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  1. You got any actual screen shots of Windows 95 or 98 running this?
  2. I personally thought that page was a fake, due to the very poor design, but ive done a WHOIS look-up and it isnt! but the contact email is an hotmail.com one... so i wonder???
  3. Just seent hem screen shots of it, and its not 100% like XP, the boxes are still squared and the RUN icon on the Start menu isnt right
  4. its ok now mate i got it, it was for a pocket PC, Windows CE
  5. Can someone please help me fine RAPI.dll as it is needed.
  6. Very nice cases, i love the neon's like them 2 bubble neon tubes aswell
  7. Could everyone who has a really fancy case care 2 post it please as iam intrested in these.
  8. If everything fails why not just re-install XP easyiest way!
  9. You think thats Cheap!! god you have been ripped! try http://www.cclcomputers.co.uk (UK people only) I built a 1.7 gig AMD with 512 SDRAM, 30 gig hard drive, Soltek motherboard etc for my mate for only 250
  10. Does anyone know where i can find a script where users can upload to my server without needing any access... dont say FTP because they cant, it needs to be a cgi or php?
  11. cryo i get it on lycos.co.uk's chatroom's dont worry about it, its a server error just hit F5 a few times
  12. those IDE cables will have been used fot networking.
  13. Keep getting parameter's incorrect etc... have 2 hit refresh a few times, and one of my posts came up in all Characters?
  14. Havnt seen anything of the sort, only thing is mother boards with more CPU slots RAM etc
  15. Thanks mate, im glad i saw that cause i missed it lastnight forgot it was on! Anyone know when the Lewis Vs Tyson bout 2 is on? Will it also be uploaded?
  16. Intel as they are the Original! maybe pricey but hey Intel have been out for years!! Like in traineer makes Nike are a hell of a lot dearer than erm lets say nicks because of there name!! Same quality different brands!
  17. Basicly NTFS is for NT, 2000 and XP because this is more secure because of the logins and encriptions, and FAT32 and 16, is for Windows 9x and XP
  18. Well a guy over the road from me sells alsorts of pirate stuff, chips games etc, and apperently there are 2 new chips that are in testing stages: - 1> Cable card which means all the channels will be unlocked for free 2> Box extention that means it takes the cap off the speed of the internet and allows it to go faster at the maximum rate!
  19. Well mate havnt got that speed yet and i live right next to the NTL building hmmmmmmmm
  20. Working now, and so far i have had a 79 k/b at a steady rate.
  21. erm here in UK, its just 0C and going below i expect snow here in about a week or so im guessing!
  22. You should have sent him to a site where it display's IP's!

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