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  1. oh it is a dell oem edition, it works if I just install the dell vista without any vlite changes but once I copied it into a folder and vlite it and removing components, it just gave this error, it has one member here that has the same issues with the exact screenshots too. if I just tweak and unattended modified it, yeah it works but not modifying the components.
  2. It has winload errors, various funny loading screens, endless 0 to 100% stage 3 update process. what is going on? did you guys ever tested it. or just simply release it?
  3. yeah i got that problem with vista ultimate with vlite final too
  4. yeah i have exactly the same issue as above and it seems something has gone terribly wrong. I have also kept getting the stupid winload.exe missing or corrupt message. the final versio nseems more problems than RC
  5. i kept copying from a clean source, it just gave the same error. it has something to do with the add / remove components. Even if I retry so many times, it is till giving the same results
  6. Hi I have tried out different configurations and finally caught the culprit that cause the error ""\windows\system32\winload.exe Status 0xC000000f" . When I tried out the following : 1) Slipstream SP1 2) unattended setup and tweaks 3) create the iso image. It installs perfectly with no errors and it shows Vista SP1 but when I do the following : 1) Slipstream SP1 2) Removing unnecessary components like games and language packs. 3) unattended setup and tweaks. 4) create the iso image. It gave the error when it suppose to start to load Windows Vista. It agve the black error screen saying ""\windows\system32\winload.exe Status 0xC000000f" Hope the author can fix this issue.
  7. where to find for information on how to integrate our own softwares and where to get the r-studio network edition plugin, thats what i current need so far

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