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  1. Sorry I missed your post and offer to beta your code MaxXPsoft, for some reason I didn't get a notification of a reply to this thread... Well here we are again... another reinstall, looking to add the same feature back that started this thread in the first place, and goole brought me right here! Your updated version is much better now that no dll is required ! It shall have pride of place on my next unattended... Thanks to everyone that responded to my original question, and especially to you maxXPsoft, nice to see your still around too
  2. Hi Joe, glad Im not the only one that likes to burn things 'exactly how I want them', and that you found that program useful. Im not exactly sure I follow your 'burn audio in the gaps' question, but if I understand you correctly, then I assume you simply want to be able to remove the gaps so that 'track 2' starts exactly where 'track 1' ends, so there is no silence on the disk... ? If so, yes that can be done with Discjuggler.
  3. Padus Discjuggler is a VERY powerful CD/DVD burning program, it's much more than most people need or even understand, but if your looking to get away from the 'one click burn' type of software, then I would highly recommend it... - http://www.padus.com/ Unless of course, you have a plextor drive, in which case there is only one program to use, Plextools Professional XL - http://www.plextools.com/ It really depends if you want something simple, or something powerful, both these programs are very complex and not for the beginner... Hope you find something you like.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, yes Im using the latest version BTS. Im just not sure what the 'CABfiles_M1.cmd script' is actually doing at this point or why it's trying to find this file and what it's trying to do with it when it does find it... I had a look at the script but it's a bit beyond me tbh, I assume that because there is a file called ipgnd51.sys and another called ipgnd51.sy_ that the makecab part of it worked (?). I there for assumed that it was the line that was trying to delete the file called ipgnd51.sys that threw up the error about not finding the file... Again Im just not sure whats supposed to happen here... So the question really should be.. Do I delete the ipgnd51.sys file and leave the ipgnd51.sy_ file and assume that this is what was supposed to happen in the first place ? Or Should I delete the output I have and run it all again to try and get an output with no error ? Or Should I just leave the ipgnd51.sys file where it is and assume that the driver is intact and not corrupt and all will work as it's supposed to ? I have stopped the new XP build at this point waiting for an answer to this little question, I don't want to proceed with it if it's gonna be corrupt and I have to do it all again anyways.. RogueSpear: This system is a desktop system with an Athlon FX-60, 2Gb of TwinX 3500 LL Pro CAS2 Ram and 2 x ATI X1900 XT 512Mb graphic cards in X-Fire, so it's not related to any shared memory issues for me at least, but thanks for the input ! K.
  5. *bump* No one can answer this simple question ? Should I abandon the driver packs as a lost cause and go back to doing it manually like I always have perhaps....
  6. Just building a new unattended and Im using BTS packs for the first time, I always did this by hand before, but I thought I would give BTS a go.. During the 'Compressing all drivers...' stage I saw an error flash past the window so I grabbed the scroll bar and found this :- Processing ipgnd51.sys Could Not Find D:\XP\BTS\UWXPCD_ROOT\DPFILES\D\L\SU\6\ipgnd51.sys I checked the folder listed while the rest of it ran and that file was indeed there so I don't know why it couldn't find it.. As I have never used the BTS system before Im not 100% certain of what is supposed to happen or why it was trying to locate this file, but in the folder beside it there is also a file called ipgnd51.sy_, so it looks like it's been processed and the 'error' was from the command that tried to delete the original .sys version of the file from the folder, is this correct ? Am I reading the CABfiles_M1.cmd script correctly ? Should I delete the .sys version of this file and leave only the .sy_ version ? or does it not matter a jot and I carry on like there was no error ? ~TIA K.
  7. It would appear that the link for the WLAN pack needs updated on the web page, if you 'mouse over' and look at the download link for all the other packs you will note they all start with http://www.thesneaky.com/DriverPacks/ Where as the link for the WLAN pack reads http://uawikiorg.temp.powweb.com/downloads/DriverPack_WLAN_V603.7z Im sure BTS will update his page when he reads this post but in the mean time, if you really need the WLAN pack you can download it from the correct link which should read http://www.thesneaky.com/DriverPacks/DriverPack_WLAN_V603.7z Sorry to post this link on the forum BTS, Im just trying to help out those that need this particular pack, please delete this post when you update your web page and thanks for all your hard work !
