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  1. Does anyone know how i can by pass the login screen on windows XP pro? There is 2 users accounts setup both with passwords un-known to me, can i get passed this?
  2. Does anyone know the URL to the server.met for edonkey, i know FthrJack gave me it, but iam not at home at the moment and wondering if anyone can give me it?
  3. Well guys if a war does happen, i would like to say its been fun guys but someone on this board will unfortunatly not make it, possible near London (Capital) or Leeds (2nd Capital) which will be me lol So been nice knowing you guys, and my site will be transformed in to a diary when war happen's on my day to day life in World War 3, this will be intresting for people in the future i think! Good luck
  4. Cheers all yeh i have a good un, got a party going on 2moro though gonna get f**ked there aswell! so its all good
  5. Ah thanks guys wasnt expecting all this lol, yeh i will do off out on the pi*s now so i wil catch up with all you guys later! and thanks again mates!
  6. You can't burn ISO through Data CD, or make an Audio CD through DATA lol
  7. lol ok mate to make it easyier for you rather than getting cunfused with these guys, just Burn all the mp3's by using Nero and Clicking Create Data CD Simple! 1> Open Nero 2> Create DATA CD 3> Drag and drop 4> Burn!
  8. Go to www.cclcomputers.co.uk cheap and good stuff on there! id say a Soltex mother board
  9. Windows 3.0 wasnt part of my task so you will have to find it for yourself lol
  10. Anyone know where i can download OpenGL for WinXP, as i have lost my Quake CD
  11. Attached is Every Windows OS Spec Office and Upgrade options if you was curious, i did this for my home work at college but here ya go! Attachment Updated Windows_System_Requirements.doc
  12. lol nope on a seperate partition on my other Hard Drive so it was all ok
  13. Ok all 2 install it you need to copy XP pro on to your computer then add the long horn files by updating and adding then burning to CD: Anyway ive had it installed and it is crap at the moment in Alpha stage, so try and not let your curiosity download it as it is a Devil! lol, Very slow and slugish and alot of the programs say Under Development, so XP is now back on my computer!
  14. Hi all just wondering because while im downloading a file users upload the same file from me at the same time and it slows me down alot! wondering how can i stop this?
  15. All Kazaa etc do is use your connection speed to keep the connection open so if he had all them proggys open then that would cause alot of lag on his game. and if he has a 56k then lord help him!!!
  16. Thanks people, well i have downloaded WinISO and that does exactly what i need, but iam also going to get the other App's and see if they enable me to do other stuff! Anyway thanks alot guys you have been a great help!
  17. Just a quick thought, Why does Microsoft always develop an OS that never works fully, i mean they always crash etc or have error's, i think Gates should just develop one OS and just release Add-on's for that Os and evolve it even more, instead of making stuff like ME that just gives you Blue screen every hour! Ok fair enough XP is stable but i know many people who have problems, and also the fact that it runs best on NTFS file structure, but most proggys and games like to use FAT and win9x so comeon Bill lets sort this out!
  18. Can someone tell me what app i can get to allow me to open up an ISO file and make changes then extract it back to the ISO to burn to CD?

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