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  1. Erm im going downsouth with a few ov my mates hitting it large getting p***ed, driving and f*ckin some tottie and gonna try Surfing lol
  2. Yeh he might have been a fake but still he knew his stuff and that wasnt no lie and made a great addition to the knowledge of the community
  3. Works great mate shame theres so many pics of Fraz though lol, wheres all the tottie?
  4. well if the stick has 2 little hole notiche's life lift and center its SD RAM and there will be a sticking sayin either PC100 or PC133
  5. Imagine the Bill aswell!! Personally i cant stick to game for more than 5 mins cause they just bore me now, i used to be the console addict but once i hit the online world i soon found games boring! Now i only own a PS1 for Dance Dance Revolution games lol, and i dont even have a 3D Card in my PC now cause i sold it lol
  6. sounds like a good idea cant wait
  7. Devil_666

    Boot Xp

    Erm Mirror 2 is working cause i just downloaded it
  8. Why does death seem to make most of you happy? Lets put it this way if you and your friends was dieing would you still think that was totally awsome? Thought Not so think before you speak!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT/ Please refrain from the use of nasty words
  9. Deffinatly needs re-doing does the main page.
  10. w00t haha stop man ur killing me, if i got anymore help id die of laughter lol
  11. w00t lmao you been drinking too much mate lol that URL.com bit was so im not spamming the boards lol
  12. i didnt include the http:// yeh i will hang in there cheers
  13. ok my name server address is http://ns1.URL.com and my domain is http://www.URL.com now in my admin control on my domain i have set it to point at ns1.URL.com but still iam getting page cannot displayed? Im not sure if its because it can take up to 48 hours or iam doing something wrong?
  14. I am not sure where you can get this script, as i saw it at a place where i did a few hours work, but that just automaticly logged in and you had to hold shift to get the logon script up. This script was written by the company but was for Windows NT, i dont know about 98 but it is possible.
  15. lol Xperties mate i aint a beginner been doing pages for years now im quite advance in HTML, Java, cgi, php and learning asp
  16. Not bad at all, the best bit was the shopping bit But looked professional actually well done mate! a bit too much Tablet PC though and them TV's look like dam PC's lol, a bit disapointed there wasnt anything new on XBox but looks like a good visit n e way!
  17. There's a run script that you can get, also is it a network you are using the ctrl+alt+del for? if your not on a network just turn off the login script through control panel.
  18. lmao what the f*ck, thats your g/f is it i think not mate lmao, thats the biggest fake internet pic ever on the internet! And the fact that she really is from Bradford and is called katie and is now 21 would actually mean she ISNT your g/f you blagger! my pics are on http://www.teresa-scott.co.uk/simon
  19. What about opening a 2003 Forum?
  20. Not bad for either a lynux OS or a good cover of windows
  21. No im not on a Network, just wanted to know the date for it thanks AaronXP
  22. Does anyone know the release date?

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