> ? Just to be sure
  15. You shouldn't list the .inf and .cpl files And do you have OemPreinstall = Yes in your winnt.sif?
  16. Would it hurt to add it? I don't think so. Just add it and you can be sure you're safe
  17. The REAL b5342 came announcement came with this info: Did anyone try it out already?
  18. like this: ver |find "Windows 2000" > nul if not errorlevel=1 goto w2k ver |find "Windows XP" > nul if not errorlevel=1 goto wxp ? Not exactly It's not the working system's OS that matters, it's the share/UWXPCD/image you're altering that matters
  19. Forgot to post my grades English: 13 (she was quite p***ed that our class was so extremely passive, she had been annoyed the last few weeks, which results in a highest grade of 16 for those who WERE active (only 2 or 3)) => acceptable Latin: 14 (we had a sub the last two terms, a Ph.D. (!), the highest score he gave was also 16) => very well math: 18 (YEAH , the only subject that will truly matter next year...) => very well So... I'm very satisfied, especially for math P.S.: for the not-so-bright amongst us: yes, those grades were on a total of 20...
  20. As I had anticipated, the mraid35x.sys file of Windows 2000 is different form the one in Windows XP. All you guys did NOT use DriverPack MassStorage, right? The DriverPacks BASE automatically deletes the mraid35x.sys file, restores the original file (the one of Windows XP) and then either does nothing or copies the newer file from the DriverPacks over the original one. All I have to do is detect whether the current share is a Windows 2000 or Windows XP share, and then restore the file that belonged to either of them.
  21. Very well, both have very reasonable arguments. I'll implement the necessary changes, and will try to do that in the next update.
  22. Very well, problem solved then Topic closed!
  23. It seems you're using the DriverPacks for professional and even comercial goals. Please consider making a decent donation, then, if you haven't already Thanks in advance. Obviously. That's exactly what Windows 2000/XP setup does as well. But as a sidenote Windows setup cannot use the drivers specified there during textmode setup, the reason is simple: a regular setup has to boot on its own from a possible unknown mass storage device, while Acronis' imaging software boots from the network and thus has another internal way of initiating the installation (it has the time to look for the right mass storage driver, while Windows setup must load the correct one immediately).

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