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  1. Hi, I've integrated sp2 from vanilla xp, because I've heard that sp3 expects i386 folder AT LEAST at sp1a version, so I've tried to play safe. So far, not many problems, but didn't test everything. EDIT: Problem solved. After a closer look, it was a keyboard fault. I've installed the nlited version with a brand new wireless keyboard, and seems that the receiver recognizes a pressed (and hold) key, as a several keystrokes, and that screwed that function I'll open a new thread with other questions, so this can be closed. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I've used nlite a few times to slipstream and mod windows xp pro. But this time I found something annoting. When using ver 1.4.19, integrate sp2, integrate sp3, and config/tweak many options, I've lost the coolswitch feature when using alt+tab keyboard shortcut (tasklist dissappears as soon as i release the TAB key) Say, I have 5 windows opened, I can press alt-tab, and switch between the LAST 2 (I'm able to see the tasklist for a brief time), but I'm unable to reach the other windows, while holding the ALT key. If I press TAB (while pressing ALT) I CAN see the tasklist, but it goes very fast and I can't stop at the desired task. I've installed the task switcher powertoy, and got the same result. I don't see enabled any accessibility option, and didn't touch the typematic delay from bios/registry. I really miss holding down ALT and switch apps with tab/shift+tab. What else can I do?
  3. that's it! now running with 98micro shell + firefox. thanks a lot!
  4. kewl. i saw the role type, to change it back, thank for the rest.
  5. Gape: ALL version of your SP (since 1.5) worked fine with my spanish version of 98se. The problem seems to be with the 98lite using the shell swap. I' ll try the shell swap b4 installing the SP. btw, which tweaks are for ¨64mb ram minimun¨? Thanks for your reply
  6. that's not true. the same version (v4.5/en over win98se/sp) worked fine, before applying any of the SP's, in every shell swap option. thank for your reply
  7. i'm sorry to report that sleek and 98micro shell swap of 98lite v4.5 keeps crashing explorer.exe on 98se/spanish/32mb ram. everything else, seems to work ok, and the start button text now is in the original languaje (spanish) maybe the languaje? or the version of 98lite? it will be interesting try the v4.7... if anybody could help me btw, which tweaks are for ¨minimun 64mb ram¨?
  8. MDGx, i reached your site (pretty interesting, i'm reading your text files) by this board, and i'm about to try your 98se2me + 98seSP2b3 on my 32mb ram laptop. is that a good idea? i'm looking for speed rather than functionality; so, do you recommend it?
  9. which version? 7.23 (localized) works as fast as firefox 1.0 (with no flash) thanks for your reply
  10. downloading... btw, is there any significant upgrade between 98lite v4.5 and v4.7? thank very much for your work
  11. that's right too. a ¨possible¨ so-dimm x128 cost as much as a ¨brand¨ ddr@pc3200 x256.
  12. no, this one cannot be upgraded. i know i have to buy a new one, but in this country, even old tech is very expensive compared with the average income (200 u$ dollars that's way i'm still using 98se here
  13. i reinstalled w98se, then sp2b2, then 98lite v4.5, and make everything optional. so far so good. when i tried to swap shell with explorer.exe of win95 (sleek/98micro), after reboot, explorer crashes, even in safe mode. will the files in the sp2b2 conflict with the old explorer.exe, shell32.dll and comdlg32.dll (or its references in the registry)? since i couldn't boot anymore, reinstalled again; first 98lite (no shell swap this time), THEN sp2b, and when pops that dos box, i recieved this error: title: UpdCrl msg: AddCRL failed => 0x80090006 (-2146893818) besides that, works ok. tried again to swap shell with the same result. so, i'm with the original one. any ideas how to swap shell with the sp? anybody tried with 98lite v4.7? does it solved it? Thanks in advance
  14. i've installed sp2b2 over 98se+ie6sp1 in spanish and works fine.. 50% in english and 50% in spanish, but no other problems for spanish-only users will be a little messy, but if you know what ¨start¨, ¨shut down¨, ¨ok¨, and ¨cancel¨ means, you'll be fine
  15. there's no chance of hardware upgrade. i should buy a new notebook, i know, but i like this one
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