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  1. I'm using WPI and would like it to copy several files from the "Install" folder within the "WPI" folder to different folders within "Program Files". I tired using the COPY command in the config script but it did not like it. I tried having it call a bat file from the Install folder to copy the files. It would not launch the bat files. Finally, I created cmd files and placed them at the root of C:\ and WPI calls on them to do the copying. This method worked. I was just wondering if there is an easier way/command to copy the files. I really don't like having the extra dozen or two cmd files. (I
  2. I started remaking my unattended CD with the RyanVM's new UpdatePack and BTS's new DriverPacks. I started by integrated RyanVM's latest UpdatePacks and then used nLite to perform 20 or so tweaks. I tested it thus far and it worked fine. I then added my WINNT.SIF file to the mix. Now it reboots after it installs the drivers and network, and starts back at the beginning again. Any suggestions. Here is my WINNT.SIF ;SetupMgrTag [Data] AutoPartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" AutomaticUpdates=Yes [unattended] UnattendMode=DefaultHide OemSkipEula=Yes Oe
  3. I slipstreamed all of the driverpacks into my UXPCD (I think I used method 2....its been a while and I forget). This was one of the first steps I've done. I have been adding programs, twekas, themes, and wallpapers since then. Here is my problem...on the one computer I test it on it never installs the floppy drive until I log in the first time. Then I searches the driver database for about 10 minutes before it finds the correct one. Also, my CD/RW DVD Combo drive is detected and installed then it runs through the program installations. After they finish I can go to my computer and see the CD-D
  4. I bought Nero at Best Buy a couple of months ago. They have now released several updates. I wanted to silently install Nero 7 and as I was reading I found that has a problem with installing shortcuts when installed silently. I downloaded the recent updates (which fix that problem) and was wondering if there was a way to slipstream the update to my original Nero. Does anyone know how to do this?
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions but it turned out to be the fonts. I had it set up to copy a folder called FONTS to C:\ and then created a batch file to copy the fonts from that folder to WINDOWS\FONTS. There was something about that that Windows did not like....or at least in my case. I searched the forums and found a program called "fontinst.exe" and used that to install my fonts instead of my original method. When I did this it fixed the problem and I no longer have a big taskbar. Thanks again for the help.
  6. BoardBabe - Thanks for the help so far. I will check out those registry values when I reinstall again....which will probably be tonight. AndreK - I currently have all of BTS's driver packs slipstreamed, I also added about 10 of mine for scanners, MP3 players, and digital camera. It has been working the whole time with those drivers slipstreamed so I'm not sure if that would be it or not but then again I have no idea. Basically what I have been doing is making 5-10 changes at a time and then testing it out. The last things I added was to have it install around 900 fonts, install winamp, winzip,
  7. I have been working on my Unattended CD for a couple of weeks now and its been coming along fine. However, I must have changed something recently because now when it logs in the taskbar takes up 50% of the screen. Does anyone know why it is doing this or how to fix it? The picture that has the all green toolbar is right after the install finishes. The second picture is what appears when it is restarted.
  8. I searched the forums and hope that this question was not asked before, I couldn't find an answer anywhere. I have my unatteneded install of XP to install my programs using the GuiRunOnce method. I currently have it installing around 40 programs. The problem I'm having is with a that many programs the list is long and runs off the screen. Once it gets to program 25 or so I can't see the progress anymore. I tried to maximize the screen so that I could get a scroll bar but the window doesnt maximize. Is there anyway to add a vertical scroll bar to the GuiRunOnce method or some other way to make
  9. Does anyone know the registry tweaks to automatically turn on the QUICK LAUNCH during an unattended install and how to set Firefox as the default Internet browser after silently installing it (using a registry key).
  10. I have a couple quick questions about the "D" folder after installing XP with the slipstreamed drivers (Using Method 1). Sorry if these questions were asked before but I searched the forums and could not find the answer. I found one that said that BTS was planning on having the folder renamed in the future but thats all I could find. Does Windows automatically look in the "D" folder when it finds new hardware or do I have to specify that folder each time it wants a new driver. If Windows does automatically look in that folder is it possible to rename it to "Drivers" and still have Windows look
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