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  1. bong.mau

    Lpr and Rndis

    WORKS !! JACLAZ...GREAT SUPPORT !! Ciao ...Maurizio
  2. bong.mau

    Lpr and Rndis

    Hi Jaclaz Thanks for the answer Because the problem sounds STRANGE and hard to believe i create this batch file @echo off ipconfig /all >rndis.txt if %ERRORLEVEL%== 0 ( lpq -S -P HP >>rndis.txt ) if %ERRORLEVEL%== 0 ( timeout /T 15 ipconfig /all >nocon.txt lpq -S -P HP >>nocon.txt ) i launch the batch when Pc connect to internet via android usb tethering and i disconnect during timeout i attach rndis.txt and nocon.txt as you can see when rndis is active lpq is unable to find the printer ...mumble...mumble .... rndis.txt nocon.txt
  3. bong.mau

    Lpr and Rndis

    Hi Env: Windows 7 enterprise x64 (SP1 + convenience rollup kb3125574) i'm able to succesfully print to lacal device usign lpr this command works lpr -S -P HP filetoprint when i connect my laptop pc to internet using Android device USB tethering then lpr is unable to find printers i get the following message Windows LPD ServerError: specified printer does not exist i get the same message if i issue "lpq -S -P HP" i spent a lot of time isolating this error ...it is due 100% to RNDIS interface activation ...as i deselect "usb tethering" in the smartphone, lpr starts working correctly ..... thanks in advance for the support Maurizio
  4. IT WORKS !! thanks to all people of this forum currently i'm running firefox 52.9.0esr on my home test machine...i know it is the last xp supported version... usually i run application in my home desktop computer and then i pass it to my laptop....
  5. Hi heinoganda thanks for the quick answer ! ...tomorrow i will proceed installing proxy I'm running firefox 52.6.0esr and chrome 49.0.2623.112 (last xp version) ..Firefox is able to open the site,chrome and IE8 not win xp run very fast on my old laptop, and i do not want to change OS....
  6. Sent message to heinoganda
  7. Thanks to all for the great support !! i search last win xp supported version ..according to " ProxHTTPSProxy does not work on Windows XP anymore. Last working version 2.4.2 (Nov 21,2018)." i have a test machine,i will install product and provide feedback
  8. further info ... i follow the msfn guide : "Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in Windows XP correctly" i modified register... i installed the two updates i modified again the register then i was able to see tls 1.1. and tls 1.2 choices in internet option... i select tls 1.2 but still ie8 was not able to display tls 1.2 sites what i'm worong ?
  9. Hi env: win xp pro sp3 ... a lot of https sites migrate to tls 1.2 i need to enable it with win xp.... i follow step by step i'm able to see in advanced internet option tls 1.1 and tls 1.2..... i select tls 1.2 but my ie8 is still unable to open tls 1.2 sites here one https://comedonchisciotte.org/ any help will be appreciated regards ...Maurizio
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