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  1. qfecheck.exe will do it. or look under the above regkey. Here is the Microsoft page for your answer: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/282784
  2. I'm assuming that the screen that you are referring to is part of the BIOS boot screens. Probably what you are seeing is IRQ's that are being 'Shared' and this is not an issue in most cases. A common IRQ to be shared is 11. If the devices ARE actually conflicting, then the I have found that swapping PCI cards around is the easiest way to resolve these issues.
  3. First we need to know more information about what you have. to connect the 2 computers directly together, you need to make sure that the cable that you have is a 'crossover'. second, we need to know what OS you are running on both systems in order to help you in further detail.
  4. I wish TCP/IP was implemented.... I can't play multiplayer at all (Vista doesn't know IPX/SPX). Yet another reason I wont install a downgrade to Vista...
  5. this was my thought as well. (I'm not sure exactly what file the setup looks for...) But if you look at it this way... if you have the 9x folder.. you could install either OS (as long as you modify the boot loader)
  6. Hey all, I've recently started playing C&C Red Alert 2 again. I've been playing with a buddy over the LAN and the lag is pretty bad when a lot starts happening (super weapon, lots of units move or similar). Both systems are MORE than capable of running the game, ex. Athlon 64 3500+, 2GB ram, nVidia 6600 video. Both systems are running XP on over a 10/100 capable switch (systems are set to 100 Full Duplex). Is there any settings that can be changed/customized with IPX (yes, IPX... I know it is outdated junk but that is what RA2 was coded in for LAN play)? or, is there a way to force the LAN play to use TCP/IP instead of IPX (i think it may improve gameplay)? maybe a dedicated server if they exist (i haven't been able to find one...) Thanks for the help in advance
  7. This is what I have so far: @echo off> OnlineLOG.txt @echo off> OfflineLOG.txt Echo ************************ Echo ** Running Ping Tests ** Echo ************************ for /f "tokens=*" %%I in (IPlist.txt) do call :pinger %%I goto :eof :pinger ping -n 1 %1|find "Ping request could not find host" if not errorlevel 1 goto :fail ping -n 1 %1|find "Request timed out." if not errorlevel 1 goto :fail Echo %1>> OnlineLOG.txt :fail ping -n 1 %1|find "Reply" Echo %1>> OfflineLOG.txt ..however it is buggy and slow becase it pings at least 2 times before confirming that the system is online. also the bug that I have is that ALL the hosts get written to the offlineLOG.txt instead of only the offline. Any tips on making this better? *** @kasandoro - dude... that is sweet. I guess VBs is better than batch scripting anyways.. is there a way to auto sort the output within the script into online, no responce, or unknown host? that would be killer! ... and a status of current host would be cool as well if possible.
  8. Ping! ... Pong? Anyone out there in scripting land? I have an idea of putting the ping output into a variable, and then righting some IF statements... but I dont know how to gather the ping results once the ping command has been give to be able to make it into a variable. I would really appreciate any help that you could give me. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for moving my thread, I didnt know where it would go best. *** I have 3 variables that can come of the ping tests: "Ping request could not find host" "Request timed out" "Reply" is there a way with 1 ping, that I can determine what the status is and write the 2 possible failures into 1 file, and any reply's into a dif. file?
  10. Ok... I was able to get the pinging part down with the .bat file below: @echo off> pingLOG.txt Echo Running Pings for /f "tokens=*" %%I in (IPlist.txt) do call :pinger %%I goto :eof :pinger echo %TIME% >> pingLOG.txt ping -n 2 %1 >> pingLOG.txtCan someone help me, I need to change this so that it filters the Computers/Hosts into either Online or Offline (separate files would be fine, or a way to sort them in 1 file would be great). Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I an in charge of managing several different system, that the user's are not always at. I have a project where I need to re-mediate issues with the systems by transferring a non-corrupted version of a file to the system that are online. So, I an in need of a tool to be able to ping a list of Computer/Host names and export the pingable and unpingable lists, where I can then C$ into the system and replace the needed file. Any ideas? does anything like this exist, or could someone help me automate this process? Thanks in advance
  12. OMG! I've been searching for a pack like this for a while now! TY!
  13. Booting from CD is controlled by BIOS, not windows... check your BIOS settings and make sure it is set to boot from CD Drive first.
  14. Still bustin it out with Old School C&C Renegade! ... I recently started playing some Freelancer, but that doesn't keep me as entertained as C&C
  15. To add to my previous post... It sounds like you are infected with Vundo. I have had this before too.. it is a royal pain to remove sometimes. However if you search, there should be a Vundo Fix program out there...
  16. Possibly easier explination... I'm assuming you have a Manufactured PC (ex: Dell, HP, IBM...) they come installed with a Royalty OEM Product key, that is the same across the board for ALL of their PC's. However, they place a sticker with a unique key to make it legit with Microsoft. So, when you use the key on the side of the system, it doesn't match the OEMBIOS pre-activation files that are on the system... Hence making you register the system again.
  17. Welcome to the wonderful world of Win9x
  18. lol 9x was horrible at asking for the right source files... it would almost always ask for the 9x source disk... when in fact, it really wanted something like a driver CD... Easy way to eliminate it possibly looking for the Windows 9x cd... Copy the Win9x folder to the C: and then there is a Registry entry that needs to be changed to reflect the source files not being on cd anymore. I dont remember the exact path since it has been a while... but it should be located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\SourcePath change the key to reflect the location where you copied the files. ... if is still asks for the source disk after that... it really doesn't want files for windows but rather from some other source media such as a driver CD. ...even sometimes when in the process of copying drivers it will stop and ask for their location again. My buddies and I make fun in Win9x... "Where was that driver again?...O wait, I forgot... where again?"
  19. OMG! This is like the all time best game ever! (Don't tell my old boss... I used to play this with my co-workers when he was not looking.. hehe) However, I am not to keen on the 3D version... I tested it back in the beta stages, and was horrible... But I will test this version and see how the gameplay has improved
  20. Hah! Was it Gigabyte? lol those jokers... Back in the XP chip days... I was sent a DOA board.. sent it back 3 weeks later, they send me a replacement... guess what... it had a defective AGP slot.. send that back... got another DOA board (1month).... sent it back... 6 Months after sending the last board back... I finally recieved my board back... this time in "almost" fully working order (the chipset fan was dead)... I slapped a new one on there and gave up on the company and sold it... (Never going to buy one of their products again...) Those were the days...
  21. I only have 3 floppys. Hmm, i might have to try that if I can get a pack of floppies (No one sells them these days). Um... Simple Solution... Make the first 3 disks in the set.. start booting off the first... when it asks for #2 insert it.. #3 ditto.... then.. take them back to the system that is creating the disks... and resume making the rest, overwriting the first 3 disks... Much simpler than buying more useless floppys
  22. Well... I guess if Google went away.. I would be stuck using Ms. Dewey http://www.msdewey.com/
  23. Why 98 boot disk... instead of an XP boot disks?? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310994

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