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  1. lol same here, i dont have the imagination to read books i get bored so i will see the movie when it comes out in about 3 years time or summat lol
  2. lol erm well i wasnt bullied so mine was either Bolton (surname) or Si which is short for Simon So sorry guys i dont have no wierd names for you because i didnt get none
  3. Notepad is amazing so dont knock it
  4. DVD: See all 5 results in DVD:... Ali G In Da House [2002] -- Sacha Baron Cohen (DVD - Paramount Home Entertainment (UK) - 11 November, 2002) Our Price: £15.99 -- Used from: £10.00 / Avg Customer Review: Ali G, Innit -- Sacha Baron Cohen (DVD - Video Collection Int. Ltd. - 18 March, 2002) Our Price: £15.99 -- Used from: £15.99 / Avg Customer Review: Ali G - Aiii -- Sacha Baron Cohen (DVD - Channel 4 Video - 20 November, 2000) Our Price: £15.99 -- Used from: £10.99 / Avg Customer Review:
  5. go to www.Amazon.co.uk and type in Ali G and find out
  6. Ali G indahouse is the only movie he has made! Aiii etc are just TV edit's of his Shows indahouse is a movie and it is top quality! if you like Ali G you gotta check out Kevin and Perry Go Large there p*** funny!
  7. Yes it tastes like American Cream Soda its well niceee
  8. Its not the fact they like Longhorn, its the fact they want to have Longhorn so they can say they have a OS before everyone else haha, xp all the way!!!
  9. BB4 here in the UK, but this year the lot are boring! BB1 was the best!!!
  10. isnt there some sort of png file that does it?
  11. No because would be a problem where he couldnt boot, but the fact that he can boot and just has lag when booted is the problem, i doubt it will be a hardware problem
  12. Well get off w2k3 BETA then lol buy a real copy it might help i know your going to say noooo its a real one i bought the CD, if so phone Microsoft for support :-p
  13. just opening the PC up and swapping them might work, if that doesnt work just re-install a OS on the hard drive and you still keep your files , if your not bothered then format make sure you have the drivers before formatting though
  14. You daft gits lmao thats a fake pic of that blonde lass
  15. i basicly ment other places when first launching will offer things like a couple of months FREE hosting and FREE domains but display banner's etc, then after a couple of months they bring a charge in etc Found a bad point on your site though which might put people off, your forums, theres not one post or anything so people might not trust the site if you know what i mean.
  16. Very Nice site mate, but i think that you ave launched with the wong type of aim, you have launched at wierd prices mate, could do with a really cheap offer for a month, and the registration of hosting isnt the simplest mate. my views above no need to take offence at it
  17. I think the Res series are starting to get boring now, i mean the first one had me s**tting myself and scared to turn the light off, the 2nd made you jump a bit but the rest just seem the same and we always seem to end up in some sort out house or station! Comeon Capcom we need something new to take our breath away!
  18. ah well balls 2 ya then i wont host it lol
  19. heres me and ^ Ugly aint i :-p
  20. ah ok your all thick type d:/win98/fdisk create a partition first... reboot then type D: the dir just to see whats in it..... then if its all there type d:/setup.exe Also just run the setup on the 3 options when it gives you the options
  21. How you mean? He had alot of knowledge he cant have been that young, if he was he must get bullied at school lol
  22. Seems to have gone off Topic, where did Dave go?

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