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  1. Hey guys this is a wierd one for you, im Running Vista SP1, and im having problem's running video flash programs full screen such as bbc iplayer in which the audio crackles, but if i change resolution down to 800x600 it seems to reduce it by 95% and in a couple of games (Gears of war) which the sound also crackles on certain maps. I have reloaded the drivers, have the latest drivers and MS updates. any ideas?
  2. I had one of the nearly finished betas of Creed on the PC, ran perfect except for the fact i couldnt use my 360 pad!! But i didnt notice any crashes so 10/10 - A hell of a lot more stable than Gears of War! Keeps getting stuck on bloody walls and i then need to die or restart!!! Grrrr!
  3. Cheers buddy - Hell im registered number 8, now the new registrations are on like 183472+! God this site has come a long way Keep up the good work guys
  4. Good morning all! Just thought i would drop a post in here, as ive been a member of this site for a few years now, i dont post too often these days! So just a brief Helloooooooooooooooooooooo!
  5. You guys need to get a 360 pad for your machines, then its left trigger crosshair - and left analog click for the zoom within Sniper! Great game i love it! Although i do totally agree - the PC version is buggy, but so is the 360 version!
  6. Im guessing your on Vista? You need to find the main .exe file (forget the name now - too early) and right click and run as administrator
  7. Can't you just pull the original CD from a torrent website, then use your own CD key! Dont forget to drop your Drivers to disk first though
  8. at work im more of a vert quick control alt and delete and enter person! Im like a machine! Do it even if i walk to the printer ha!
  9. WinAMP for my music, default skin, fast and perfect for playlists
  10. Windows 2000 all the way! Service pack 4 :-) Stable Make sure you have all the drivers first though! mainly your eithernet/modem drivers!!!
  11. You need to place some neons under the user area hehe!
  12. When you open Nero Burning Rom, under file select "Preferences" then "Expert Features" with in expert features you can set the amount of minutes to burn. 700 MB = 80 mins 800 MB = 90 mins 900 MB = 100 mins Your burner also has to be able to overburn, Most do, some dont.
  13. This guy is right, you will need to Re-install - the fact that the PC boots proves that the chip is working, but XP saves Hardware config, so just run a re-install But make sure you use a normal XP disk NOT dell's installation CD. and just to prove our story, type hardware change on windows XP on google
  14. Dell for the UK, i cant say i can build one for the price there giving them away with a p4, 1gb RAM 17" tft etc etc i do prefer to build one myself, but as ive learnt buy one with guarentee and re-install and wala everything i need. If it does wrong i dont need to worry about the cost of repair (hardware)
  15. This may sound dumb mate, but change the local admin passwords on the machines as some joker may be playing with you
  16. id buy a ferrarii and a nice house and have some money left over instead
  17. Not been rude or anything mate, but why would we need this program? it must be a specialist tool or something? all i can make out is you can just tip boot sectors and burn CD's with permissions on etc? is that right? But can't other apps such as nero do this?
  18. lol you would be like one of those ppl at my school who i hated for not letting me borrow there paid windows / game CD. Get over it, he can install it, when he tries to activate it, chances are it will bounce back saying its already in use, then just direct him to a activation crack and problem solved
  19. might sound a stupid comment here, but why the hell dont you just go in the OS and double click the .exe file fool if your wanting to install yahoo btw im stoned
  20. Hey guys towards the end of this year iam going to be entering the web development scene once again (emaxhosting i will be coming to you for my hosting ), but i need some good ideas for a website and what would attract user's, im not just on about news i want something that people can interact with and enjoy themselfs on the site. any idea's?
  21. i bet they will only work on Napster's Program! and i also bet that Napster's program will let you burn CD's from it
  22. Dont know about you guys but i feel that Napster is going to work! I just went on napster.com to see what was there and the release date was there! And iam willing to pay some $$$$$$$$ for some good quality mp3's So Come on Napster Bring it Back

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