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  1. ebay.com is cheap as owt for cams ;-)
  2. Sorry mate cant be done so looks like you will have to download it again Actually thats a lie because it can but you would need the sound and you would need to do a LOT of ripping and cutting etc so re-download
  3. Devil_666

    WTF is THIS?

    Someones closed explorer.exe in your task manager
  4. In WindowsME you had to have MMX Technology
  5. its ok ive solved it now both threads maybe deleted
  6. Does anyone know how i can repair or re-install IE6 on 2000, dont say use the repair tool as there isnt one?? Thanks
  7. ok im a critic for you Basicly the site looks too plain, the logo doesnt go with the default skin, needs more features but thats just my say
  8. eh lol lol in a couple of years send me a PM and i will explain what a 'slag' is for ya why dont you just shutup, how bout that? Shafts comment @ Crispy
  9. no wonder you guys dont keep new people here for long because you guys dont give a welcome to non 24/7 posters... if i had the admin title with the same amount of posts you wouldnt have said that... now just remember the way to build a bigger community is by letting the Freedom of speech board run as a freedom of speech board
  10. eh lol lol in a couple of years send me a PM and i will explain what a 'slag' is for ya
  11. have fun you slaggggggggggggggg j/k
  12. I work on computer from 8am till 5pm then i go home and come on about 10pm till about 12am from mondays to thurs then on friday 8am till 5pm then thats it cause Fri night is Clubbin night then weekends i just go on and off depending what iam doing!
  13. http://www.archive.org dam look at the old google and yahoo lol
  14. mines about:blank and i joined 18-August 01 and look at my posts lmao no way am i an addict
  15. i keep getting pm's about my sig
  16. Yup heard it and it suxxxxxxx but i can imagine it been good in a cheesy pop club when p***ed
  17. thats been out for agessssssssssssss it was something Galaxy105 did, must have been a trial run or summat cause it went but nice 2 see its back cause it really is good
  18. You are the brightest primary school kid i av ever seen!!!!! Go on ya! and tell ya mam and dad well done cause u is one bright kid
  19. Thats why it is called a BETA dont tell us tell them!
  20. think shes 11 tbh Ahhh 11 lol... ok well miss out the Clubbing part then because that aint going to happen all the rest go for ittttttttttt
  21. i will give you a tip C-Girl, while your still in school you should do the following to make your school days one to remember: - 1> Get pis*ed everynight 2> Go clubbin! 3> Have 1 large Joint or a Bucket at dinner times 4> Mess about have a laugh 5> Friday night you have to make it the best night which involves alot ov drink and hause partys! Do that and your school days will be good to remember

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