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  1. hey Mim0! i tried this handy tool ... thanks! a few thoughts: 1. could there be a short report after running the script (specifically, right after Press any key to continue ...)? or do we just scroll up (perhaps not as results could just either be short or very short)? 2. will it be possible for hotfixes to be tagged as either: high priority or optional, just like how ms labels updates? or (S) as security update & (O) as optional be sufficient just like how the script shows it now? 3. how about this tool fitting as HFSLIP_PRE*.CMD & there'll just be a prompt to continue when one is done re-arranging contents of HF, HFGUIRUNONCE & HFCABS? 4. how about going through HFSVCPACK_SW1 & HFSVCPACK_SW2? do we just add it in this portion: REM ------------------------------------------------ REM hfslip-folders to check. When using more than REM one folder, separate them by semocolon. REM HF, HFGUIRUNONCE and HFCABS are default! REM ------------------------------------------------ FOLDERSET=HF\*.*;HFGUIRUNONCE\*.*;HFCABS\*.*thanks again for the tool. cheers!
  2. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    you mean table 7 (instead of table 9)? btw, table 7 (2009-12-11 portion) shows: are these really supposed to be same entries for Removed & Added? cheers!
  3. hi Mim0! what will HFSLIPFC have (i.e., list of hotfixes to base on)? will this deal with all current & outdated files (like which update(s) replaces which update(s)? what if there were updates (from say sp2 that was left in hf folder), would this be disregarded? looking forward to this! cheers!
  4. oh yeah & that too ... thanks jvidal
  5. np james, especially now that you don't work with xp anymore ... i already have one ... just felt you needed to know happens too if using the silent installer only ... cheers!
  6. thanks for the reply tp ... i wonder however why do i still get prompted to install directx when installing video driver if i had dx files slipstreamed? this concern might be somewhat related to my edited & updated post (with attachments) in another thread. thanks!
  7. hi! just needed to ask how to validate if dx files have been slipstreamed successfully ... i saw these processed while the script was running ... however, after every install i've always been prompted to install video driver that required directx installation ... files i've attached in another post may be of help. thanks
  8. --- EDIT: just saw now while reviewing threads - this was double-posted for some reason. my apologies. removed ---
  9. got it as soon as you sent it ... actually using it now in my installed OS now ... appreciate it Geej!
  10. thank you! looking forward to it. cheers!
  11. hi IcemanND! i use your tool everytime i back-up drivers, esp for UA installation ... would there be a chance this great tool could get an update? thanks!
  12. dl done. appreciate this Geej. cheers!
  13. hey strel! got it to work alright after restarting the pc 2x ... strange ... what could have caused this ... i truly have no idea.
  14. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    thanks -X-! my apologies for the confusion but i was actually referring to KB892130 ... that was the link i provided (edited my post above so as not to make it misleading). i have checked on the link you provided too which shows FileVersion=1,9,0009,1 ... same as what Mim0 has in the list ... it'd be good to know the new link to the updated file though. cheers!
  15. hi! there's nothing in the help file ... this is what i get: also, all links are broken, except for hotfile (but this is where i got the empty chm from) thanks!
  16. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    hi mimo! i think above entry must be: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP (976325) instead ... as MS09-054 points to (974455). for table 10, Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) has been updated to windows-kb890830-v3.2.exe. mimo, would you have an updated link to the KB892130? from what i understand, having LegitCheckControl.cab should not make ie prompt me to install this anymore before downloading genuine updates from ms? could anybody confirm this link to KB892130 as being the latest please ... & lastly, would this (KB892130) work in hf? cheers!
  17. appreciate it ... i'll try it & report back. cheers! edit: hi jamesbebby! still the same results (like my prior attempts) ... comes out in nLite as unsupported (as may be seen from the screenshot) your thoughts? thanks!
  18. hi jamesbebby! i can't get this to work even after following the instructions for making it a silent addon. after installation, there's no visible unlocker icon on the taskbar or even from the start menu ... right click -> send to does not have unlocker as option also. thanks!
  19. hi! what could be done with this error (please see screenshots & error details copied to notepad)? error happens when browsing for windows installation files. clicking on continue just leaves nLite hung. i don't know if this is also the result of the error, but as may be seen here, language likewise defaults to Zulu (not Eng). in the installation process, tried it full, custom and even compact still with the same result. restarted the pc, cleaned registry ... tried to uninstall & reinstall ... even downloaded a new installer to no avail. i have dotnet 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1 installed. any help to remedy this will be greatly appreciated. edit: sorry i didn't see this post rightaway, but issue seems still unresolved. would really appreciate if if someone could help. cheers! edit 2: resolved --- for those who might encounter the same issue, possible workarounds included (aside from those mentioned above), prior to re-running nlite: deleted the dir that contains windows installation files & copied a fresh source simplified the path (right from the root) thanks! error_details.txt
  20. hi! may i request for an MS Color Control Panel Applet? used to have roguespear's addon but apparently this doesn't work with sp3 any longer. appreciate it.
  21. yeah, mee too. would be great to have this updated to 1.88 (less the ebay option). thanks!edit: found one HERE, a silent installer edit2: can't get this to work does it matter if it's for xp sp3? btw, have tried downloading 1.8.7 but avast! reported Win32:Trojan-gen for both (with & without assistant).
  22. hello! may i request for BootVis addon (in control panel)? appreciate it.
  23. hi! may i request for Stickies for Windows 3.0.7 addon by Bret Taylor? (i already have 1 though i think sticky notes from tablet pc overwrites it ... although i'm not very certain about it) appreciate it. thanks!
  24. hi! i don't remember how my dir structure was when i last integrated drivers using hfslip ... i'd just like to ask if these subs could be parsed: \HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB\ATI SMBus \HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB\Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller \HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB\NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT \HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB\Realtek High Definition Audio \HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB\VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1 \HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB\VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet8 i read above abt tc's thoughts re dos limitations & tp's reco (posts 61 & 63 respectively) so i'm wondering too if i'd just get all the files inside each folder & throw them all in \HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB\ btw, i'll be trying the ff (right after posting this but your thoughts will still be valuable): 1. leave dir structure as is 2. short names & no spaces for dirs in \DRIVERCAB 3. remove all sub-dirs & just throw all files in \DRIVERCAB appreciate the feedback ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- edit: just reporting back ... it'd seem that leaving the dir structure as presented above worked (1st option) ... i expected the ff results: 1. display setting adjustment wouldn't prompt me any longer (before the mini setup) as i've set the resolution & refresh rate via winnt.sif 2. driver installation wouldn't be needed anymore post install however, both expectations were not met as i still had to adjust resolution ... & drivers (for bus, display, audio & nic) still needed to be installed via the device installation cds btw, i have these set in hfanswer.ini: DRIVERCOMP=A DELCATS=1 i've attached some files: newbin.txt, txtsetup.sif, drvindex.inf & hfslip.log that might be reviewed (& if more files are still needed, i'd attach it here too ... edit2: added hfslipwu.inf to the compressed attachment) ... what could've gone wrong? & how can this be remedied? appreciate the help. cheers! files_fr_hfslip_sourcess.7z
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