  8. Wow, I started this thread 9 months ago, and here I am again, after a reinstall, looking for the method to add this back in to my windows all over again, it's the feature I just can't live without !! Thanks to everyone for the replies, I have been using the first soloution from Code Project for months now and it works fine, so thats what I will be using again. It would be nice if there was an easeir way to implement it rather than adding a DLL file, but thats up to Microsoft to add this feature in to their next OS (hint hint) Kay
  9. maxXPsoft : Nice to see your still a regular here, I don't get around these parts as much as I used to Thanks for your input on this one, I didn't realise it was a dll call, I dunno nothing about dll's so I would never have thought to look down that road... Tsunami: WOW ! I Googled till I could Google no more on that one, I can't imagine what you typed in to get that result, but a huge THANKS !! From reading that link, the author of that code had the same problem I now have and had to resort to writing something to do the job, and while Im not nuts about adding something else to the system when I don't know what it does, I really want the functionality of this one... so until something better comes along, Im gonna run with it... Seasons Greetings to one and all. Kay
  10. Hi guys, Im looking for a way to add the 'find target' command to my 'right click / contextual menu' in windows XP SP2, Im all googled out and can't find jack on the subject of this particular mod... Anyone out there come across that one ? or can you suggest a way I may find it using RegShot or what ever that app is called ? Any help is appreciated. Kay
  11. Hi idmanager, if you had read the UpdateXP post to the end, you would have read that I have repackaged the UpdateXP 2.0 utility with full and detailed instructions as to its use, I also offered that if anyone wanted a copy they should PM me an email address and I would send it to them. I have had so many requests for this utility that I have given up emailing it to people, and instead I have uploaded it to my web site for people to download... You will find it under the 'Help Wanted' link on my site http://sema4.no-ip.com There are two versions of the archive, one is a self extracting ZIP file, the other is a self extracting RAR file, the contents are identical, pick which ever one you like... Its possible that your anti-virus software may warn you there is a virus in the file, this is caused by the Visual Basic script that TechType used to eject the CD from the drive during the install, it's harmless, feel free to open the script in note pad and read the code for your self, it only contains a couple of lines that eject the CD tray.. As I understand it, the CD is ejected during the install to force windows to load the NEW drivers you include with your disk, rather than loading the older, and probably out of date drivers, included on the windows XP CD, other methods also use this same script for the same reason, TechType is not alone in using this script. Also, if you like this utility and think it is the best, please post that info here!! If enough people post that they love it, perhaps we can persuade TechType to continue development of this little gem, he stopped working on it as he felt no one was using it, but IMHO, this is the easiest method of all.. This version doesn't need more work, it is 100% bug free and it runs perfectly, but it would be nice for TechType to know how many people like his code, and if he wanted to continue development of it, there are features he could add that are not there at the moment... UpdateXP, unlike AutoPatcher mentioned above, does not require SP1 to be installed already, as you can add the SP1 or SP1a update to UpdateXP just by dropping it in a folder, no coding required !!! The best thing about this method is how little 'typing' or 'coding' you have to do to get it to work, it's mainly just dropping updates, drivers and applications in folders and away you go.... Feel free to PM me if you need any further help with it. good luck Kay
  12. Hi guys.. I would have done a search for this, but I have no idea what to search for, so Im just gonna post in the hope that no one barks at me for NOT searching... I am helping someone with a web site at the moment, and the idea is to have 4 webcam windows visible on the page with a static default image in them, to join the 'chat' you just click a 'join' button and your webcam will appear in the next available camera window if any are free.. I have the bones of this code just dandy, each visitor will require to install the webcam software I am using, no problems there, it's tiny.... I have the page designed with the 4 windows, each window is an in-line frame to a new page, cam1.htm, cam2.htm, etc. What I am trying to do now is work out the html code I would need to put on the 'join' button, so that the 'clickers' IP is placed in a variable that I have used in the cam1.htm, cam2.htm,etc pages... The applet code in cam1.htm is small, and basically refers the stream to the clickers IP, providing they are running the correct software this will work fine, I have tested it by manually entering IP's and all 4 cameras work fine... So.. What code do I put on the join button to place the clickers IP on the USERIP variable I wanna use on the inlineframe pages.. ? Did I explain that right ? Thanks for any help ! Kay.
  13. In view of the post you made, while I was typing the post I made, it seems that calling it from the CMDLINES.TXT part of the setup will work... What you need to do is.... in your $OEM$ folder, you need to place the tweak.reg file you want to apply. Then create a text document called CMDLINES.TXT if you don't already have one, it should also be in the $OEM$ folder. In this CMDLINES.TXT document you need to put the following.... [COMMANDS] "tweak.cmd" Next create a new text file and rename it 'tweak.cmd', in this batch file you need the following code... CLS echo off REGEDIT /S tweak.reg EXIT That will call your registry tweak much earlier during the install, before the registry has been set up and before any user is logged on, it seems likely that it should work... If someone knows of a way to call the batch directly from the CMDLINES.TXT file without having to write a batch to call it, I would love to know how ! HTH.. Kay.
  14. At what stage in the install do you call this reg tweak ? If your running it towards the end by calling it in a batch, then I would suggest you try installing it earlier in the process, from CMDLINES.TXT, instead... HTH Kay

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